ATT 2-7910

AT&T 2-7910 Battery Upgrade

27910 Battery Upgrade

Batteries Direct sells the ATT 2-7910 Battery manufactured by Jasco for only $11.99. That is the total cost. There are NO shipping or handling charges.

Batteries Direct also backs up the ATT 2-7910 Battery sale with our One Year Power Performance Pledge No-Hassle Warranty, Money Back Guarantee and Toll Free Customer Support.

We hope you will choose to buy your replacement ATT 2-7910 Battery from Batteries Direct. Batteries Direct is a service oriented company that has been online since 1996 and we want to make you a lifetime customer.

ATT 2-7910 Battery

ATT 2-7910 Battery

If you are tired of replacing the battery in your cordless phone often, then you have found the right place to buy best ATT 2-7910 replacement battery to power up your cordless phone. This NiMH cordless phone battery holds a charge for a longer period of time, allowing you to have those great conversations over the phone. You will no longer need to worry about a beeping phone or dropped calls.

I recently bought a NiMH battery for my cordless phone. It was pretty good, but suddenly the charger couldn’t detect the battery. What could have gone wrong?

A good quality charger will detect all batteries. If your charger is not detecting your battery, then the battery is most likely not making good contact with your charger. Try removing the battery and reinserting it into the slot. You may also want to clean the silver contacts on the bottom of your phone and in the cradle. Sometimes an invisible film coats those metalic contacts and prevents a good connection. You can easily use the end of an eraser to clean those contacts. There is also a possibility that the battery is not meeting the IEC dimension standard. So, make sure you purchase batteries from experienced companies like Batteries Direct.

My friend told me that NiCd batteries give better cycle life when compared to NiMH batteries. Is it wise to opt for a NiCd battery for my cordless phone?

Your friend was right. The cycle life of NiCd batteries is a bit more than that of NiMH batteries. But, NiMH batteries have an edge over NiCd batteries when you consider factors like energy density, environmental safety, and so on. For cordless phones, we recommend you to go for NiMH rechargeable batteries. It is highly reliable, consistent and offers longer stand by time.

I have a fairly old NiMH cordless phone battery which is in good condition. The only problem with this battery is it begins to emit an intense odor when set to charge. How can I get rid of the odor?

Whether your battery is new or old, using such odor emitting batteries can be dangerous. Your battery may seem to be performing well after charging as you said, but it will damage your cordless phone. The strong odor may be due to various internal chemical changes like increased internal resistance, overheating, or leakage. Preventing such problems in older batteries is almost impossible. So, we suggest you dispose your old battery and get high performing batteries like the ATT 2-7910 Battery.

What causes a battery to bulge?

"Reverse charging" is the most common reason for battery bulging. When the positive and negative polarities are reversed while charging, there will be an increase in internal gassing which causes the battery to bulge. However, a battery can swell under various other conditions like electrolyte leakage, improper charging, or overheating. Proper battery care is required to prevent battery defects like bulging. Bulging batteries are a sign of a defective battery pack. That battery pack will need to be replaced as it can no longer be safely chareged.

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