Acer Aspire 2012 Series DC Car & Air Adapter
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Energy Plus TI1107-10

Laptop Computer:
Aspire 2012 Series
Item Manufacturer:
Energy Plus
DC Car/Air Adapter
19.0 Volts
2 x 4 x 0.9 inches
For 12V DC Cigarette & Empower Airline Ports.
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Our Price: $79.99
Energy Plus AC1914

Laptop Computer:
Aspire 2012 Series
Item Manufacturer:
Energy Plus
AC Adapter
19.0 Volts, 3.4 Amp
2.35 x 5.15 x 1.35 inches
65 Watt AC Adapter. Dark Grey.
This AC Adapter is manufactured in America by hard working Americans.
The AC Adapter is covered by our generous warranty terms and No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee. Order online for FREE Ground Shipping. This AC Adapter DOES come with BOTH cords
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Our Price: $59.99
Energy Plus BATCL32L

Laptop Computer:
Aspire 2012 Series
Item Manufacturer:
Energy Plus
Lithium Ion (LiOn)
14.8 Volts, 4300 mAh
1.01 x 5.04 x 0.8 inches
8 Position Connector
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Our Price: $129.99
"I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon!. We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don't seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive... I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned."
L. Barnhardt, Chicago, IL
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Device Compatibility for this Product
ACER - AcerNote family
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ACER - TravelMate 2000 family
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ACER - TravelMate 4000 family
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ACER - TravelMate 600 family
TravelMate 600, TravelMate 600TER, TravelMate 602, TravelMate 602TER, TravelMate 603, TravelMate 603TER, TravelMate 604 Series, TravelMate 604TER, TravelMate 610, TravelMate 610TXC, TravelMate 610TXV, TravelMate 610TXVi, TravelMate 611, TravelMate 611TXC, TravelMate 611TXCi, TravelMate 611TXV, TravelMate 612, TravelMate 612TXC, TravelMate 612TXCi, TravelMate 612TXV, TravelMate 613, TravelMate 613TXC, TravelMate 613TXCi, TravelMate 613TXV, TravelMate 614 Series, TravelMate 614TXC, TravelMate 614TXCi, TravelMate 614TXV, TravelMate 614TXVCi, TravelMate 620, TravelMate 620LCi, TravelMate 621, TravelMate 621E, TravelMate 621EC, TravelMate 621EV, TravelMate 621L, TravelMate 621LC, TravelMate 621LCi, TravelMate 621LV, TravelMate 621LVi, TravelMate 621XC, TravelMate 621XCi, TravelMate 621XV, TravelMate 621XVi, TravelMate 622 Series, TravelMate 622E, TravelMate 622EC, TravelMate 622EV, TravelMate 622LC, TravelMate 622LCi, TravelMate 622LV, TravelMate 622LVi, TravelMate 622XC, TravelMate 622XV, TravelMate 623, TravelMa
ACER - TravelMate 6000 family
TravelMate 6000 Series, TravelMate 6000LCi, TravelMate 6001, TravelMate 6002, TravelMate 6002LCi, TravelMate 6003LC, TravelMate 6003LCi, TravelMate 6003LM, TravelMate 6003LMi, TravelMate 6004 Series, TravelMate 6004LC, TravelMate 6004LCi, TravelMate 6004LMi, TravelMate 6592, TravelMate 6592G, TravelMate 6291, TravelMate 6292, TravelMate 6231, TravelMate 6492
ACER - TravelMate 700 family
