Hp Compaq ED494AA Battery
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Energy Plus CO1522

Laptop Computer:
Hp Compaq
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Energy Plus
AC Adapter
18.5 Volts, 3.5 Amp
65 Watt AC Adapter. UL & CE Tested.
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Our Price: $64.99
"I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon!. We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don't seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive... I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned."
L. Barnhardt, Chicago, IL
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Device Compatibility for this Product
COMPAQ - Business NoteBook family
Business NoteBook NX6120 , Business NoteBook NX6110 , Business NoteBook NC6230 , Business NoteBook NC6120, Business NoteBook NX6125 , Business NoteBook NX6115, Business NoteBook NX6130, Business NoteBook NX9420, Business NoteBook NC4400, Business NoteBook NX6325, Business NoteBook NX6310, Business NoteBook NC8430, Business NoteBook NW8440, Business NoteBook NX7400, Business NoteBook NX6300, Business NoteBook NW9440, Business NoteBook NX6320, Business NoteBook NX6315, Business NoteBook NX8420, Business NoteBook NX8410
COMPAQ - Presario B family
Presario B1201TU, Presario B1201VU, Presario B1202TU, Presario B1202VU, Presario B1203TU, Presario B1203VU, Presario B1204TU, Presario B1204VU, Presario B1205TU, Presario B1205VU, Presario B1206TU, Presario B1206VU, Presario B1207TU, Presario B1207VU, Presario B1208TU, Presario B1208VU, Presario B1209TU, Presario B1209VU, Presario B1210TU, Presario B1210VU, Presario B1211TU, Presario B1211VU, Presario B1212VU, Presario B1213TU, Presario B1213VU, Presario B1214TU, Presario B1215TU, Presario B1216TU, Presario B1217TU, Presario B1218TU, Presario B1219TU, Presario B1220TU, Presario B1221TU, Presario B1222TU, Presario B1223TU, Presario B1224TU, Presario B1225TU, Presario B1226TU, Presario B1227TU, Presario B1228TU, Presario B1229TU, Presario B1230TU, Presario B1231TU, Presario B1232TU, Presario B1234TU, Presario B1235TU, Presario B1236TU, Presario B1237TU, Presario B1238TU, Presario B1239TU, Presario B1240TU, Presario B1241TU, Presario B1242TU, Presario B1243TU, Presario B1244TU, Presario B1245TU, Presario B1246TU
COMPAQ - Presario CQ family
Presario CQ20, Presario CQ20-100 CTO, Presario CQ20-101TU, Presario CQ20-102TU, Presario CQ20-103TU, Presario CQ20-104TU, Presario CQ20-105TU, Presario CQ20-106TU, Presario CQ20-107TU, Presario CQ20-108TU, Presario CQ20-109TU, Presario CQ20-110TU, Presario CQ20-111TU, Presario CQ20-112TU, Presario CQ20-113TU, Presario CQ20-114TU, Presario CQ20-115TU, Presario CQ20-116TU, Presario CQ20-117TU, Presario CQ20-118TU, Presario CQ20-119TU, Presario CQ40, Presario CQ40-100 CTO, Presario CQ40-101AU, Presario CQ40-101AX, Presario CQ40-101TU, Presario CQ40-102AU, Presario CQ40-102AX, Presario CQ40-102TU, Presario CQ40-103AU, Presario CQ40-103AX, Presario CQ40-103TU, Presario CQ40-104AU, Presario CQ40-104AX, Presario CQ40-104TU, Presario CQ40-105AU, Presario CQ40-105AX, Presario CQ40-105TU, Presario CQ40-106AU, Presario CQ40-106AX, Presario CQ40-107AU, Presario CQ40-107AX, Presario CQ40-107TU, Presario CQ40-108AU, Presario CQ40-108AX, Presario CQ40-108TU, Presario CQ40-109AU, Presario CQ40-109AX, Presario CQ40-109TU, Pre
