Dell UD267 Notebook Battery

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Dell UD267 Laptop Battery


Get a good runtime for your Dell laptop with the Dell UD267 Li-ion battery. It offers a consistent power supply for Dell laptops and promises enhanced performance. You can work on your laptop seamlessly, when it is powered by the Dell UD267 6-cell laptop battery. Power up your system with this battery on your long business trips.

What laptop models are compatible with Dell UD267?

The Dell UD267 laptop battery is compatible with Dell Latitude 131L, Inspiron 6400, and Inspiron E1505 Notebooks.

How good is the Dell UD267 for my personal use?

The Dell UD267 Li-ion battery provides a power capacity of 53 WHr (Watt hours) so you will never run out of power with this battery. It is a 6-cell intelligent battery and has an output voltage of 13.2 volts. The Dell 6 cell UD267 laptop battery features a 6 position connector and promises a performance you can rely on. The dimensions of the battery are 8.19 x 2.82 x 0.89 (L x W x T) inches.

What makes lithium-ion chemistry better for my Notebook?

Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density than most other types of rechargeable batteries. These batteries can store more energy and can operate at higher voltages. Lithium-ion batteries also have a lower self discharge rate and can retain charge for a longer period of time. These batteries are widely preferred for powering laptop computers, camcorders, cell phones, and most portable electronic devices.

Why do I need a replacement for my rechargeable Dell UD267 battery?

All batteries need to be replaced after a period of time. Chemicals inside the battery will gradually reduce after each chemical reaction that involves charging and discharging. This reduces the performance of the battery gradually and replacement becomes necessary even if it is rechargeable.

What are other OEM part numbers that can be replaced using the Dell UD267?

The Dell UD267 laptop battery can act as a replacement for the below mentioned part numbers:

DELL UD264, DELL UD265, DELL UD267, DELL TD347, DELL TD349, DELL UD260, DELL RD857, DELL RD859, DELL TD344, DELL PD945, DELL PD946, DELL RD850, DELL OUD265, DELL OUD267, DELL PD942, DELL OTD945, DELL OUD260, DELL OUD264, DELL OTD344, DELL OTD347, DELL OTD349, DELL ORD850, DELL ORD857, DELL ORD859, DELL OKD476, DELL OPD942, DELL OPD946, DELL 312-0428, DELL 312-0461, DELL 451-10339, DELL 0UD265, DELL 0UD267, DELL 312-0427, DELL 0TD945, DELL 0UD260, DELL 0UD264, DELL 0TD344, DELL 0TD347, DELL 0TD349, DELL 0RD850, DELL 0RD857, DELL 0RD859, DELL 0KD476, DELL 0PD942, and DELL 0PD946

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