TravelMate 720, TravelMate 720TX, TravelMate 720TXV, TravelMate 722, TravelMate 722iTX, TravelMate 722iTXV, TravelMate 722TX, TravelMate 723 Series, TravelMate 723TX, TravelMate 723TXV, TravelMate 730, TravelMate 730TX, TravelMate 730TXV, TravelMate 732, TravelMate 732TLV, TravelMate 732TX, TravelMate 732TXV, TravelMate 734, TravelMate 734TL, TravelMate 734TXV, TravelMate 735 Series, TravelMate 735TLV, TravelMate 736, TravelMate 736TL, TravelMate 736TLV, TravelMate 737, TravelMate 737TLV, TravelMate 738, TravelMate 738TLV, TravelMate 739 Series, TravelMate 739GTLV, TravelMate 739TLV, TravelMate 740, TravelMate 740LVF, TravelMate 741, TravelMate 741LVF, TravelMate 744 Series, TravelMate 744LCF, TravelMate 721TX
ACER - TravelMate 7000 family
TravelMate 7220, TravelMate 7520, TravelMate 7520G, TravelMate 7520Z, TravelMate 7220G
ACER - TravelMate 800 family
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ACER - TravelMate 8000 family
TravelMate 8000 Series, TravelMate 8000LCi, TravelMate 8000LMi, TravelMate 8001 Series, TravelMate 8001LCib, TravelMate 8002 Series, TravelMate 8002LC, TravelMate 8002LCi, TravelMate 8002LCib, TravelMate 8002LMi, TravelMate 8003 Series, TravelMate 8003LC, TravelMate 8003LCi, TravelMate 8003LCib, TravelMate 8003LM, TravelMate 8003LMi, TravelMate 8003LMib, TravelMate 8004 Series, TravelMate 8004LCi, TravelMate 8004LCib, TravelMate 8004LM, TravelMate 8004LMi, TravelMate 8004LMib, TravelMate 8005 Series, TravelMate 8005LCi, TravelMate 8005LCib, TravelMate 8005LMi, TravelMate 8005LMib, TravelMate 8006 Series, TravelMate 8006LCi, TravelMate 8006LM, TravelMate 8006LMi, TravelMate 8006LMib, TravelMate 8100 Series, TravelMate 8101 Series, TravelMate 8101WLMi, TravelMate 8102 Series, TravelMate 8102WLCi, TravelMate 8102WLMi, TravelMate 8103 Series, TravelMate 8103WLMi, TravelMate 8104 Series, TravelMate 8104WLCi, TravelMate 8104WLMi, TravelMate 8106 Series, TravelMate 8106WLMi, TravelMate 8100A
ACER - TravelMate A family
TravelMate a550 Series, TravelMate a550LC, TravelMate a550LV, TravelMate a550XV , TravelMate a551, TravelMate a551XV
ACER - TravelMate Alpha family
TravelMate Alpha 550, TravelMate Alpha 550 Series , TravelMate Alpha 550LC, TravelMate Alpha 550LV, TravelMate Alpha 550XV, TravelMate Alpha 551, TravelMate Alpha 551XV
ACER - TravelMate C family
TravelMate C300 Series, TravelMate C300XCi, TravelMate C300XCi-G, TravelMate C300XM, TravelMate C300XMi, TravelMate C300XMib, TravelMate C301XCi, TravelMate C301XCi-G, TravelMate C301XM, TravelMate C301XMi, TravelMate C301XMib, TravelMate C302MXi, TravelMate C302XC, TravelMate C302XCi, TravelMate C302XMi, TravelMate C302XMib, TravelMate C302XMi-G, TravelMate C303XC, TravelMate C303XCi, TravelMate C303XM, TravelMate C303XMi, TravelMate C303XMib, TravelMate C310 Series, TravelMate C310XC, TravelMate C310XCi, TravelMate C310XM, TravelMate C310XMi, TravelMate C311XC, TravelMate C311XCi, TravelMate C311XM, TravelMate C311XMi, TravelMate C312XC, TravelMate C312XCi, TravelMate C312XM, TravelMate C312XMi, TravelMate C313XC, TravelMate C313XCi, TravelMate C313XM, TravelMate C313XMi, TravelMate C314XC, TravelMate C314XCi, TravelMate C314XM, TravelMate C314XMi, TravelMate C102T, TravelMate C102Ti, TravelMate C102TCi, TravelMate C104T, TravelMate C104TCi, TravelMate C104Ti, TravelMate C110TCi, TravelMate C110Ti, TravelMa
ACER - TravelMate family
TravelMate 200, TravelMate 6000, TravelMate 5100
ACER - TravelMate K family
TravelMate K-550 Series
AST - Ascentia family
Ascentia 500
AST - Ascentia P family
Ascentia P Series, Ascentia P30, Ascentia P50, Ascentia P70, Ascentia P80
EVEREX - StepNote family
StepNote 4500
GATEWAY - M family
M275 Series, M275R, M305 Series, M305-CRV Series, M405 Series, M405X Series, M405XL Series
GATEWAY - Solo family
