Energy Plus S8-PW-AC001 Battery
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Energy Plus TI1506

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Energy Plus
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Energy Plus
AC Adapter
19 Volts, 3.4 Amp
2.35 x 5.15 x 1.35 inches
60 Watt AC Adapter
This AC adapter is designed to power a variety of brands, models, series of laptop and notebook computers.

This item has a power status light and U.S. AC power cord.

Small size and long cord makes this a great spare adapter.

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Our Price: $59.99
"I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon!. We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don't seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive... I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned."
L. Barnhardt, Chicago, IL
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Device Compatibility for this Product
ADVENT - 1000 family
1315, 1015 Nordic, 1115C, 1000, 1020, 1050, 1500, 1000E, 1020ED, 1050EB, 1050EU
ADVENT - 500 family
ASI - H family
ASUS - ASmobile A family
ASmobile AS62FP945GM1, ASmobile AS96F945GM1, ASmobile AS96H662MX-1
ASUS - ASmobile S family
ASmobile S37E, ASmobile S37S, ASmobile S62E, ASmobile S62FP, ASmobile S96F, ASmobile S96H
ASUS - ASmobile Z family
ASmobile Z35A, ASmobile Z35F, ASmobile Z35FM, ASmobile Z37E, ASmobile Z37EP, ASmobile Z37F, ASmobile Z37FM, ASmobile Z37V, ASmobile Z62E, ASmobile Z62EP, ASmobile Z62FM, ASmobile Z62FP, ASmobile Z62H, ASmobile Z62HA, ASmobile Z62J, ASmobile Z62JM
ASUS - B family
B01, BCY27, BTK20, BTW10
ASUS - Z family
Z53, Z53T, Z7, Z70, Z7000, Z7000A, Z7000N, Z7000NE, Z7000V, Z70A, Z70N, Z70NE, Z70V, Z71, Z7100, Z7100A, Z7100N, Z7100NE, Z7100V, Z71A, Z71N, Z71NE, Z71V, Z91, Z9100, Z9100E, Z9100ER, Z9100G, Z9100L, Z9100N, Z91E, Z91ER, Z91G, Z91L, Z91N, Z99, Z99F, Z99FM, Z99H, Z99HE, Z99J, Z99JA, Z99JC, Z99JE, Z99JM, Z99JN, Z99JR, Z99M, Z99T, Z99TC, Z, Z1, Z360
BENQ - JoyBook family
JoyBook A33, JoyBook A51, JoyBook A51E, JoyBook DHT300, JoyBook P52, JoyBook P52E, JoyBook P52EG, JoyBook R23, JoyBook R23E, JoyBook R53, JoyBook R53EG, JoyBook R53U, JoyBook S31, JoyBook S31V, JoyBook S32, JoyBook S32B, JoyBook S32EB, JoyBook S52, JoyBook S6, JoyBook S61, JoyBook T31, Joybook S53
BLUEDISK - ArtWorker family
ArtWorker 8050, ArtWorker 8050D, ArtWorker 8089, ArtWorker C80, ArtWorker C89 735 15, ArtWorker C89 M330 15
CLEVO - 800 family
860, 862, 863, 888F1, 888F1/2, 888F2, 888M1, 888M3, 888MZ, 864
CLEVO - DeskNote family
DeskNote 2200, DeskNote 2200C, DeskNote 2200S, DeskNote 2200T, DeskNote 2700, DeskNote 2700C, DeskNote 2700T
CLEVO - MobiNote family
MobiNote 3220, MobiNote 3420, MobiNote 3620, MobiNote M120, MobiNote M120C, MobiNote M120W, MobiNote M121, MobiNote M121C, MobiNote M121W, MobiNote M220S, MobiNote M22ES, MobiNote M270S, MobiNote M27ES, MobiNote M300N, MobiNote M310N, MobiNote M350B, MobiNote M350C, MobiNote M360B, MobiNote M360C, MobiNote M361C, MobiNote M362C, MobiNote M375C, MobiNote M375E, MobiNote M375EW, MobiNote M375S, MobiNote M37EW, MobiNote M400A (Model C), MobiNote M400A (Model D), MobiNote M400G (Model C), MobiNote M400G (Model D), MobiNote M40AE (Model C), MobiNote M40AE (Model D), MobiNote M450C, MobiNote M540G, MobiNote M540J, MobiNote M540N, MobiNote M540S, MobiNote M540V, MobiNote M541G, MobiNote M541JE, MobiNote M541S, MobiNote M541V, MobiNote M545G, MobiNote M545JE, MobiNote M545N, MobiNote M545S, MobiNote M545V, MobiNote M54G, MobiNote M54V, MobiNote M550G, MobiNote M550JE, MobiNote M550N, MobiNote M550S, MobiNote M550V, MobiNote M551G, MobiNote M551JE, MobiNote M551N, MobiNote M551S, MobiNote M551V, MobiNote M555G, MobiNo
CLEVO - PortaNote family
PortaNote 2200, PortaNote 2200C, PortaNote 2200T, PortaNote 2700, PortaNote 2700C, PortaNote 2700T, PortaNote 2820, PortaNote 2830, PortaNote 2850, PortaNote D220S, PortaNote D22ES, PortaNote D230S, PortaNote D270S, PortaNote D27ES, PortaNote D280S
CLEVO - TableNote family
TabletNote T200C, TabletNote T200D, TabletNote T200H, TabletNote T200V, TabletNote T210C, TabletNote T210V
CLEVO - Ultimate family
Ultimate Plus 2820, Ultimate Plus 2830, Ultimate Plus 2850, Ultimate Traveler 3220, Ultimate Traveler 3420, Ultimate Traveler 3620
