Gateway DAK100520-011102L Battery
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Energy Plus L18650-8MSBG

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Energy Plus
Lithium Ion (LiOn)
14.8 Volts, 4800 mAh
8 Cell Extra Capacity Intelligent LiOn Battery.
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Our Price: $139.99
"I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon!. We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don't seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive... I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned."
L. Barnhardt, Chicago, IL
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Device Compatibility for this Product
GATEWAY - 6000 family
6832JP, 6834MX, 6010GZ, 6018GH, 6021GH, 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP, 6525GP, 6531GZ
GATEWAY - 8000 family
8510GZ, 8510GH, 8550GB, 8515GZ
GATEWAY - E family
E-265M, E-265M G, E-475M, E-475M G
GATEWAY - M family
M-255E SB, M-685-E, M-685-E SB, M-685-E-SB, M-685-G, M360B, M360C
GATEWAY - ML family
ML-3108b, ML-3108q, ML-3108v, ML-3108z, ML-3109, ML-3706, ML-6018j, ML-6226b, ML-6227b, ML-6227q, ML-6227v, ML-6227z, ML-6228, ML-6230, ML-6231, ML-6232, ML-6703, ML-6714, ML-6720, ML-6721, ML-6725, ML-6731, ML-6732
GATEWAY - MP family
MP-6925j, MP-6954, MP-6954h, MP-8701j, MP-8708, MP-8709
GATEWAY - MT family
MT-3104b, MT-3105j, MT-3107b, MT-3110c, MT-3111c, MT-3112c, MT-3303j, MT-3304j, MT-3305j, MT-3418, MT-3419, MT-3421, MT-3422, MT-3423, MT-3705, MT-3707, MT-3708, MT-3710c, MT-3711c, MT-3712b, MT-3713c, MT-3715c, MT-6015j, MT-6016j, MT-6017, MT-6215j, MT-6216j, MT-6220b, MT-6221jb, MT-6223b, MT-6224j, MT-6225j, MT-6228j, MT-6229j, MT-6451, MT-6452, MT-6456, MT-6457, MT-6458, MT-6459, MT-6460, MT-6704, MT-6704h, MT-6705, MT-6706, MT-6707, MT-6708, MT-6709, MT-6709h, MT-6711, MT-6722b, MT-6723, MT-6724b, MT-6728, MT-6729, MT-6730, MT-6821, MT-6823b, MT-6824b, MT-6825b, MT-6826j, MT-6827j, MT-6828, MT-6828h, MT-6830, MT-6831, MT-6832b, MT-6833b, MT-6834b, MT-6835j, MT-6836j, MT-6838j, MT-6839b, MT-6840, MT-6840h, MT-6841, MT-6842b, MT-6915b, MT-6916, MT-6917b, MT-6919, MT-6920
GATEWAY - MX family
MX-3101b, MX-3102j, MX-3103b, MX-3138m, MX-3139m, MX-3140m, MX-3141m, MX-3142m, MX-3143m, MX-3311b, MX-3410, MX-3410h, MX-3412, MX-3412h, MX-3414, MX-3416, MX-3417, MX-3422, MX-3701, MX-3702, MX-6002m, MX-6003m, MX-6004m, MX-6005m, MX-6006m, MX-6008m, MX-6110m, MX-6111m, MX-6112m, MX-6113m, MX-6130j, MX-6131, MX-6132j, MX-6134j, MX-6136j, MX-6211b, MX-6212j, MX-6213j, MX-6214, MX-6215b, MX-6216, MX-6217j, MX-6243m, MX-6410m, MX-6422, MX-6426, MX-6427, MX-6429, MX-6431, MX-6439, MX-6444, MX-6444h, MX-6445, MX-6446, MX-6447, MX-6448, MX-6452, MX-6453, MX-6454, MX-6618m, MX-6619m, MX-6620m, MX-6628j, MX-6630j, MX-6632j, MX-6635b, MX-6637f, MX-6638b, MX-6639b, MX-6639j, MX-6750h, MX-6901m, MX-6915j, MX-6917j, MX-6918b, MX-6919, MX-6920, MX-6920h, MX-6921b, MX-6922b, MX-6923b, MX-6924j, MX-6926b, MX-6927, MX-6930, MX-6930h, MX-6931, MX-6932b, MX-6933b, MX-6934m, MX-6935m, MX-6936m, MX-6937m, MX-6938m, MX-6939m, MX-6940m, MX-6941m, MX-6942m, MX-6943m, MX-6944m, MX-6945m, MX-6946m, MX-6947m, MX-6952j, MX-6953j, MX-6
GATEWAY - NX family
NX-270S, NX-510X, NX-570QS, NX-570S, NX-570X, NX-570XL, NX-860S, NX500S, NX500X, NX550X, NX550XL, NX850X, NX850XL, NX260X, NX510S, NX560X, NX560XL, NX860XL, NX860X
GATEWAY - S family
S-7210M, S-7220M, S-7310M, S-7320M, S-7410M, S-7700N, S-7500N, S-7710N, S-7510N
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