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Hewlett Packard L18650-DV45

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Hewlett Packard
Lithium Ion (LiOn)
10.8 Volts, 4400 mAh
2.09 x 8.03 x 0.79 inches
6 Cell Extra Capacity Intelligent LiOn Battery.
Batteries Direct is The Exclusive Home of the Web's Only Power Performance Pledge This slim battery provides 55 Wh of lithium ion performce. This is an excellent value and priced aggresively to sell. This battery is in stock and can ship for you today.
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Our Price: $89.99
"I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon!. We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don't seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive... I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned."
L. Barnhardt, Chicago, IL
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Device Compatibility for this Product
COMPAQ - Presario CQ family
Presario CQ40, Presario CQ40-100 CTO, Presario CQ40-101AU, Presario CQ40-101AX, Presario CQ40-101TU, Presario CQ40-102AU, Presario CQ40-102AX, Presario CQ40-102TU, Presario CQ40-103AU, Presario CQ40-103AX, Presario CQ40-103TU, Presario CQ40-104AU, Presario CQ40-104AX, Presario CQ40-104TU, Presario CQ40-105AU, Presario CQ40-105AX, Presario CQ40-105TU, Presario CQ40-106AU, Presario CQ40-106AX, Presario CQ40-107AU, Presario CQ40-107AX, Presario CQ40-107TU, Presario CQ40-108AU, Presario CQ40-108AX, Presario CQ40-108TU, Presario CQ40-109AU, Presario CQ40-109AX, Presario CQ40-109TU, Presario CQ40-110AU, Presario CQ40-110AX, Presario CQ40-110TU, Presario CQ40-111AU, Presario CQ40-111AX, Presario CQ40-111TU, Presario CQ40-112AU, Presario CQ40-112AX, Presario CQ40-112TU, Presario CQ40-113AU, Presario CQ40-113AX, Presario CQ40-113TU, Presario CQ40-114AU, Presario CQ40-114AX, Presario CQ40-114TU, Presario CQ40-115AU, Presario CQ40-115AX, Presario CQ40-115TU, Presario CQ40-116AU, Presario CQ40-116AX, Presario CQ40-116TU,
COMPAQ - Presario Q family
Presario Q45-103TX, Presario Q45-104TX, Presario Q45-105TX, Presario Q45-106TX, Presario Q45-107TX
G50, G50-100 CTO, G50-100EA, G50-101XX, G50-110EA, G60, G60 CTO, G60-100 CTO, G60-100EM, G60-101TU, G60-102XX, G60-103XX, G60-104CA, G60-104XX, G60-108CA, G60-110 CTO, G60-114EA, G60-115EM, G60-116EM, G60-117EM, G60-117US, G60-118EM, G60-118NR, G60-119OM, G60-120CA, G60-120EM, G60-120US, G60-123CL, G60-123NR, G60-125CA, G60-125NR, G60-126CA, G60-127CL, G60-127NR, G60-128CA, G60-146CA, G70, G70-100 CTO, G70-105EA, G70-110EA, G70-110EM, G70-111EM
HDX16, HDX16-1000 CTO, HDX16-1001TX, HDX16-1002TX, HDX16-1003TX, HDX16-1004TX, HDX16-1005EA, HDX16-1005TX, HDX16-1006TX, HDX16-1007TX, HDX16-1008TX, HDX16-1009TX, HDX16-1010EA, HDX16-1010TX, HDX16-1011TX, HDX16-1012TX, HDX16-1013TX, HDX16-1025NR, HDX16-1040EL, HDX16-1040US, HDX16-1044NR, HDX16-1050EE, HDX16-1050EF, HDX16-1050ET, HDX16-1056CA, HDX16-1060EG, HDX16-1060ES, HDX16T, HDX16T-1000 CTO
HEWLETT PACKARD - Pavilion DV family
Pavilion dv41035la, Pavilion dv41035tx, Pavilion dv41036tx, Pavilion dv41037tx, Pavilion dv41038tx, Pavilion dv41039tx, Pavilion dv41040ee, Pavilion dv41040ei, Pavilion dv41040tx, Pavilion dv41041tx, Pavilion dv41042tx, Pavilion dv4, Pavilion dv41000, Pavilion dv41000ea, Pavilion dv41000et, Pavilion dv41001ax, Pavilion dv41001tu, Pavilion dv41001tx, Pavilion dv41001xx, Pavilion dv41002ax, Pavilion dv41002tu, Pavilion dv41002tx, Pavilion dv41002xx, Pavilion dv41003ax, Pavilion dv41003tu, Pavilion dv41003tx, Pavilion dv41004ax, Pavilion dv41004tu, Pavilion dv41004tx, Pavilion dv41005tx, Pavilion dv41006tx, Pavilion dv41007tx, Pavilion dv41008tx, Pavilion dv41009tx, Pavilion dv41010tx, Pavilion dv41011tx, Pavilion dv41012tx, Pavilion dv41013tx, Pavilion dv41014nr, Pavilion dv41014tx, Pavilion dv41015tx, Pavilion dv41016tx, Pavilion dv41017tx, Pavilion dv41018tx, Pavilion dv41019tx, Pavilion dv41020tx, Pavilion dv41020us, Pavilion dv41021tx, Pavilion dv41022tx, Pavilion dv41023tx, Pavilion dv41024tx, Pavilion dv4
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