Bell South 863 Battery
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Energy Plus DR202i

Cordless Phone:
Bell South
Item Manufacturer:
Energy Plus
Lithium Ion (LiOn)
11.1 Volts, 7800 mAh
3.5 x 5.88 x 0.78 inches
0.25 pounds
5 Position Connector

Compatible Replacement Battery Part Numbers:
122-00044-000, Duracell 1588-3366, Energy Plus 234960-001, 317-218-001, Energy Plus 503430-501, Energy Plus 503468-001, Energy Plus 504030-027, Energy Plus 6012P, Energy Plus 90-0100-0020, 90-0801-0020, Energy Plus BA-9250, Energy Plus BAT-ST202S, Duracell BJ-202SP, Energy Plus CE-BL01, Duracell D4031A, Duracell D4035A, Duracell DR-202, Duracell DSO001185-00, Energy Plus DSO002576, Energy Plus DSO002576-00, Duracell EMC-202, Duracell GPDR202, Energy Plus IP202, Duracell LDU-202, Duracell Li202S, Duracell Li202S-60, Duracell Li202S-66, Duracell Li202S-72, Duracell Li202S5400, Energy Plus LIP9020B, Duracell ME202, Duracell ME202A, Duracell ME202AF, Duracell ME202AH, Duracell ME202B, ME202BB, ME202C, Duracell ME202CJ, NBP001117, NBP001139, NBP001169, NBP001185, Energy Plus NBP001197, Energy Plus NBP001197-00, Energy Plus NBP001254, Energy Plus NBP001254-00, Energy Plus NBP001276, Energy Plus NBP001276-00, Energy Plus NBP001280, Energy Plus NBP001280-00, Energy Plus NBP001285, Energy Plus NBP001285-00, Duracell NBP001305-00, Duracell NI202, Energy Plus NI2020, PK-010011433, Duracell SB200L, SL-202, Duracell SL202S, Duracell SM202, Duracell SMP-202, Energy Plus SMP-2020D, Energy Plus SMP-2020P, Duracell SMP-202P, Energy Plus SMP-202S, Duracell SMP2020, Energy Plus SSB-500EL, Energy Plus SSB-650ELS, Energy Plus SSB-830ELS, Energy Plus SSB-830ELS/E, Energy Plus SSB-950ELS, Energy Plus SSB-950ELS/E, Duracell SSB-P28LS6, Energy Plus SSB-T10CLS, Energy Plus SSB-T10CLS/E, Energy Plus SSB-V20CLS, Energy Plus SSB-V20CLS/E, Energy Plus SSB-V20KLS, Duracell ST-202, Duracell ST-202S, Energy Plus STD202S, Duracell TH202
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