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What is the DR203?

The DR203 is an extended Capacity Intelligent Battery with a Fuel Gauge.

This is a 3 cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack designed to work in GE PDM Module Mini Dash, Solar 8000I, & Protransport series patient monitors.

This battery replaces 2016989-002 and 2031069-003 yet has 40% longer run time than these OEM batteries.

The DR203 is used in patient monitors. What exactly are patient monitors?

Patient monitors are used in clinics and hospitals to…monitor patients! These devices measure and record biometrics like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature These devices are designed to be compact and power efficient. The DR203 is well suited for use in these devices.

What are the specifications of the DR203 battery pack?

The DR203 battery is a 3 cell Lithium Ion battery with an output of 11.1 Volts and a capacity of 2600 mAh.

It is 2.32 x 3.19 x 0.8 inches.

What does it mean when you say the DR203 is a “3 Cell” battery?

Every battery has three components: the anode (negative (-) side), the cathode (positive (+) side) and an electrolyte (a substance that creates a chemical reaction with the anode and cathode.) When the electrolyte reacts with the anode, electrons are produced in a chemical reaction called oxidation. At the same time, the electrolyte also reacts with the cathode in a reaction called reduction. Reduction requires electrons. So the electrons naturally want to travel from the anode to the cathode but the electrolyte makes it difficult. When we create a circuit using electrically conductive materials (wires), the electrons flow from the anode through the circuit and back to the cathode. When we have a device (e.g. a light or a motor) in the circuit, the electrons travel through it to power it.

A cell is simply one anode and cathode separated by the electrolyte. A standard AA battery is a one cell battery. A car battery has 6 cells. The DR203 contains 3 cells.

What do the numbers in the battery specifications mean?

There are two basic specifications for batteries: the voltage and the capacity.

The voltage (11.1 V in the case of the DR203) is a measure of electric potential between the negative and positive ends of a battery. It can be described as the “pressure” with which electrons travel from the negative to the positive terminals. The voltage varies depending on the size and materials of the battery. For equal currents, the higher the voltage, the more power you will get.

Capacity is usually measured in amp hours (Ah) or milliamp hours (mAh). It measured the amount of charge it can deliver at a specific voltage. The higher the capacity, the longer the battery can run. The DR203 has a capacity of 2600 mAh.

I thought batteries weren’t powered by fuel. What’s a fuel gauge?

The lifespan of a battery depends on how many times it’s cycled, its age and its usage. All these factors contribute to less capacity, or runtime. A smart battery can detect this reduction in capacitance by read the energy delivered in the previous cycle. A battery like the DR203 is able to communicate with both the charger and the user. The fuel gage is the mechanism in which it does just that.

What should I look for when buying a replacement DR203 battery?

If you are interested in buying a quality replacement for your DR203 battery, go with a proven company that offers at least a 30 day money back guarantee, a one year no hassle warranty, gives you a toll free customer support telephone number, and clearly identifies the total cost of the purchase including any shipping or handling charges upfront.

Batteries Direct does just that. Each DR203 battery pack is covered by our Power Performance Pledge including a 12 month warranty. The battery ships fully charged, individually tested, and ready to go to work in your hospital or clinic.

Call us if you are ordering more than 5 battery packs for customized quotation. We have these batteries in stock and ready to ship to your hospital or clinic today. Stand alone chargers are also available.

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