Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery

inspiron 6400 Battery Upgrade

Batteries Direct sells the Dell Inspiron 6400 Li-ion Battery manufactured by ES for only $49.99. That is the total cost. There are NO shipping or handling charges.

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Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery

Dell Inspiron 6400

Dell has set the benchmark for reliable yet affordable laptops. The Dell Inspiron 6400 is packed with the latest technology and offers a great balance of performance and productivity. In order to extend the run time of your laptop, Dell has come with the Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery, a 9-cell lithium-ion intelligent battery pack. Let's take a closer look at everything this smart battery has to offer.

What are the technical specifications of the Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery?

The dimensions of the Dell Inspiron 6400 Replacement Battery are 8.19 x 2.82 x 0.89 (L x W x T) inches and its output voltage is 11.1 volts. This 9-cell lithium-ion intelligent battery pack has a power capacity of 6600 mAh (or 85 WHr). The Dell Inspiron 6400 Li-ion Battery is similar to your original battery pack and will easily fit inside your laptop.

Why should I get a lithium-ion battery?

Lithium-ion batteries are used in many industries, including defense, automotive, and aerospace, to power a wide variety of devices. In fact, their chemical properties make them the most sought after batteries for portable gadgets like laptops, cordless phones, and digital cameras, to name a few. These batteries weigh less than their alternatives and they do not have any memory effect. Lithium-ion batteries also offer the best energy-to-weight ratios and have a slow loss of charge, compared to other chemistries.

Is my laptop compatible with the Dell Inspiron 6400 Replacement Battery?

Dell Inspiron 6400 Batteries are compatible with the Dell Inspiron 1501 Series, Dell Inspiron 6400 Series, Dell Inspiron E1501 Series, and Dell Inspiron E1505 Series.

What are the additional replacement part numbers or cross references for the Dell Inspiron 6400 Li-ion Battery?

If you have any of these following batteries currently installed in your laptop, you can upgrade them with Dell Inspiron 6400 Series Batteries:

Dell UD264, Dell UD265, Dell UD267, Dell TD347, Dell TD349, Dell UD260, Dell RD857, Dell RD859, Dell TD344, Dell PD945, Dell PD946, Dell RD850, Dell OUD265, Dell OUD267, Dell PD942, Dell OTD945, Dell OUD260, Dell OUD264, Dell OTD344, Dell OTD347, Dell OTD349, Dell ORD850, Dell ORD857, Dell ORD859, Dell OKD476, Dell OPD942, Dell OPD946, Dell 312-0428, Dell 312-0461, Dell 451-10339, Dell 0UD265, Dell 0UD267, Dell 312-0427, Dell 0TD945, Dell 0UD260, Dell 0UD264, Dell 0TD344, Dell 0TD347, Dell 0TD349, Dell 0RD850, Dell 0RD857, Dell 0RD859, Dell 0KD476, Dell 0PD942, and Dell 0PD946.

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