COMPAQ - Presario 800 family
Presario 800, Presario 800T, Presario 800XL
COMPAQ - Presario 80XL family
Presario 80XL4, Presario 80XL200, Presario 80XL201
CTX - EzBook family
EzBook 800
CYBER POWER - Xplorer family
Xplorer U3-3000, Xployer U3-3000
DELL - Inspiron 3000 family
Inspiron 3000 M233ST, Inspiron 3000 M266XT
DELL - Latitude family
Latitude 110L, Latitude 120L
DELL - Vostro family
Vostro 1200
ECS - iBuddie family
iBuddie A530, iBuddie A531, iBuddie A532, iBuddie A535, iBuddie A535 Plus
ERGO - RocketBrick family
RocketBrick, RocketBrick 2A, RocketBrick N30N3, RocketBrick N341C2, RocketBrick Plus, RocketBrick Plus CY23
ERGO - SpeedBrick family
SpeedBrick, SpeedBrick Plus, SpeedBrick Plus 3, SpeedBrick Plus 3 TS30W3, SpeedBrick Plus TS30W2, SpeedBrick TS30W
EUROCOM - 2000 family
2200, 2700, 2200C, 2200T, 2700C, 2700T, 2000, 2200S, 2500, 2700 (CY27), 2592, 2253, 2273, 2293, 2794, 2250, 2260, 2270, 2280, 2720, 2850, 2008, 2410, 2100, 2150, 2155, 2225, 2300, 2370, 2371, 2100-EH1, 2150-EH1, 2155-EH1, 2800, 2820, 2830, 2800T
EUROCOM - 3000 family
3420, 3525GB, 3220, 3620, 3410, 3722, 3750, 3760, 3790, 340S2, 3480DVD, 3120, 3150, 3156, 3200, 3225, 3250, 3255, 3265, 3320, 3360, 3500, 3700, 3715, 3000H, 3000HD, 3050HS, 3050HW, 3050P, 3120H, 3120V, 3120X, 3123XS, 3150HD, 3150HS, 3150P, 3156X, 3200H1, 3200HS, 3220H1, 3220HS, 3225H1, 3225HS, 3250H, 3250H1, 3250HS, 3250HX, 3255HS, 3255P, 3255P1, 3265EH, 3320EG, 3320EH, 3360EG, 3360EH, 3500T, 3500T60-01, 3500T80-01, 3700ED, 3700EH, 3715ED, 3715EH, C100, 3018GZ, 3040GZ, 3520GZ, 3522GZ, 3525GZ, 3545GZ, 3550GZ, 3550GH, 3610GZ
EUROCOM - M family
M120 Voyage, M120C Voyage, M270S, M270S Viper M, M350C Milano, M400A Cobra, M540G, M540N Voyage, M550G, MB02, M-1408J, M-1410J, M-1411J, M-1412, M-150S, M-150X, M-151S, M-152S, M-1615, M-1617, M-1618, M-1622, M-1622H, M-1624, M-1625, M-1626, M-1630J, M-1631J, M-1632J, M-255E SB, M-280 Convertible, M-280E Convertible, M-280EQS Convertible, M-285 Convertible, M-285E Convertible, M-285E G Convertible, M-285E-G Convertible, M-285E-SB Convertible, M-285-E-SB Convertible, M-285-G Convertible, M-6205m, M-6206m, M-6207m, M-6305, M-6307, M-6308, M-6309, M-6312, M-6315, M-6316, M-6317, M-6318, M-6319, M-6320, M-6322, M-6323, M-6324, M-6325, M-6332, M-6333, M-6334, M-6335, M-6337, M-6750, M-6750h, M-6752, M-6753, M-6755, M-6801m, M-6801MT, M-6802m, M-6803m, M-6804m, M-6805m, M-6806m, M-6807m, M-6811m, M-6812m, M-6813m, M-6814m, M-6815, M-6816, M-6817, M-6821b, M-6822, M-6823, M-6823a, M-6824, M-6825j, M-6826j, M-6827, M-6827j, M-6828b, M-6829b, M-6834, M-6839j, M-6841, M-6844, M-6846, M-6847, M-6848, M-6849, M-6862, M-6
EUROCOM - T family
T200C Convertible, T200V Convertible, T210C Convertible, T210V Convertible, T-1409j, T-1602m, T-1603m, T-1604m, T-1605m, T-1616, T-1620, T-1621, T-1622, T-1623, T-1625, T-1628, T-1628h, T-1629, T-6208c, T-6307c, T-6308c, T-6311, T-6313, T-6313h, T-6315c, T-6316c, T-6317c, T-6318c, T-6319c, T-6320c, T-6321, T-6801m, T-6802m, T-6815, T-6815h, T-6816, T-6816h, T-6817C, T-6818C, T-6828, T-6829, T-6829h, T3, TS30W, T12, T12C, T12ER, T12FG, T12JG, T12MG, T12RG, T12UG, T200C, T200D, T200H, T200V, T210C, T210V, TS30W2, TS30W3, TS30H, TS30T
EVEREX - StepNote family
MB05, StepNote 3500, StepNote Plus, StepNote SR
FUJITSU - Amilo family
Amilo A-1655, Amilo A-1655G, Amilo K-7610, Amilo K-7610W, Amilo L-7300T, Amilo L-7310, Amilo L-7310G, Amilo L-7310GW, Amilo L-7310S, Amilo L-7310W, Amilo L-7320, Amilo L-7320G, Amilo L-7320GW, Amilo L-7320W, Amilo LA-1703, Amilo Li-1705, Amilo Li-1718, Amilo Li-1720, Amilo Li-1818, Amilo Li-1820, Amilo Li-2727, Amilo Li-2732, Amilo Li-2735, Amilo M-1425G, Amilo PA-1510, Amilo PA-1538, Amilo PA-1539, Amilo PA-2510, Amilo Pi-1505, Amilo Pi-2512, Amilo Pi-2515, Amilo Si-1520, Amilo Si-2636, Amilo D-5100, Amilo D-5500, Amilo D-6100, Amilo D-6500, Amilo D-7100, Amilo M-6500, Amilo M-3100, Amilo M-6100, Amilo M-6300, Amilo M-7300, Amilo M-8300, Amilo M-6800, Amilo M-7800, Amilo M-8800, Amilo D-7199, Amilo D-7500, Amilo D-7800, Amilo D-8800, Amilo M-7405, Amilo M-1405, Amilo M-7425, Amilo M-1425, Amilo M-1424, Amilo M-7424, Amilo M-7440G, Amilo M-7440, Amilo M-1420, Amilo D-1420, Amilo L-1300, Amilo L-1310, Amilo M-1450, Amilo K-7600, Amilo L-1310G, Amilo M-4100, Amilo M-4500
