AT&T 80-5542-00 Replacement Cordless Phone Battery

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AT&T 80-5542-00-00 Cordless Phone Battery

ATT 80-5542-00-00

The AT&T 80-5542-00-00 Battery is a nickel-metal hydride battery designed for cordless phones. It is a rechargeable battery offering a consistent and reliable performance, so you can get the most out of your cordless phones. This cordless phone battery is designed with advanced engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Why should I prefer the AT&T 80-5542-00-00 Battery for my cordless phone?

The AT&T 80-5542-00-00 replacement battery is a high quality battery with a power capacity of 700 mAh and an output of 3.6 volts. It weighs 0.25 lbs and ensures easy portability. This battery is available in white and is compatible with a wide range of cordless phones.

What are the features of a NiMH battery?

A nickel-metal hydride battery is the analog of a nickel cadmium battery with hydrogen absorbing alloy as the anode and nickel as the cathode. The NiMH battery has a higher capacity and energy density than the standard nickel cadmium battery. The memory effect is not as significant and these batteries have excellent life cycles. They are eco-friendly, as they contain only mild toxins. You can expect a longer time between charges.

If the ATT 80-5542-00-00 is rechargeable, what is the need for replacement?

Thoughthe AT&T 80-5542-00-00 Cordless Phone Battery is rechargeable, it has a limited number of charge cycles. Every time the battery stores or releases power, a chemical reaction occurs depleting a fraction of the nickel-metal hydride chemistry. Eventually, the battery pack is emptied and requires replacement.

Here are a few (there are a lot more) brands and telephone models that are compatible with the ATT 80-5542-00-00 Battery?

AT&T: 1231, 2231, 2419, 2420, E1215, E1225, E2115, E2120, E2125, E2715, E2725,
E5600, E5601, E5603, E5630, E5633, E5634, E5815, E5915B, and E5925B.


MOTOROLA: MD4150 and MD4160.

OLYMPIA: CDP-24106, CDP-24200, CDP-24201, CDP-24206, CDP-24406, and CDP-24999.

V-TECH: 80-5542-00-00 and 80-5543-00-00.

Can you tell me some additional replacement battery part numbers or cross references for the ATT 80-5542-00-00 Phone Battery?

Sure, here is a partial list of batteries. You may upgrade to our battery if you have any one of the following part numbers currently installed in your telephone:

ATT 2419 Battery, ATT 80-5542-00-00, ATT 80-5543-00-00, GP GP70AAAH3BX, GP 35N-AAA65H-S-F, GP 3SN-AAA65H-S-F, GP 70AAAH3BX

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