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Save critical programming with batteries for GE Fanuc robots, Bosch Rexroth industrial machines as well as Cutler Hammer & Allen Bradley CNC machines. We overnight CNC Batteries!
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Latest Reviews from Resident Web Editor
Review Image
DELL Inspiron 1501 Laptop Battery
Dell™ Upgrade your Dell™ Inspiron™ e1505 Battery Pack - Take your laptop to the next level...
Overall Rating: Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Yes this battery may look very similar to the 5 Star Rated Dell Latitude D620 battery we reviewed above. That is because it is in fact the same battery pack. The good news is that the Dell Inspiron e1505 also accepts the 9 cell extra capacity lithium ion extened run time battery with the added wrist rest extension. We had to include it again because the Inspiron E1505 is one of the most popular laptops ever made. So all the Inspiron E1505 users who rely on their Road Ready Inspiron for closing important business, tracking family finances, taking notes in school or running their small business can get the benefits of longer run time from this E1505 power upgrade. It just would not be fair to leave you in the dark concerning this battery breakthrough. Remember you should get more than 200% additional run time on this 7200 mAh battery when compared to the original 4 cell battery pack
Review Image
V-TECH VT-2419 Cordless Phone Battery
V-Tech™ AT&T™ 2420 and AT&T™ 2419 Cordless Phone Batteries - Relax you have found your battery!
Overall Rating: Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Can we all just agree right now that this is the weirdest looking cordless phone battery ever made. I mean who ever thought this unique design with the contacts poking out of opposite sides on one of the three batteries was a good idea? No wonder very few of the big retailers carry the AT&T 2420 or AT&T 2419 battery packs. At least the designers included that little ribbon tab to pull the battery out of the phone. Fortunately, Batteries Direct has found a quality source for these phone batteries. Of course, the AT&T 2420 is also know by several other part numbers including 80-5542-00-00, 35N-AAA65H-S-F, 80-5543-00-00, AT&T 2419 (believe it or not!) and CB02420. This NiMh cordless phone battery is rated at 700 mAh so it has the capacity needed to resurect your phone. Remember how long you used to talk on your phones when they were brand new? How would you like >2420 battery life like that again? Save yourself the gas, time and frustration. We'll ship this battery today.
Review Image
DELL Latitude D620 Laptop Battery
Dell™ Latitude™ D620 Extended Run Time Battery Pack - Real Long Lasting Power
Overall Rating: Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
I know this does not LOOK like the right battery for your Dell D620 Latitude... but if you are looking for extended run time - this is the battery you want. This long life lithium 9 Cell battery is a different shape because the extra lithium cells form a really cool ergonomic wrist rest that sits in front of your keyboard. The Dell designers really got this one right. All the extra run time for your Latitude without the penalty of a big thick clunky battery. This beautiful battery pack is tapered on both sides and tucks up into the front so neatly that when I don't have this upgrade installed - the laptop looks naked. The battery boost your rating on your Dell D620 to 7800 mAh delivering an extra 200% more run time. This is of course an intelligent battery that fully integrates into your Power Meter software and includes the little rubber foot and an LED fuel gauge to check the battery's capacity. We have plenty of these Batteries in stock for your Dell Latitude D620. The time is now to improve your productivity with this battery pack. For more information, view the D620 Battery Video Below.
Review Image
PANASONIC KX-FPG371 Cordless Phone Battery
Panasonic™ P-P511 Battery Upgrade from Energizer - No More Beeping Phones!
Overall Rating: Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Panasonic made a great line of cordless phones that take the P-P511 Battery pack. This battery pack also is know by part numbers; PP511, PP511A, ER-P511, HHR-P402, Type-24 Battery and HHR-P402a as well. Don't ask me why there are so many different part numbers for the same battery - there just are. Call panasonic if you've got questions on that one :-) But many customers were just not happy with the performance of the original P-P511 battery packs. Fortunately Energizer has made a GREAT Nickel Metal Hydride (Memory Free) battery that will get you "back in business" without the annoying beeps or dropped calls. Energizer packed 1500 mAh's of capacity into this advanced PP511 battery. Take advantage of this improvement. I know we are a lot happier with our Panasonic home phone system now that we have these new Energizer batteries installed. Remember - your satisfaction is guaranteed at Batteries Direct.
Review Image
DELL Latitude D820 Laptop Battery
Dell™ Latitude™ D820 Extended Run Time 9-Cell masterpiece - Upgrade Mobile Warriors
Overall Rating: Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Just pretend for a minute that laptop batteries are like cars. Come on - just pretend. How would you like to go for a spin in a Ferrari? Look at the lines of the Dell Latitude D820 battery pack. It looks like this silver beauty came out of a Milan design studio. This 9-Cell, 7800 mAh lithium Ion battery packs 200% more horsepower to drive your Dell Latitude D820 all the way cross country on your next business flight. With 85 Whr's "under the hood" - this battery lets you work seamlessly when you are on the move. Dell's Website wants 40 dollars more than we charge for our battery - and ours are in stock. We let you drive a Ferrari but pay for a Ford. So here are the keys to greater productivity with your Dell D820 Laptop... Now turn the ignition.
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