FUJITSU - Esprimo Mobile family
Esprimo Mobile V5515, Esprimo Mobile V5535
FUJITSU - FMV family
FMV Biblo MG12, FMV Biblo MG12C, FMV Biblo MG12D, FMV Biblo MG13, FMV Biblo MG13D, FMV Biblo MG17, FMV Biblo MG17D, FMV Biblo MG50, FMV Biblo MG50E, FMV Biblo MG55, FMV Biblo MG55E, FMV Biblo MG70, FMV Biblo MG70E
FUJITSU - LifeBook family
LifeBook C-6387, LifeBook S-7000, LifeBook S-7000D, LifeBook S-7010, LifeBook S-7010D, LifeBook S-7011, LifeBook S-7020, LifeBook S-7020D, LifeBook S-7021, LifeBook S-7025, LifeBook S-8205, LifeBook S-8305, LifeBook T-4010, LifeBook T-4010D, LifeBook 30N3, LifeBook C-1010, LifeBook C-1020, LifeBook C-1110, LifeBook C-1110D, LifeBook C-6597 , LifeBook C-6637 , LifeBook FMV FM-4, LifeBook FMV-612NU2/E
FUJITSU - Scenic Mobile family
Scenic Mobile 501
GATEWAY - 4000 family
4010JP, 4014GB, 4016JP, 4023JP, 4024JP, 4027JP, 4046MX, 4528MX, 4529MX, 4532GB, 4534JP, 4536MX, 4546JP, 4547MX, 4548JP, 4062, 4082, 4020, 4060, 4080, 4470, 4480, 4480DVD, 4100, 4155, 4200, 4215, 4260, 4265, 4270, 4100AH, 4100EH, 4155AH, 4155EH, 4200EH, 4215EH, 4260EH, 4265EH, 4270EH, 4520GZ, 4525GZ, 4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4025GZ, 4028GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ, 4541BZ, 4542GP, 4026GZ, 4543BZ, 4028JP, 4030GZ, 4030GH
GATEWAY - 6000 family
6832JP, 6032, 6071, 6623, 6624, 6625, 6626, 6720, 6000, 6301, 6311, 6410, 6411, 6412, 6413, 6414, 6415, 6416, 6417, 6418, 6419, 6421, 6422, 6520, 6521, 6522, 6412DVD, 6413A, 6414B, 6415X, 6415XP, 6418XP, 6419XP, 6110, 6100A euro sub, 6010GZ, 6018GH, 6021GH, 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP, 6525GP, 6531GZ
GATEWAY - C family
C-120X Convertible, C-140S Convertible, C-140X Convertible, C-141X Convertible, C-5815 Convertible, C-5817c Convertible, CN69, CQ60, CQ62, CQ70, CY23, CY25, CY27, Chroma, Chroma Millenium, C3500, C3500T, CY20, C120, C140, C170, C220, C200, C240, C225, C226
GATEWAY - CX family
CX200S Convertible, CX200X Convertible, CX210S Convertible, CX210X Convertible, CX2608 Convertible, CX2610 Convertible, CX2615 Convertible, CX2618 Convertible, CX2619 Convertible, CX2620 Convertible, CX2620H Convertible, CX2720 Convertible, CX2724 Convertible, CX2724H Convertible, CX2726 Convertible, CX2728 Convertible, CX2735M Convertible, CX2750 Convertible, CX2755 Convertible
GATEWAY - E family
E100-M, E-155C Convertible, E-155C G Convertible, E-265M, E-265M G, E-295C Convertible, E-295C G Convertible, E-475M, E-475M G, Easy Note, Easy Note 1700, Easy Note 1701, Easy Note 2800, Easy Note 3100, Easy Note 3102, Easy Note 3131, Easy Note 3138, Easy Note 3750, Easy Note A7, Easy Note A7145, Easy Note A7178, Easy Note A7720, Easy Note A8, Easy Note A8202, Easy Note A8550, Easy Note ALP Ajax C2, Easy Note C3, Easy Note C3202, Easy Note C3205, Easy Note C3223, Easy Note C3227, Easy Note C3253, Easy Note C3255, Easy Note C3265, Easy Note C3300, Easy Note C3302, Easy Note E1, Easy Note E1245, Easy Note E1260, Easy Note E1280, Easy Note E3, Easy Note E3215, Easy Note E3225, Easy Note E3227, Easy Note E3228, Easy Note E3242, Easy Note E3244, Easy Note E3245, Easy Note E3248, Easy Note E3250, Easy Note E3255, Easy Note E3256, Easy Note E3258, Easy Note E3265, Easy Note E3266, Easy Note E5, Easy Note E5138, Easy Note E5141, Easy Note E5142, Easy Note E5145, Easy Note E5146, Easy Note E5147, Easy Note E5151, Easy
GATEWAY - ML family
ML-3108b, ML-3108q, ML-3108v, ML-3108z, ML-3109, ML-3706, ML-6018j, ML-6226b, ML-6227b, ML-6227q, ML-6227v, ML-6227z, ML-6228, ML-6230, ML-6231, ML-6232, ML-6703, ML-6714, ML-6720, ML-6721, ML-6725, ML-6731, ML-6732
GATEWAY - MP family
MP-6954, MP-6954h, MP-8708, MP-8709
GATEWAY - MT family
MT-3104b, MT-3105j, MT-3107b, MT-3110c, MT-3111c, MT-3112c, MT-3303j, MT-3304j, MT-3305j, MT-3418, MT-3419, MT-3421, MT-3422, MT-3423, MT-3705, MT-3707, MT-3708, MT-3710c, MT-3711c, MT-3712b, MT-3713c, MT-3715c, MT-6015j, MT-6016j, MT-6017, MT-6215j, MT-6216j, MT-6220b, MT-6221jb, MT-6223b, MT-6224j, MT-6225j, MT-6228j, MT-6229j, MT-6704, MT-6704h, MT-6705, MT-6706, MT-6707, MT-6708, MT-6709, MT-6709h, MT-6711, MT-6722b, MT-6723, MT-6724b, MT-6728, MT-6729, MT-6730, MT-6821, MT-6823b, MT-6824b, MT-6825b, MT-6826j, MT-6827j, MT-6828, MT-6828h, MT-6830, MT-6831, MT-6832b, MT-6833b, MT-6834b, MT-6835j, MT-6836j, MT-6839b, MT-6840, MT-6840h, MT-6841, MT-6842b, MT-6915b, MT-6916, MT-6917b, MT-6919, MT-6920
