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Dell TC030 Laptop Battery

Dell TC030

The Dell TC030 is a 9 cell extra-capacity intelligent battery for your Dell Notebooks. Designed exclusively for Dell Latitude 620 series Laptops, the Dell TC030 Laptop Battery can also be used to power up Dell Inspiron, Precision and XPS family series Laptops. Plan your long business trip with this Dell Latitude D620 Battery that offers an extended runtime. These Dell rechargeable laptop batteries supply uninterrupted power to your notebook and help you in all-day computing.

What is unique about the Dell TC030 Laptop Battery?

Dell has designed the Dell TC030 9 cell lithium-ion battery as an upgrade for 4-cell and 6-cell Li-ion batteries. The run time of this battery is 140% more than the 4-cell and 50% more than the 6-cell batteries. These Dell rechargeable laptop batteries remain unaffected by over charging, short circuit, and heat.

What are the technical specifications of the Dell TC030?

Dimensions of the Dell Latitude D620 Battery are 11.39 x 3.65 x 0.78 (L x W x T) inches and its output voltage is 11.1 Volts. The Dell TC030 laptop battery has a power capacity of 7800 mAh (85 WHr). It comes in an attractive black-grey color with 9 contact positions.

What are the advantages of Lithium-Ion batteries?

Electronic manufacturers prefer lithium-ion battery, as it can take any form. The lightweight Li-ion battery is widely used in portable devices. No memory effect is its greatest advantage, so you can recharge your Li-ion battery anytime. The self discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is very low, approximately 5% per month. These batteries can be recharged numerous times without replacements.

Is my laptop compatible with the Dell TC030 battery?

If you have any of these following Dell Laptops with you, you can upgrade to the Dell TC030 9 Cell lithium-ion battery: Dell Inspiron 300M, Inspiron 500M, Inspiron 600M, Inspiron 630M, Inspiron 640M, Inspiron 6000 Series, Inspiron 700M, Inspiron 710M, Inspiron 9200 Series, Inspiron 9300 Series, Inspiron 9400 Series, Inspiron E1405 Series, Inspiron E1705 Series, Inspiron XPS M140 Series, and many more.

Which are the additional part numbers the Dell TC030 effectively replaces?

The Dell TC030 laptop battery can be used as a replacement for the following list of batteries:

Dell UD088, Dell UG260, Dell TD116, Dell TD117, Dell TG226, Dell RD300, Dell RD301, Dell TC030, Dell PC764, Dell PD685, Dell RC126, Dell OTG226, Dell OUD088, Dell OUG260, Dell OTD116, Dell OTD117, Dell OTD175, Dell ORD300, Dell ORD301, Dell OTC030, Dell OPC764, Dell OPD685, Dell ORC126, Dell OKD494, Dell OKD495, Dell OMJ456, Dell OJD648, Dell OKD489, Dell OKD491, Dell OJD610, Dell OJD616, Dell OJD634, Dell OGD787, Dell OJD605, Dell OJD606, Dell KD495, Dell MJ456, Dell OGD775, Dell KD489, Dell KD491, Dell KD494, Dell JD616, Dell JD634, Dell JD648, Dell JD605, Dell JD606, Dell JD610, Dell 312-0386, Dell GD775, Dell GD787, Dell 0UG260, Dell 312-0383, Dell 312-0384, Dell 0TD175, Dell 0TG226, Dell 0UD088, Dell 0TC030, Dell 0TD116, Dell 0TD117, Dell 0RC126, Dell 0RD300, Dell 0RD301, Dell 0MJ456, Dell 0PC764, Dell 0PD685, Dell 0KD491, Dell 0KD494, Dell 0KD495, Dell 0JD634, Dell 0JD648, Dell 0KD489, Dell 0JD606, Dell 0JD610, Dell 0JD616, Dell 0GD775, Dell 0GD787, and Dell 0JD605.

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