Solo 2100 Series, Solo 2150 Series, Solo 2200 Series, Solo 2300 Series, Solo 2500 Series, Solo 2500LS, Solo 2500SE, Solo 2550 Series, Solo 3000 Series, Solo 3150 Series, Solo 5000, Solo 5100, Solo 5100SE, Solo 5150, Solo 5300 Series, Solo 5350, Solo 9100 Series, Solo 9150 Series, Solo 9300 Series, Solo 9300VE, Solo Pro 9300E, Solo 2150, Solo 3000, Solo 3150, Solo Pro 9300-E
GREENNOTE - Green family
Green 735, Green 755, Green 740, Green 756, Green G735, Green G740, Green G755, Green G756
HITACHI - E family
E Series, E-100D, E-100DC, E-100DN, E-133D, E-133DC, E-133DN, E-133T, E-133TC, E
HITACHI - Flora family
Flora 200, Flora 20NV, Flora 220W, Flora 220W NC2, Flora 270GX NW1, Flora 270GX NW2, Flora 270GX NW3, Flora 270HX NW5, Flora 270HX NW6, Flora 270HX NW7, Flora 270W NW6, Flora 270W NB9, Flora 270 NB8, Flora 270W MF2, Flora 270W MF1, Flora 270W NB8, Flora 220W NC3, Flora 220W NC4
HITACHI - MX family
MX Series, MX-133T, MX-150T, MX-166T
HITACHI - VisionBook Elite family
VisionBook Elite, VisionBook Elite 8000, VisionBook Elite 8560
HITACHI - VisionBook Plus family
VisionBook 4140, VisionBook 4150, VisionBook 4350, VisionBook 4360, VisionBook 5270, VisionBook 5280, VisionBook 5290, VisionBook Plus 4000, VisionBook Plus 4100, VisionBook Plus 4300, VisionBook Plus 5000, VisionBook Plus 5260
HITACHI - VisionBook Pro family
VisionBook 7340, VisionBook 7360, VisionBook 7370, VisionBook 7570, VisionBook 7580, VisionBook 7590, VisionBook 7650, VisionBook 7755, VisionBook 7775, VisionBook Pro, VisionBook Pro 6000, VisionBook Pro 6390, VisionBook Pro 7000, VisionBook Pro 7330, VisionBook Pro 7560, VisionBook Pro 7630
HYPERDATA - C family
HYPERDATA - L family
LP78, LT6179
HYPERDATA - MediaGo family
MediaGo 700, MediaGo 850, MediaGo 870
IBM - ThinkPad 1400 family
ThinkPad 1400i, ThinkPad 1410i, ThinkPad 1411i, ThinkPad 1412i, ThinkPad 1436i, ThinkPad 1450i, ThinkPad 1451i, ThinkPad 1452i, ThinkPad 1472i, ThinkPad 1410
IBM - ThinkPad 1500 family
ThinkPad 1500i, ThinkPad 1512i, ThinkPad 1552i
IBM - ThinkPad 300 family
ThinkPad 310, ThinkPad 310ED, ThinkPad 315
IBM - ThinkPad i family
ThinkPad i1400, ThinkPad i1410, ThinkPad i1411, ThinkPad i1412, ThinkPad i1436, ThinkPad i1450, ThinkPad i1451, ThinkPad i1452, ThinkPad i1472, ThinkPad i1500, ThinkPad i1512, ThinkPad i1552, ThinkPad i (1412), ThinkPad i (1452), ThinkPad i (1472), ThinkPad i (1552)
LENOVO - ThinkPad E family
NEC - 4000 family
NEC - Ready family
Ready 220LT, Ready 220T, Ready 230T, Ready 330LT, Ready 330T, Ready 340LT, Ready 340T, Ready 360T
NEC - Versa 5000 family
Versa 5000, Versa 5060, Versa 5080
NEC - Versa family
Versa FP440 Series
PACKARD BELL - iPower family
iPower 7000
SHARP - PC family
PC-3010, PC-3020, PC-3030, PC-3040, PC-3050, PC-3060, PC-3070, PC-3080, PC-3150, PC-9000, PC-9010, PC-9020, PC-9030, PC-9050
SIEMENS - Scenic Mobile family
Scenic Mobile 350 Series
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - Extensa family
Extensa 600, Extensa 600CD, Extensa 600CDT, Extensa 605, Extensa 605CD, Extensa 605CDT, Extensa 610, Extensa 610CD, Extensa 610CDT, Extensa 616, Extensa 616CD, Extensa 616CDS, Extensa 616CDT, Extensa 650, Extensa 650CD, Extensa 650CDT, Extensa 655, Extensa 655CD, Extensa 655CDT, Extensa 660, Extensa 660CD, Extensa 660CDT, Extensa 665, Extensa 665CDT, Extensa 670, Extensa 670CDT, Extensa 671, Extensa 671CDT, Extensa 690, Extensa 900, Extensa 900CDT, Extensa 900T, Extensa 450, Extensa 450T, Extensa 455, Extensa 455T, Extensa 510, Extensa 515
UNISYS - NBV family
WINBOOK - FX family
FX Series
WINBOOK - X family
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