E90BP Size N Battery

Two Pack of Energizer Size N Batteries

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Energizer E90BP Size N Battery Packs

What exactly is the Energizer N Battery or E90?

The Energizer N Size Battery is a high quality alkaline battery designed for small electronic devices. This high quality Energizer battery offers extended longevity for those small devices like your car door opener.

What is unique about the Energizer E90 Battery?

Care should be taken with this battery around small children because this battery pack is very small. Swallowing a battery can be harmful. Contents of an open battery can cause seerious chemical burns of mouth, esphagus and gastrointestinal tract. If this E90 (Size N) battery is swallowed, do not induce vomiting or give food or drink. Seek medical attention emmediately. CALL The NATIONAL BATTERY INGESTION HOTLINE for advice at 202-625-3333 collect day or night.

What are the specifications of the Energizer N Battery?

The Energizer E90 (n-size) Battery is technically considered an Alkaline Magnanese Dioxide-Zinc battery. It has a rated output of 1.5 Volts. The Energizer E90 Battery is cylindrical in shape and measures approximately 30 mm long with a diameter of approximately 12 mm giving this LR1 Replacement Battery Pack a typical volume of 3.3 cubic centimeters. This battery typically weighs .3 ounces or 9.0 grams. There is no added mercury or cadmium in the chemical system.

What devices can I use the LR1 (Size N) Battery in?

The EP90 Battery is used in many small electronic items from keychain remote entry device, dog collars, garage door openers, memory backup systems, and other applications. The list is so long we just can't get specific enough here. Just make sure you are replacing one of the battery part numbers listed below.

Can the energizer n Battery replace other batteries?

Yes. The Energizer E90 Battery can be used as an upgrade for the following battery part numbers: AM5, LR1, N-2, E401E, BA3042U and E401E2.

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