GATEWAY - MX family
MX-1020j, MX-1023, MX-1023h, MX-1025, MX-1027, MX-1049c, MX-1050c, MX-3050b, MX-3101b, MX-3102j, MX-3103b, MX-3138m, MX-3139m, MX-3140m, MX-3141m, MX-3142m, MX-3143m, MX-3220b, MX-3222b, MX-3230, MX-3230h, MX-3231, MX-3235m, MX-3311b, MX-3410, MX-3410h, MX-3412, MX-3412h, MX-3414, MX-3416, MX-3417, MX-3422, MX-3558h, MX-3631m, MX-3701, MX-3702, MX-4610m, MX-6002m, MX-6003m, MX-6004m, MX-6005m, MX-6006m, MX-6008m, MX-6110m, MX-6111m, MX-6112m, MX-6113m, MX-6130j, MX-6131, MX-6132j, MX-6134j, MX-6136j, MX-6211b, MX-6212j, MX-6213j, MX-6214, MX-6215b, MX-6216, MX-6217j, MX-6410m, MX-6422, MX-6426, MX-6427, MX-6429, MX-6431, MX-6439, MX-6444, MX-6444h, MX-6445, MX-6446, MX-6447, MX-6448, MX-6452, MX-6453, MX-6454, MX-6620m, MX-6628j, MX-6635b, MX-6638b, MX-6639b, MX-6639j, MX-6901m, MX-6915j, MX-6918b, MX-6919, MX-6920, MX-6920h, MX-6921b, MX-6922b, MX-6923b, MX-6924j, MX-6926b, MX-6927, MX-6930, MX-6930h, MX-6931, MX-6932b, MX-6933b, MX-6934m, MX-6935m, MX-6936m, MX-6937m, MX-6938m, MX-6939m, MX-6946m, MX-6947m,
GATEWAY - NX family
NX-270S, NX-510X, NX-570QS, NX-860S, NX200S, NX250X, NX500S, NX500X, NX550X, NX550XL, NX200X, NX260X, NX510S, NX560X, NX560XL, NX100X
GATEWAY - S family
S-7110M, S-7125C Convertible, S-7200C Convertible, S-7210M, S-7220M, S-7225C Convertible, S-7235R Convertible, S-7310M, S-7320M, SAM2000, SIM2000, SIM2000 XG-60x, SIM2000 XG-650, SIM2010, S262 YA Edition, S271 YA Edition, SW-14, SW-15, SW2, SW3 (N38W2, SX (340S2), SL3120V-01, SL3150H-01, SL3150HD-01, SL3150HS-01, SL3150HW-01, SL3150P-01, SL5110H-01, SL5110HS-01, SL5110HX-01, SL5110P-01, Solis TS30T (ST), S-7500N, S-7200N
GATEWAY - Solo family
Solo 1450SE
GERICOM - 8000 family
8089, 8011, 8050, 8060, 8080, 8081, 8090, 8311, 8350, 8389, 8889, 8050D, 8050DC, 8060B, 8080F, 8080P, 8081P, 8089C, 8089P, 8109, 8111, 8115, 8117, 8215, 8315, 8400, 8465, 8470, 8480, 8475 DVD, 86CE
GERICOM - Bellagio family
Bellagio 1440, Bellagio 1540, Bellagio 8089
GERICOM - BlockBuster family
Blockbuster Mobile
GERICOM - Cinema family
GERICOM - Ego family
Ego 1560, Ego 1580, Ego 1660, Ego 1780XL
GERICOM - F family
FID2030, F1, F1 Express Dual, F1 Pro Express Dual, F1-2224A, F1-2225A, F1-2225A9, F1-2226A, F1-222EG, F1-2235A9, F1-2245A9, F1-224EG, F1-2255A9, F1-225EG, F1-226EG, F1-227EG, F1-227GY, F1-228EG, F1-228GY, F1-22PTV, F1-2324A, F1-2325A, F1-23MMV, F1-23PXV, F1-2A24A, F1-2A25A9, F1-2A26A, F1-2A27A, F1-2A36A, F1-2A3GY, F1-2A4GY, F1-2AE9G, F1-2ARNV, FAM2000, FID2000, FID2010, FID2020, FID2040, FID2060, FID3010, FIM2010, FIM2030, FL91, FT01, 2JE, F2, F2F, F2H, F2J, F3, F3E, F3F, F3JA, F3JC, F3JM, F3JP, F3JR, F3JV, F3KA, F3Ke, F3L, F3M, F3P, F3Q, F3SA, F3SC, F3SE, F3SR, F3SV, F3T, F3TC, F8, F8S, F8SA, F8SV
GERICOM - G family
G550, G551, G552, G553, G556, G1, G1S, G1SN, G220, G223, G320, G321, G322, G330, G331, G335, G336, G556e, G557, G720, G726, G799, G50
GERICOM - Genio family
Genio MSW A5, Genio MSW A550
GERICOM - GigaBook family
GigaBook A430, GigaBook A440, GigaBook A450
GERICOM - Hollywood family
Hollywood 2040, Hollywood 8060, Hollywood Centrino 8060, Hollywood MultiMedia L51R
GERICOM - Millennium family
Millennium, Millennium 2, Millennium 3, Millennium II, Millennium III
GERICOM - N family
N30W, N38W2, N38W3, NB2000, N222S, N30N3, N341S2, N223II, NBI 700CD Avantgarde, NBI 800CD Subnote, N223II0, Neotach 3300, N1400, N14PA, N14PB, N222S1, N222S8, N23PA, N23PB, N23PS, N23PV, N222, N223, N245ii0, N245Ti0, N245Ti2, N255ELx, N255Ti2, N255Ti3, N259Ei, N259Ei3, N259ELx, N340G, N340P, N340S1, N340S2, N340S8, N341C1, N341C2, N346C6, N30W2, N30W3, N32NC, N10
GERICOM - Overdose family
Overdose 1440e, Overdose 2200C, Overdose 3, Overdose III, Overdose S3, Overdose Radeon 9600, Overdose Radeon 9700, Overdose Radeon MC G551, Overdose S, Overdose S2, Overdose T, Overdose T1130, Overdose XL Per4manCE G550
GERICOM - P family
P14, P14G, Pursuit 2200, Pursuit 2210, Pursuit 4000, Pursuit 4010, Pursuit 4020, Pursuit 4100, Pursuit 4105, Pursuit 4110, P14N, P14NB, P14S, P30
GERICOM - Silver family
Silver Shadow, Silver Shadow 2, Silver Shadow II
