Energizer ECR2430 Watch battery

ECR2430 battery

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Energizer ECR2430 Button Cell Battery

Energizer ECR2430

Energizer is one of the largest manufacturers of batteries and flashlights. It offers batteries for hearing aids, lighting products, digital cameras, and everyday use. Energizer is a leading manufacturer of "Coin Cell" or "Button Cell" batteries. These lithium batteries are very small, lightweight and last longer than ordinary alkaline batteries. The Energizer ECR2430 is a coin-cell battery that is ideal for use with small electronics and watches.

What are the special features of the 2430 Button Cell Battery?

The Energizer ECR2430 is a replacement cell battery with a lithium-ion chemistry. The Energizer ECR2430 Lithium Battery works efficiently under high and low temperatures. This Energizer ECR2430 Coin-cell Battery is compact, durable, and offers consistently reliable performance. It has a stable voltage rate and a high energy-to-weight ratio.

What are the specifications of the Energizer ECR2430?

The Energizer ECR2430 Lithium-ion Battery has an output of 3 volts. You can easily carry around a spare battery with you, as each button cell battery weighs just 0.16 oz. and is only 24 mm in diameter and 3.0 mm thick. Did you know that is how it gets it's name 24-30? The Energizer ECR2430 Watch Battery is metalic silver in color.

Why is lithium-ion used in this Energizer ECR2430 Battery?

Lithium-ion is the lightest and the fastest growing battery chemistry. Lithium-ion batteries are low maintanence batteries and do not require full periodic discharge. These batteries can provide approximately 40% more charge, compared to NiCd batteries. They can also hold their charge for a longer period of time, so you don't have to frequently replace them. When stored in optimum conditions, lithium-ion batteries can last for up to 10 years.

What can the Energizer ECR2430 Replacement Cell Battery be used for?

The Energizer ECR2430 Lithium Battery is designed for use in portable electronic devices, including cameras, pocket pagers, calculators, watches, and memory backup devices.

What are the additional replacement part numbers for the Energizer ECR2430 Coin-cell Battery?

The Energizer ECR2430 Watch Battery replaces the following part numbers: Energizer CR2430, Energizer ER2430, Energizer L20, Energizer 2430, Energizer 5011LC, Energizer BR2430, Sanyo SR2430, Duracell DL2430, and Duracell DR2430

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