Toshiba PA3287U Notebook Battery

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Toshiba PA3287U-1BRS Laptop Battery

Toshiba PA3287U-1BRS

The Toshiba PA3287U – 1BRS battery is a 12-cell rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed exclusively for your Toshiba Satellite A20, A25, A40, and A45 series laptop computers. Add extended power capabilities to your laptop with the Toshiba PA3287U battery and work uninterruptedly on your system during business trips. You will not run out of power, when you have the Toshiba PA3287U laptop battery as an additional power source.

What contributes to the Toshiba PA3287U's premium performance?

The Toshiba PA3287U Satellite A battery is a 12-cell intelligent battery. This battery offers an extended run time and proves to be efficient when you are on the go. It has a high output voltage of 10.8 Volts and a power capacity up to 8400 mAh.

The dimensions of the Toshiba PA3287U 1BRS laptop battery are 8.09 x 3.58 x 0.89 (L x W x T) inches.

Why should I choose lithium-ion chemistry over other chemistries?

The lithium-ion battery has a higher energy density compared to other rechargeable batteries. These batteries can store more energy and can operate at higher voltages. Lithium-ion batteries also have a lower self discharge rate and can retain charge for a longer period of time. These batteries come with 'no memory effect' so you can charge them whenever you want.  Electronic devices including laptop computers, camcorders, and cell phones are powered using lithium-ion batteries.

How long will the new main battery power the laptop?

Battery run-time on a laptop is difficult to determine. It depends upon the power demands made by the equipment. The use of laptops to watch DVDs will result in an additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing its running time. The total run-time of the battery is also dependent on the design of the equipment. The PA3287U laptop battery offers an average runtime of 3.3 hours, indicating that your laptop can run for a significantly long time.

What are the Notebook models compatible with the Toshiba PA3287U?

The Toshiba PA3287U Laptop Battery powers the TOSHIBA - Satellite A family Laptops including:

Satellite A20 Series, Satellite A20-S207, Satellite A20-S208, Satellite A20-S259, Satellite A20-S2591, Satellite A25 Series, Satellite A25-S207, Satellite A25-S208, Satellite A25-S279, Satellite A25-S2791, Satellite A25-S2792, Satellite A25-S307, Satellite A25-S3072, Satellite A25-S308, Satellite A40 Series, Satellite A40-S161, Satellite A40-S1611, Satellite A40-S200, Satellite A40-S2001, Satellite A40-S270, Satellite A40-S2701, Satellite A45 Series, Satellite A45-S120, Satellite A45-S1201, Satellite A45-S1202, Satellite A45-S121, Satellite A45-S1211, Satellite A45-S130, Satellite A45-S1301, Satellite A45-S150, Satellite A45-S1501, Satellite A45-S151, Satellite A45-S1511, Satellite A45-S250, Satellite A45-S2501, and Satellite A45-S2502.

What are the additional replacement part numbers or cross references for the Toshiba PA3287U?

The Toshiba PA3287U-1BRS battery replaces the following part numbers: TOSHIBA PA3287, TOSHIBA PA3287U, and TOSHIBA PA3287U-1BAS.

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