IBM 92P1102 Notebook Battery

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IBM 92P1102 Laptop Battery

IBM 92P1102

The IBM 92P1102 is a 9-cell Li-ion battery for your IBM laptops. This high quality, long lasting, rechargeable battery offers reliable power for extended computing. The IBM 92P1102 laptop battery has a compact design that fits into your ThinkPad T40/R50 system.

What are the distinctive features of the IBM 92P1102 battery?

The IBM 92P1102 notebook battery provides one-third added capacity when compared to other standard system batteries, so the laptop can stay unplugged for long durations. It can be used even when your system is connected with the Dock II, Mini-Dock, and Port Replicator II. Get an increased run time with the unique ThinkPad SmartBattery capability. You can plan your work as you can monitor the battery power. This Li-ion battery has a high energy density and a low self discharge rate.

What are the specifications of the IBM 92P1102 laptop battery?

The Li-ion battery has a power capacity of 6600 mAh and an output voltage of 10.8 V. This battery weighs just 1.1 pounds and dimensions are 8 x 3.19 x 0.83 (L x W x D) inches.

How long will my IBM 92P1102 battery hold power?

Get up to six hours of runtime on T40/R50 systems with this IBM laptop battery. Uninterrupted computing is possible when the IBM 92P1102 battery is combined with the optional ThinkPad Ultrabay Slim Li-Polymer battery. The ThinkPad Multiple Battery Charger II can be used for charging the IBM 92P1102. However, the battery life is also determined by various other factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, and battery conditioning.

What other part numbers can the IBM 92P1102 notebook battery replace?

The IBM 92P1102 replaces the following batteries: IBM 92P5002, IBM 93P5002, IBM 93P5003, IBM 92P1089, IBM 92P1091, IBM 92P1101, IBM 92P1075, IBM 92P1077, IBM 92P1087, IBM 92P1069, IBM 92P1071, IBM 92P1073, IBM 92P1063, IBM 92P1065, IBM 92P1068, IBM 92P1060, IBM 92P1061, IBM 92P1062, IBM 92P1011, IBM 92P1013, IBM 92P1058, IBM 08K8199, IBM 08K8201, IBM 88P5628, IBM 08K8196, IBM 08K8197, IBM 08K8198, IBM 08K8192, IBM 08K8193, and IBM 08K8195

Which are the Notebook models compatible with the IBM 92P1102 battery?

The IBM 92P1102 Thinkpad R Laptop Batteries and T Laptop Batteries are compatible with the following laptops:

IBM - ThinkPad R family Laptop: ThinkPad R50 Series, ThinkPad R50e, ThinkPad R50p, ThinkPad R51 Series, ThinkPad R51e, ThinkPad R51p, ThinkPad R52 Series, and ThinkPad R52p.

IBM - ThinkPad T family Laptop: ThinkPad T40 Series, ThinkPad T40p, ThinkPad T41 Series, ThinkPad T41p, ThinkPad T42 Series, ThinkPad T42p, ThinkPad T43 Series, and ThinkPad T43P.

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