Allen Bradley 1769-BA Allen Bradley 1769-BA Battery

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Allen Bradley 1769-BA

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What is an Allen Bradley 1769-BA Battery?

The Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery is a programmable logic controls (PLC) battery. PLCs are simply digital computers which control the automation of electrochemical processes.

The Allen Bradley 1769-BA is a 1 cell lithium battery designed to work in Allen Bradley 1746-BAS, 1747-PT1, HHT, SLC-5/01, SLC-5/02, SLC-5/03, SLC-5/04, SLC-5/05, SLC-500 series programmable logic controls and industrial computers.

The Allen Bradley 500 series control platforms are used for varied applications including HVAC, material handling, high speed assembly operations and small process control. They offer a wide range of communication configurations, features, and memory options.

What are the specifications of the Allen Bradley 1769-BA

This is a 1 cell lithium battery pack. It has an output of 3 Volts and 1200 mAh. The mAh value is the measurement of the "capacity" of your Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery. The higher the mAh rating, the longer your run time will be.

The Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery measures 0.58 inches in diameter and is 1.04 inches tall.

The low self discharge rate gives this battery pack a 10 year shelf life. It is so minimally perishable - so buy a spare and have one on hand for one of your other PLCs.

Tell me more about the lithium technology of a Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery

Lithium batteries such as the Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery are disposable and use Lithium (the lightest metal, which has the greatest electrochemical potential and provides the largest energy density) as an anode. These batteries can produce voltages from 1.5V to 3.7V which is over twice that of an ordinary alkaline battery.

These batteries are known for their cold temperature performance as well as for their long shelf life. The Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery has a 10 year shelf life.

What should I look for when buying a replacement Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery?

If you are interested in buying a quality replacement for your Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery, go with a proven company that offers at least a 30 day money back guarantee, a one year no hassle warranty, gives you a toll free customer support telephone number, and clearly identifies the total cost of the purchase including any shipping or handling charges upfront.

Batteries Direct does just that. Each Allen Bradley 1769-BA battery pack is covered by our Power Performance Pledge including a 12 month warranty.

Finally you should know that this PLC battery is assembled here in the U.S.A. by hard working Americans and all profits stay here in the US supporting American families. Batteries Direct believes in supporting the heart of American industry - independent manufacturers. We appreciate you business.

This battery is in stock and ready to ship today. We are happy to overnight this battery pack to keep your critical PLC information safely stored in memory.

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