GERICOM - SuperSonic family
1st SuperSonic, 1st Supersonic GPRS, 1st Supersonic M6-T, 1st Supersonic P4, SuperSonic, SuperSonic 1000, SuperSonic 1200, SuperSonic 2, SuperSonic II, SuperSonic Per4mance, SuperSonic Performance
GERICOM - W family
Webboy, Webgine, Webgine Advanced, Webgine Advanced XL, Webgine MSE, Webgine MSW, WIM2040, WIM2090, WIM2100, W2, W2000, W2000V, W2V, W5, W5000, W5000A, W5000AE, W5A, W5AE, W6000, W6000A, W6A, W140, W160, W320, W322, W340, W360, W362, W3000, W3A, W3J, W3000A, W3000J, W364, W235, W245, W3N, W3V, W3000N, W3000V, W3Z, W3000Z
GREENNOTE - Green family
Green G720, Green 220, Green 223, Green 320, Green 321, Green 322, Green 330, Green 331, Green 335, Green 336, Green 550, Green 551, Green 552, Green 553, Green 556, Green 556e, Green 557, Green 720, Green 726, Green 799, Green G220, Green G223, Green G320, Green G322, Green G336, Green G550, Green G551, Green G552, Green G553, Green G556, Green G556e, Green G726, Green G799
HIGHLANDER - Highlander family
HighLander HL-340S8, HighLander HL-342, HighLander HL-38, HighLander HL-30, HighLander HL-31TH, HighLander HL-340S2, HighLander HL- 31, HighLander HL-3420, HighLander HL-68, HighLander HL-N30N
HITACHI - Flora family
Flora 270SX NH8
HITACHI - Prius family
Prius Note 200A, Prius Note 200B4TM, Prius Note 200C4TMD
HYPERDATA - 300 family
340S1, 340S8
HYPERDATA - 5000 family
5510, 5422, 5424, 5522, 5524, 5560, 5301, 5303, 5311, 5372, 5480, 5490, 5493, 5372DVD, 5480DVD, 5100, 5110, 5500, 5100H, 5110H, 5110HS, 5110HX, 5110P, 5500EA
HYPERDATA - 7000 family
7300, 7321, 7521, 7521P, 7521T, 7068, 7170, 7068T, 7170P, 7250, 7000, 7018, 7030, 7031, 7032, 7040, 7041, 7053, 7063, 7072, 7075, 7081, 7082, 7083, 7084, 7085, 7086, 7087, 7088, 7094, 7095, 7096, 7097, 7099, 7100, 7101, 7102, 7103, 7105, 7107, 7108, 7109, 7111, 7113, 7115, 7201, 7203, 7204, 7206, 7208, 7211, 7302, 7000A, 7061M, 7063M, 7064M, 7066M, 7076A, 7105PA, 7109A, 7109B
HYPERDATA - K family
KH60, KH69, K100, K200, K300, K4000, K6000, KC500, KC550
HYPERDATA - MediaGo family
MediaGo 1200, MediaGo 2300, MediaGo 2310, MediaGo 2320, MediaGo 2700, MediaGo 2710, MediaGo 2730, MediaGo 2750, MediaGo 2800, MediaGo 3800, MediaGo 798
HYPERDATA - U family
UF37, UF57, UH57, Ultra Slim 2300, Ultra TTX9200, U40Si1, U40Si2, U40Six, U50Si1, U50Si2, U50Six
HYUNDAI - 200 family
223II, 223Ei, 223EiX, 223ii0, 245ii0, 245Ti0, 245Ti2, 255ELx, 255Ti2, 255Ti3, 259Ei, 259Ei3, 259ELx, 259Ti2
HYUNDAI - V family
VA250, VA250D, VM8000, VM8100, V1
INTERMEC - 2400 family
JETTA - Brilliant family
Brilliant 2700
JETTA - JetBook family
JetBook 2700, JetBook 2850, JetBook 3200, JetBook 3400, JetBook 7700, JetBook 9100, JetBook 9100A, JetBook 9120, JetBook C250P, JetBook C250S
KDS - Valiant family
Valiant 5340, Valiant 5345, Valiant 5347, Valiant 5350, Valiant 6000, Valiant 6001, Valiant 6370, Valiant 6371, Valiant 6380, Valiant 671, Valiant 681
LENOVO - 100 family
LENOVO - IdeaPad family
IdeaPad Y510
LENOVO - ThinkPad 400 family
410i, 410M
LENOVO - ThinkPad A family
LENOVO - ThinkPad E family
E280, E370S/L, E600A, E660, E680
LENOVO - ThinkPad S family
LENOVO - ThinkPad Y family
LIFETEC - L family
LT41100, LT5061, LT5214, LT5218, LT5222, LT5223, LT5225, LT5389, LT5400, LT5498, LT5499, LT5943, LT5944, LT5945, LT5946, LT6181, LT6442, LT7321, LT9303, LT9304, LT9326, LT9580, LT9580-F, LT9628, LT9695, LT9703, LT9787, LT9788, LT9795, LT9799, LT9865, L50ii0, L50ii5, L50Ri0, L51Ai, L51Aix, L51ii, L51ii3, L51ii5, L51ii9, L51iix, L51Ri, L51Rix, L51SA, L53Ri0, L55ii, L56Ri, L70ii0, L71ii, L71ii3, L75ii, L75ii8, Lio One, Lio Two
MAGITRONIC - 600 family
MEDION - D family
D27ES, D270X, D270S, D400E, D400V, D220S, D22ES, D230S, D280S
MICRO-STAR - Crystal family
Crystal S300
MICRO-STAR - Entertainment family
Entertainment EX600, Entertainment EX610
MICRO-STAR - EX family
EX600 YA Edition
MICRO-STAR - MegaBook family
MegaBook M510, MegaBook M510A, MegaBook M510C, MegaBook S250, MegaBook S260, MegaBook S262, MegaBook S270, MegaBook S271
MICRO-STAR - MS family
MS-1003, MS-1006, MS-1012, MS-1013, MS-1022, MS-1024, MS-1057, MS-1058, MS-1034
MICRO-STAR - Professional family
Professional PR200, Professional PR210, Professional PR300, Professional PR600, Professional S250, Professional S260, Professional S262, Professional S270, Professional S271, Professional S300
