Dell GD761 Battery

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Dell GD761 Battery

Dell GD761

The Dell GD761 Replacement Battery is compatible with Dell laptop computers. The 9–cell lithium-ion (Li–ion) extra capacity battery offers uninterrupted and consistent power supply that runs your laptop for long durations.

What are the technical specifications of the Dell GD761 battery pack?

Most of the GD761 batteries use lithium-ion technology and have a capacity of 85 WHr (Watt Hours) or 7800 mAh (mili-Amp Hours). The battery delivers an output of 11.1 volts. This Dell replacement battery pack comes in black with the customary 9 position Dell contact connector. The dimensions (L x W x T) of the Dell gd761 lithium-ion battery are 8.25" x 4.68" x 0.88". This battery is well protected against overcharging and short circuits.

What are the advantages of the lithium-ion battery?

This battery has lithium as the main component, which is one of the lightest metals on earth. Lithium has a very high electrochemical potential. Steadfast and reliable power is offered by the lithium-ion battery, as it has a higher energy density when compared to other chemical batteries. This low maintenance battery has a relatively low self–discharge rate, which reduces the loss of charge when the battery is not in use. It is not necessary to completely discharge these batteries before recharging, unlike other batteries. Since lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, partial charging is possible. Also, scheduled cycling is not required to prolong the life of the battery. They are popularly used in laptop computers.

What notebooks are compatible with the Dell GD761?

The Dell GD761 Laptop Battery is compatible with the Inspiron 6400, E1505, and 1501.
Newer laptop models are announced and rolled out frequently. If you think you may want the Dell laptop battery, but do not see your model on this list, please call us at our toll-free number and we can check if your laptop and this battery are compatible.

What are additional replacement part numbers or cross references for the Dell GD761 Battery?

If you have any of the following Dell batteries currently installed in your laptop computer, you are eligible to upgrade to the extended run time GD761 battery pack: Dell Part Numbers: KD476, GD761, 312-0428, TD347, PD945, RD850, RD859, UD260, UD265, 312-0461 451-10339, PD942, PD946, RD850, RD857, RD859, TD344, TD347, TD349, UD264, and UD267.

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