Cameron 9A-100005111Cameron 9A-100005111 Battery

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Cameron 9A-100005111

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What is Cameron 9A-100005111?

The Cameron 9A-100005111 battery replaces the 9A-100005111 battery in the Cameron Nuflo MC-II Plus and MC-III Plus Flow Analyzer. This battery supports the panel mount turbine flow meter assembly to ensure accurate readings. The flow analyzer provides flow rate and accumulated flow data based on the input from a turbine flowmeter. It can be mounted directly on the turbine meter or attached remotely. It is used to accessorize any turbine flowmeter or other meters which produce a pulse to represent a quantity of fluid. The flow analyzer counts the pulses and translates that into a total accumulation of fluid and flow rate (represented by volume, mass, or energy units.)

The turbine flow meter to which the analyzer attaches, senses the passing of liquid or gas through the turbine housing. The passage of these gasses and liquid, causes the turbine blades to rotate. The faster the liquid or gas is passing through the turbine, the faster the blades will spin (these two factors are directly proportional.) A pickup is then used to sense the velocity of these blades. There are many applications for these flow meters and flow analyzers (like the Cameron Nuflo MC-II Plus and MC-III Plus Flow Analyzer which both use the Cameron 9A-100005111 battery). Among these industries are: Oil & Gas, Aerospace/Defense, Pharma-Bio Tech, Power Generation, Industrial & Municipal, and Cryogenics.

What are the specifications of the Cameron 9A-100005111?

The Cameron 9A-100005111 battery is a Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery and is rated at 3.6 Volts and an incredible 17,000 mAh. The mAh specification is the measurement of the "capacity" of your Cameron 9A-100005111 battery pack. The higher the mAh rating, the longer your run time will be.

The Cameron 9A-100005111 battery measures 1.4 inches in diameter and is 2.55 inches tall.

Tell me more about the Lithium Thyonl Chloride technology of a Cameron 9A-100005111 battery

The Cameron 9A-100005111 battery uses lithium thinly chloride (Li/SOCl2) which belongs to the lithium primary cell family. The main difference is that the lithium thyonl chloride batteries cannot be recharged. However, these batteries compensate for this by having very long lifespans. In fact, the Cameron 9A-1000511 has a whopping 17,000 mAh rating which is a measure of its capacity, or run time. These batteries often have lifespans measured in years.

The other difference in the technology of the thionyl chloride technology is that the voltage is kept constant over almost the entire lifespan of the battery. This makes the Cameron 9A-100005111 battery unique.

These batteries can be used when low currents are needed over long periods and are ideal for flow analyzers as well as other metering applications. The lithium thyonl chloride batteries like the Cameron 9A-100005111 battery also perform well over a wide range of operating temperatures and are especially useful when low temperatures are required and will still deliver consistently high voltage at very low temperatures.

What should I look for when buying a replacement Cameron 9A-100005111 battery?

If you are interested in buying a quality replacement for your Cameron 9A-100005111 battery, go with a proven company that offers at least a 30 day money back guarantee, a one year no hassle warranty, gives you a toll free customer support telephone number, and clearly identifies the total cost of the purchase including any shipping or handling charges upfront.

Batteries Direct does just that. Each Cameron 9A-100005111 battery pack is covered by our Power Performance Pledge including a 12 month warranty.

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