Philips M4605APhilips M4605A Battery

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Philips M4605A

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What is the Philips M4605A?

The Philips M4605A is a medical battery engineered for the Philips Medical Intellivue MP5, MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP70 models as well as the Philips IntelliVue M8000, M8001A and M8002A series patient monitoring systems.

This smart battery includes a fuel gauge which allows the Philips M4605A battery to estimate its current state of charge. It is well designed for the rugged hospital environment to help ensure the collection of critical ambulatory patient telemetry.

What are the specifications of the Philips M4605A?

This is a 9 cell extra capacity lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack. It is CE rated with an output of 10.8 Volts and 7800 mAh. The mAh value is the measurement of the "capacity" of your Philips M4605A battery pack. The higher the mAh rating, the longer your run time will be.

The Philips M4605A battery measure 3.5 by 5.88 by 0.78 inches. Each battery ships fully charged, individually tested and ready to go to work in your hospital or clinic.

This battery is a component of Battery Kit M8003-64005, M8003-64005, & 989803131111. For complete compatible kit, order 2 of this item.

Tell me more about the lithium ion technology of a Philips M4605A battery

Lithium Ion batteries such as the Phillips M4605A battery can charge very quickly since they do not require an overnight trickle charge. Lithium ion batteries store large amounts of energy in a small lightweight package which is useful for applications where you want long battery life but not much weight to carry around. The battery life of lithium Ion batteries like the Philips M4605A is not affected by suspending charging. When you need to use a partially charged battery to provide charge to your medical equipment in a hurry, you can be confident that there will be no compromise to the life of your Phillips M4605A battery.

But I thought Philips M4605A batteries were rechargeable. Why do they wear out?

True, the Philips M4605A battery is, in fact, rechargeable. Unfortunately, we still have not invented a perfect battery and since there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, the Philips M4605A will eventually need to be replaced. Every time you charge and discharge your Philips M4605A battery, a chemical reaction occurs to store or release the electricity to power your device. Eventually the chemical required for that process are depleted and your Philips M4605A battery pack goes “dead”and cannot be recharged anymore.

What should I look for when buying a replacement Philips M4605A battery?

If you are interested in buying a quality replacement for your Philips M4605A battery, go with a proven company that offers at least a 30 day money back guarantee, a one year no hassle warranty, gives you a toll free customer support telephone number, and clearly identifies the total cost of the purchase including any shipping or handling charges upfront.

Batteries Direct does just that. Each Philips M4605A battery pack is covered by our Power Performance Pledge including a 12 month warranty. The battery ships fully charged, individually tested, and ready to go to work in your hospital or clinic.

Call us if you are ordering more than 5 battery packs for customized quotation. We have these batteries in stock and ready to ship to your hospital or clinic today. Stand alone chargers are also available.

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