Dell Li-Ion Battery CF623

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Dell CF623 Laptop Battery

Dell CF623

The Dell CF623 is a 9-cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be used for select models of Dell Latitude and Dell Precision laptops. The Dell CF623 Laptop Battery offers longer a runtime for your laptop, making it a good choice for frequent travelers. Before going on your next business trip, install this fully charged Dell Li-ion battery CF623 in your laptop or keep it as a back-up, and work at ease for hours.

Why should you choose the Dell CF623 Battery for your laptop?

The 9-cell Dell CF623 Battery is a step up from 4-cell and 6-cell lithium-ion batteries, as it is capable of providing 140% more runtime than a 4-cell battery and 50% more runtime than a 6-cell battery. These Dell rechargeable laptop batteries are protected against overcharging, heat, and short-circuit. You can charge this battery with a standard power supply.

What are the technical specifications of the Dell CF623?

The dimensions of the Dell CF623 Laptop Battery are 8.29 x 3.17 x 0.78 (L x W x T) inches. The battery comes in an attractive grey color with a 9 position connector. The output voltage of these Dell rechargeable laptop batteries is 11.1 volts. This battery is rated at 7800 mAh (85 WHr).

Why is a lithium-ion battery widely preferred by manufacturers of electronic gadgets?

Electronic gadget manufacturers prefer lithium-ion batteries, as they can take many forms. Li-ion batteries are lighter than other chemistries, which is why they are widely used in portable electronic devices. One major advantage of this battery is that it has no memory effect. You can recharge it anytime you like, whether the battery is nearly full or completely discharged. The self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is approximately 5% per month, so they require less maintenance. These batteries can be recharged several times without replacements.

What are the other laptop models that are compatible with the Dell CF623 Battery?

The Dell Li-ion battery CF623 can be used in the following laptops: Dell Latitude D531, Latitude D531N, Latitude D820 Series, Latitude D830, Latitude D830N, Dell Precision M65 Series, and Dell Precision WorkStation M65.

What are the replacement part numbers or cross references for the Dell CF623 laptop battery?

If you have installed any of the following batteries in your laptop, you can upgrade to the Dell CF623 Laptop Battery:

Dell YD623, Dell YD624, Dell FF232, Dell XD735, Dell XD736, Dell DF192, Dell DF230, Dell DF249, Dell FF231, Dell 312-0394, Dell CF623, Dell CF704, Dell 0YD623, Dell 0YD624, Dell 312-0393, Dell 0FF232, Dell 0XD735, Dell 0XD736, Dell 0DF230, Dell 0DF249, Dell 0FF231, Dell 0CF623, Dell 0CF704, and Dell 0CF711.

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