MICRO-STAR - Value family
Value M510A, Value M510C, Value S420, Value S425, Value VR320, Value VR330, Value VR600, Value VR601
MICRON - Millennia family
Millennia Transport NX, Millennia Transport VLX
MICRON - Transport family
Transport NX, Transport T1200, Transport T2100, Transport T2200, Transport T2300, Transport TREK, Transport TREK 2, Transport TREK 233, Transport TX, Transport TX2, Transport U1000, Transport U1100, Transport VLX, Transport VX, Transport XKE
MITAC - 700 family
MITAC - MiNote family
MiNote 7068T, MiNote 7170, MiNote 7170P, MiNote 7322, MiNote 8089C, MiNote 8311, MiNote 8350, MiNote M7170, MiNote 722, MiNote 7321, MiNote 7520, MiNote 7521, MiNote 7521C, MiNote 7521P, MiNote 7521T, MiNote 8080, MiNote M722, MiNote M722H, MiNote 8080P, MiNote 8080F, MiNote 8081, MiNote 8090, MiNote 8060, MiNote 8060B, MiNote 8011, MiNote 8050D, MiNote 8050, MiNote 8050DC, MiNote 8089P, MiNote 8089, MiNote 8889, MiNote 8389, MiNote 8081P, MiNote 7068
NATCOMP - aNote family
aNote 340S2, aNote 540i3, aNote 7521, aNote 7521 Plus, aNote i-1014-DS, aNote i-1014-M, aNote i-1014-ME, aNote i-1014-PR, aNote i-1014-R, aNote i-1114-V, aNote i-1115-PR, aNote i-1214-Q, aNote i-5013-X, aNote i-8013-BT, aNote M722 SubNote, aNote Max 60
NEC - LaVie LC family
LaVie LC500/2D, LaVie LC500/4D, LaVie LC500/5D, LaVie LC50H/34DA1, LaVie LC50H/34DB1, LaVie LC600J/34DR, LaVie LC600J/54DR, LaVie LC600J/54DW, LaVie LC700/2D, LaVie LC700/5D, LaVie LC750J/74DH, LaVie LC800J/74DH, LaVie LC800J/84DH, LaVie LC900/2D, LaVie LC900/4D, LaVie LC900/5D, LaVie LC900J/84DH, LaVie LC950/4E
NEC - LaVie LJ family
LaVie LJ500/4D, LaVie LJ700/4F
NEC - LaVie LL family
LaVie LL500/2D, LaVie LL700/2D, LaVie LL700/3D, LaVie LL700/5D, LaVie LL700R/73DH, LaVie LL700R/74DR, LaVie LL750/3D, LaVie LL800R/84DH
NEC - LaVie LS family
LaVie S Model LS46H/24DV, LaVie S Model LS46H/24DW, LaVie S Model LS50H/24DW2, LaVie S Model LS50H/34DV2, LaVie S Model LS50J/34DV, LaVie S Model LS50J/34DW, LaVie S Model LS55H/54DV, LaVie S Model LS600J/55DV, LaVie S Model LS65H/64DH, LaVie S Model LS65H/64DS, LaVie S Model LS700/8D, LaVie S Model LS700/9D, LaVie S Model LS7009D, LaVie S Model LS700J/36DT3, LaVie S Model LS700J/65DH, LaVie S Model LS70H/74DH, LaVie S Model LS800J/56DH, LaVie S Model LS900/8E, LaVie LS46H/24DW, LaVie LS50H/24DW2, LaVie LS50J/34DW
NEC - LaVie LT family
LaVie T Model LT300/5D, LaVie T Model LT500/4D, LaVie T Model LT500/5D, LaVie LT500/5D
NEC - LaVie LU family
LaVie U Model LU40L/22A, LaVie U Model LU45L/33D, LaVie U Model LU45L/3SB, LaVie U Model LU50L/53DC, LaVie U Model LU50L/54DC, LaVie U Model LU700R/63DC, LaVie U Model LU700R/63DR, LaVie U Model LU700R/64DV, LaVie LU45L/33D, LaVie LU50L/54DC, LaVie LU700R/63DR, LaVie LU700R/64DV
NEC - LaVie LW family
LaVie NX Model LW23C/52C, LaVie NX Model LW23C/52D, LaVie NX Model LW23D/52C, LaVie NX Model LW23D/52D, LaVie NX Model LW23D/53C, LaVie NX Model LW23D/53D, LaVie NX Model LW26H/62C, LaVie NX Model LW26H/62D, LaVie NX Model LW30H/63C4, LaVie NX Model LW30H/63C6, LaVie NX Model LW30H/63D4, LaVie NX Model LW30H/63D6, LaVie NX Model LW30H/64C6, LaVie NX Model LW30H/64D6, LaVie NX Model LW30H/72C, LaVie NX Model LW30H/72D, LaVie NX Model LW333D/74C6, LaVie NX Model LW333D/74CA, LaVie NX Model LW333D/74D6, LaVie NX Model LW333D/74DA, LaVie NX Model LW33H/73C6, LaVie NX Model LW33H/82C, LaVie NX Model LW33H/82D, LaVie NX Model LW366D/74CA, LaVie NX Model LW366D/74DA, LaVie NX Model LW36H/12C6, LaVie NX Model LW36H/12D6, LaVie NX Model LW36H/84C6, LaVie NX Model LW36H/84D6, LaVie NX Model LW400D/84CA, LaVie NX Model LW400D/84DA, LaVie NX Model LW40H/13C6, LaVie NX Model LW40H/13D6, LaVie NX Model LW40H/14CW, LaVie NX Model LW40H/14DW, LaVie NX Model LW40H/84C6, LaVie NX Model LW40H/84CA, LaVie NX Model LW40H/84D6, La
NEC - Versa 2000 family
Versa 2400CD, Versa 2405, Versa 2405CD, Versa 2430CD, Versa 2435CD, Versa 2530
NEC - Versa family
Versa Aptitude, Versa AX, Versa E3100, Versa VXi, Versa E120 Daylite, Versa E2000
NEC - Versa M family
Versa M320
NEC - Versa Note family
Versa Note, Versa Note VX
NEC - Versa P family
Versa P7100
NEC - Versa Premium family
Versa Premium
