buy vtech BT-17333/BT-27333 battery

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V-Tech BT-17333/BT-27333 Battery

V-Tech BT-17333/BT-27333 Battery

Equip your cordless phone with the V-tech BT-17333 / BT-27333 Cordless Phone Battery and stop worrying about frequent battery replacement. This V-Tech rechargeable battery is reliable and you will truly enjoy the high capacity it offers. Get this nickel-based cordless phone battery to have endless conversations over the phone.

My cordless phone battery emits a white powdery substance occasionally. Will it damage my device?

Yes, it will damage your cordless phone if left unnoticed. The sulphuric acid and hydrogen crystals present inside the battery leak out and form a white powdery substance on its surface. Use cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe the battery clean. To clean the leakage from battery terminals, you can use a mix of water and baking soda to neutralize the acid. Use a stiff brush to rub it off. Avoid contact with eyes and skin as it causes irritation. Using a damaged battery can spoil your appliance, so replace it with reliable batteries like the V-Tech BT-17333 / BT-27333 Replacement Battery.

Do you think batteries of the same type have similar cycle lives?

Not necessarily. Two NiMH batteries or two NiCd batteries may or may not have similar cycle lives. For instance, the cycle life of the batteries for V-Tech BT-17333 / BT-27333 will be different from that of other similar batteries. This variation is because of different factors like temperature, charge and discharge conditions, battery maintenance, and other usage conditions.

My friend told me that shallow cycling is not beneficial for nickel-based batteries. Is that true?

Yes, it is true. Shallow cycling is charging and discharging the battery without allowing it to reach its cutoff voltage (an 80% discharged state). As NiCd batteries have a tendency to develop memory effect, shallow cycling does not have a good effect on the cycle life of such batteries. However, shallow cycling can increase the cycle life of lead acid batteries to a large extent.

Do batteries really produce gas? Will it affect the battery life?

Yes, batteries can produce gas. This is called gassing. When electrolysis of water takes place while charging, it produces oxygen on the positive plates and hydrogen on the negative plates. This is perfectly normal. But, under certain conditions like continued overheating or overcharging, the gas production exceeds the normal limit and abnormally larger amounts of hydrogen and oxygen are produced. As a result, the battery life will be shortened considerably. Avoid such conditions to prolong your battery’s life.

My neighbor uses a disposable battery for his cordless phone. He claims that it has higher capacity and is cost effective also. Is he right?

These disposable batteries might be cost effective but when it comes to the capacity, then it’s subject to several conditions. Rechargeable batteries will work longer than non-rechargeable ones when used in high-drain electronic appliances like cordless phones. Also, a rechargeable battery can last for years if maintained properly. In contrast, a non-rechargeable battery is short-lived and not very environment friendly either. So, we recommend that you use efficient batteries like the V-Tech BT-17333 / BT-27333 Rechargeable Battery for your cordless phone.

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