COMPAQ - Presario Q family
Presario Q45-103TX, Presario Q45-104TX, Presario Q45-105TX, Presario Q45-106TX, Presario Q45-107TX
COMPAQ - Thin Client family
2533t Mobile Thin Client
FUJITSU - 400 family
HEWLETT PACKARD - 2000 family
2133 Mini-Note PC, 2533t Mobile Thin Client
HEWLETT PACKARD - 500 family
500, 510, 520, 530
HEWLETT PACKARD - Business NoteBook family
Business NoteBook 500, Business NoteBook 2210b, Business NoteBook 510, Business NoteBook 520, Business NoteBook 2510p, Business NoteBook 2530p, Business NoteBook 2533t, Business NoteBook 530, Business NoteBook 2710p, Business NoteBook 2730p, Business NoteBook 6530s, Business NoteBook 6531s, Business NoteBook 6535s, Business NoteBook 6720t, Business NoteBook 6730b, Business NoteBook 6730s, Business NoteBook 6735b, Business NoteBook 6735s, Business NoteBook 6910p, Business NoteBook NC2400, Business NoteBook NC2410, Business NoteBook NX7300, Business NoteBook NC6320, Business NoteBook 6830s
HEWLETT PACKARD - EliteBook family
EliteBook 2530p, EliteBook 2730p
G50, G50-100 CTO, G50-100EA, G50-101XX, G50-110EA, G60, G60 CTO, G60-100 CTO, G60-100EM, G60-101TU, G60-102XX, G60-103XX, G60-104CA, G60-104XX, G60-108CA, G60-110 CTO, G60-114EA, G60-115EM, G60-116EM, G60-117EM, G60-117US, G60-118EM, G60-118NR, G60-119OM, G60-120CA, G60-120EM, G60-120US, G60-123CL, G60-123NR, G60-125CA, G60-125NR, G60-126CA, G60-127CL, G60-127NR, G60-128CA, G60-146CA, G70, G70-100 CTO, G70-105EA, G70-110EA, G70-110EM, G70-111EM
HDX16, HDX16-1000 CTO, HDX16-1001TX, HDX16-1002TX, HDX16-1003TX, HDX16-1004TX, HDX16-1005EA, HDX16-1005TX, HDX16-1006TX, HDX16-1007TX, HDX16-1008TX, HDX16-1009TX, HDX16-1010EA, HDX16-1010TX, HDX16-1011TX, HDX16-1012TX, HDX16-1013TX, HDX16-1025NR, HDX16-1040EL, HDX16-1040US, HDX16-1044NR, HDX16-1050EE, HDX16-1050EF, HDX16-1050ET, HDX16-1056CA, HDX16-1060EG, HDX16-1060ES, HDX16T, HDX16T-1000 CTO
HEWLETT PACKARD - Pavilion DV family
Pavilion dv41035la, Pavilion dv41035tx, Pavilion dv41036tx, Pavilion dv41037tx, Pavilion dv41038tx, Pavilion dv41039tx, Pavilion dv41040ee, Pavilion dv41040ei, Pavilion dv41040tx, Pavilion dv41041tx, Pavilion dv41042tx, Pavilion dv4, Pavilion dv41000, Pavilion dv41000ea, Pavilion dv41000et, Pavilion dv41001ax, Pavilion dv41001tu, Pavilion dv41001tx, Pavilion dv41001xx, Pavilion dv41002ax, Pavilion dv41002tu, Pavilion dv41002tx, Pavilion dv41002xx, Pavilion dv41003ax, Pavilion dv41003tu, Pavilion dv41003tx, Pavilion dv41004ax, Pavilion dv41004tu, Pavilion dv41004tx, Pavilion dv41005tx, Pavilion dv41006tx, Pavilion dv41007tx, Pavilion dv41008tx, Pavilion dv41009tx, Pavilion dv41010tx, Pavilion dv41011tx, Pavilion dv41012tx, Pavilion dv41013tx, Pavilion dv41014nr, Pavilion dv41014tx, Pavilion dv41015tx, Pavilion dv41016tx, Pavilion dv41017tx, Pavilion dv41018tx, Pavilion dv41019tx, Pavilion dv41020tx, Pavilion dv41020us, Pavilion dv41021tx, Pavilion dv41022tx, Pavilion dv41023tx, Pavilion dv41024tx, Pavilion dv4
HEWLETT PACKARD - Tablet PC family
Tablet PC TC4400
MAGITRONIC - 600 family
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