NEC - Versa Pro B family
Versa Pro B Model VA73J/BH, Versa Pro B Model VA93J/BH
NEC - Versa Pro D family
Versa Pro D Model VA10H/DF/G, Versa Pro D Model VA10J/DF/D, Versa Pro D Model VA11J/DF/D
NEC - Versa Pro NX family
Versa VA23C/WS/4, Versa VA33D/WT/6, Versa VA33D/WX/6, Versa Pro NX Model VA50H/WT/9
NEC - Versa Pro R family
Versa Pro R Model VA70H/RS/D, Versa Pro R Model VA80H/RS/E, Versa Pro R Model VA85J/RX/E
NEC - Versa Pro W family
Versa Pro W Model VA10J/WX/C, Versa Pro W Model VA40H/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA43H/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA45J/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA46H/WT, Versa Pro W Model VA50J/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA55H/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA60H/WX, Versa Pro W Model VA60J/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA65H/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA70J/WS, Versa Pro W Model VA75H/WT, Versa Pro W Model VA80J/WX
NEC - Versa VX family
Versa VX
PROSTAR - 9000 family
9021, 9115, 9117, 9215, 9315, 9415, 9515, 9517, 9617, 9117HU, 9915W
PROSTAR - i family
IFL91, IFT01
SAGER - NB family
SAGER - NP family
NP2200, NP2250, NP2260, NP2270, NP2280, NP2460, NP2720, NP2850, NP3750, NP3760, NP3790, NP4080, NP5560, NP7250, NP8600, NP8620, NP8623, NP8700
SENS 10, SENS 690, SENS 8
SHARP - Actius family
Actius MC22, Actius MC24, Actius PCMC22, Actius PC-MC22, Actius PCMC24, Actius PC-MC24
SHARP - PC family
SHARP - PC-M family
PC-MC22, PC-MC24, PC-MC1-3CC, PC-MC30F, PC-MC1-3CA, PC-MC1-3CR
SIEMENS - Biblo family
FMV Biblo MG12, FMV Biblo MG12C, FMV Biblo MG12D, FMV Biblo MG13, FMV Biblo MG13D, FMV Biblo MG17, FMV Biblo MG17D, FMV Biblo MG50, FMV Biblo MG50E, FMV Biblo MG55, FMV Biblo MG55E, FMV Biblo MG70, FMV Biblo MG70E
SIEMENS - Celsius family
Celsius Mobile Pro 800, Celsius Mobile Pro 800 AG, Celsius Mobile Pro 800 S, Celsius Mobile Pro 810, Celsius Mobile Pro 811, Celsius Mobile S
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - Extensa family
Extensa 550, Extensa 550CD, Extensa 550CDT, Extensa 555, Extensa 555CD, Extensa 555CDT, Extensa 560, Extensa 560CD, Extensa 560CDT, Extensa 565, Extensa 565CD, Extensa 565CDT, Extensa 570, Extensa 570CD, Extensa 570CDT, Extensa 575, Extensa 575CD, Extensa 575CDT
TOSHIBA - Equium family
Equium A100-549, Equium A100-641, Equium L10-200, Equium L10-300, Equium L10-142, Equium L10-273, Equium L20-197, Equium L20-198, Equium L20-217, Equium L20-264, Equium A110-233, Equium A110-252, Equium A110-276
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1000 family
Satellite 1000-S157, Satellite 1000-S158, Satellite 1005-S157, Satellite 1005-S158, Satellite 1000, Satellite 1005
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1100 family
Satellite 1100-S101, Satellite 1100-Z (1100Z), Satellite 1100-Z1, Satellite 1100-Z2, Satellite 1100-Z3, Satellite 1100-Z4, Satellite 1100-Z5, Satellite 1100-Z6, Satellite 1100-Z7, Satellite 1100-Z8
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1200 family
Satellite 1200-S121, Satellite 1200-S122
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1600 family
Satellite 1605, Satellite 1625, Satellite 1675, Satellite 1695, Satellite 1605CDS, Satellite 1625CDT, Satellite 1675CDS, Satellite 1695CDT
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1700 family
Satellite 1715, Satellite 1730, Satellite 1735, Satellite 1750, Satellite 1755, Satellite 1715XCDS, Satellite 1735XCDS, Satellite 1755XCDS
TOSHIBA - Satellite 3000 family
Satellite 3000-S304, Satellite 3000-S353, Satellite 3005-S303, Satellite 3005-S304, Satellite 3005-S307, Satellite 3005-S403
TOSHIBA - Satellite A family
Satellite A110-169, Satellite A110-170, Satellite A85-S107, Satellite A85-S1071, Satellite A85-S1072, Satellite A80-131, Satellite A80-135, Satellite A80-111, Satellite A80-115, Satellite A80-116, Satellite A80-117, Satellite A80-121, Satellite A80-122, Satellite A80-127, Satellite A80-129, Satellite A80-142, Satellite A80-154, Satellite A80-157, Satellite A110-212, Satellite A110-294, Satellite A110-ST1111, Satellite A80-SP107, Satellite A110-110, Satellite A110-133, Satellite A110-203, Satellite A110-195, Satellite A110-253, Satellite A110-225, Satellite A110-228
