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Sony Cordless Telephone Battery Upgrades Available Now!

  Upgrade your Sony phone battery now for longer talk time. We carry battery packs for all of the older Sony portable telephones like the great TRU series of phones all the way up to Sony's newest technologies like their amazing SPP DECT 6.0 telephone family. Beware of the $6.95 battery out there on the internet. All we can say is... you get what you pay for. Spend a little extra and buy a premium quality battery that will last from a proven company.

If you would like assistance finding the correct cordless telephone battery, please give us a call at 888 320-1212 and we would be happy to help you.


Priced From


 Sony SPP-A160  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A170  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A180  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A190  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A20  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2000  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2010  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2100  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2470  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2480  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2480  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A250  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2740  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2770  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A2780  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A320  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A40  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A400  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A450  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A5000  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A60  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A700  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A900  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A900  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A9171  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A9276  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A940  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A941  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A945  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A946  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A946  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A957  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A957  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A967  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A967  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A968  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A968  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A9685  12.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A9685  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A97  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A972  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A973  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A9773  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-A985  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-AQ120  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-AQ150  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-AQ25  13.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-AQ300  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-AQ400  16.99 Details 
 Sony SPP-AQ45  13.99 Details 

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