TOSHIBA - Satellite L family
Satellite L10-269, Satellite L10-270, Satellite L20-100, Satellite L20-101, Satellite L20-102, Satellite L20-112, Satellite L20-118, Satellite L20-120, Satellite L20-135, Satellite L20-153, Satellite L20-155, Satellite L20-157, Satellite L20-159, Satellite L20-173, Satellite L20-188, Satellite L20-196, Satellite L20-199, Satellite L20-200, Satellite L20-217, Satellite L20-228, Satellite L20-256, Satellite L20-257, Satellite L20-260, Satellite L20-267, Satellite L20-268, Satellite L20-C430, Satellite L20-P430, Satellite L20-P440, Satellite L25-S119, Satellite L25-SP139, Satellite L35, Satellite L35-S1054, Satellite L35-S1954, Satellite L35-S2151, Satellite L35-S2161, Satellite L35-S2171, Satellite L35-S2174, Satellite L35-S2194, Satellite L35-S2316, Satellite L35-S2366, Satellite L45-S2416, Satellite L45-S4687, Satellite L20-S310TD, Satellite L15-S107, Satellite L15-S1071, Satellite L15-S1041, Satellite L10-100, Satellite L10-101, Satellite L10-102, Satellite L10-103, Satellite L10-107, Satellite L10-108, Sate
TOSHIBA - Satellite M family
Satellite M105-S1011, Satellite M105-S1021, Satellite M105-S1031, Satellite M105-S1041, Satellite M105-SP1011, Satellite M115-S1061, Satellite M115-S1064, Satellite M115-S1071, Satellite M115-S1074, Satellite M30X-S191TD, Satellite M30X-S221ST, Satellite M30X-S221TD, Satellite M40-S312TD, Satellite M55-S1001, Satellite M55-S141, Satellite M55-S1412, Satellite M35X-S109, Satellite M35X-S111, Satellite M35X-S149, Satellite M35X-S1491, Satellite M35X-S1492, Satellite M35X-S161, Satellite M35X-S1611, Satellite M35X-S309, Satellite M35X-S311, Satellite M35X-S3111, Satellite M35X-S3091, Satellite M35X-S329, Satellite M35X-S3291, Satellite M35X-S3491, Satellite M35X-S349, Satellite M30X-S1592ST, Satellite M30X-S1593ST, Satellite M30X-S171ST, Satellite M45-S165, Satellite M45-S165X, Satellite M45-S1651, Satellite M35X-S1142, Satellite M35X-S1143, Satellite M35X-S114, Satellite M30X-S181ST, Satellite M35X-S3112, Satellite M35X-S1141
TOSHIBA - Satellite Pro family
Satellite Pro L10-113, Satellite Pro L10-184, Satellite Pro L10-185, Satellite Pro L10-231, Satellite Pro L10-271, Satellite Pro L20, Satellite Pro L20-102, Satellite Pro L20-103, Satellite Pro L20-126, Satellite Pro L20-137, Satellite Pro L20-148, Satellite Pro L20-160, Satellite Pro L20-174, Satellite Pro L20-184, Satellite Pro L20-189, Satellite Pro L20-211, Satellite Pro L20-258, Satellite Pro L20-259, Satellite Pro L10-175, Satellite Pro L10-178, Satellite Pro L10-103, Satellite Pro L10-118, Satellite Pro L20-227
TOSHIBA - Tecra L family
Tecra L2-SP141, Tecra L2-S011, Tecra L2-S022
TWINHEAD - DuraBook family
DuraBook D13RI, DuraBook D14RI, DuraBook N1400, DuraBook N15RI, DuraBook NR14RA, DuraBook NR14RI
EFIO 1000, EFIO 1060, EFIO 1070, EFIO 121, EFIO 121i, EFIO 141i, EFIO 142i, EFIO 2300, EFIO 2300 CTZ Combo, EFIO 2300 CTZ Mobile, EFIO 2310 PTZ Moblie, EFIO 2365, EFIO 2370, EFIO 2390, EFIO 2600, EFIO 2A00, EFIO 2B00, EFIO 3000, EFIO 3060, EFIO 3080, EFIO 3210, EFIO 3211, EFIO 3380, EFIO 3385
TWINHEAD - Miracle family
Miracle 740, Miracle 750, Miracle 780, Miracle 810, Miracle 820, Miracle 830, Miracle 840, Miracle 850
TWINHEAD - R family
R14S, R1E Tablet, R1F Tablet
TWINHEAD - SlimNote family
SlimNote 340S2, SlimNote 340S8, SlimNote G550, SlimNote P88, SlimNote P88TE, SlimNote VX, SlimNote VX2, SlimNote VX3, SlimNote VXc, SlimNote VXe, SlimNote VXe3, SlimNote VXf
UMAX - ActionBook family
ActionBook 345T
UMAX - Tablet PC family
T200C Tablet PC, T200V Tablet PC, T210C Tablet PC, T210V Tablet PC
UMAX - VisionBook family
VisionBook 3400WXT
WINBOOK - X family
XP, X5, X5 Force, X20Ai, X20ii, X20iix, X20Ri, X40Ai, X40ii, X40iix, X40Ri, X51, X51C, X51H, X51L, X51R, X51RL, X52S, X52SG, X53, X53KA, X53KE, X53L, X53SA, X53SC, X53SE, X53SG, X53SR, X53SV, X58C, X58L, X505, X510, X512, X520, X522, X530, X540, X20
YAKUMO - Mobilium family
Mobilium II
YAKUMO - Q family
Q5M Basic YW, Q7 XD, Q7M Combo XD, Q7M Combo XD D27ES, Q7M Mobilium 1.4 XD, Q7M Mobilium 1.5 YK, Q7M Mobilium II XD, Q7M Mobilium II YW, Q7M Mobilium II YW DV, Q7M Mobilium SG XD, Q7M Mobilium Wide II YW, Q7M Mobilium Wide YW, QT5500
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