Dell 5081P Laptop Battery

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Dell 5081P Laptop Battery

Dell 5081P

The Dell 5081P Laptop Battery can be used in many different models of Dell laptops. The Dell 5081P is a genuine extra-capacity battery that is tested and validated to work well with Dell laptops. This replacement battery features the lithium-ion technology. We have provided quite a few details about the Dell 5081P Rechargeable Laptop Battery below, so you can learn everything you need to know about buying a replacement Dell 5081P Li-ion battery pack for your laptop.

What are the technical specifications for the Dell 5081P Li-ion Battery?

The Dell 5081P Laptop Battery is an 8-cell rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers durability and high performance. The Dell 5081P Replacement Battery pack has a power-holding capacity of 4460 mAh and an output voltage of 14.8 volts. The dimensions of the Dell 5081P Li-ion Battery pack are 5.45 x 3.25 x 0.85 inches (L x W x T). The Dell 5081P Replacement Battery communicates the battery performance, temperature, and voltage directly to your system through its internal circuit board, so you can check the remaining power left any time you want on your laptop.

What does a lithium-ion battery offer that others don't?

One of the advantages of lithium-ion batteries over other standard rechargeable batteries is their weight. They are generally much lighter than batteries of the same size. This property along with no memory effect and a low self-discharge rate makes them the most preferred battery for portable devices like laptops, PDAs, cell phones, and iPods. Secondly, a lithium-ion battery can store up to 150 watt-hours of power in 1 kilogram, while a NiMH battery pack stores approximately 100 watt-hours per kilogram. Thirdly, being a highly reactive element, lithium stores an enormous amount of energy in its atomic bonds, which gives lithium-ion batteries a very high energy density.

Which notebook models are compatible with the Dell 5081P Replacement Battery?

The Dell 5081P Rechargeable Laptop Battery pack is compatible with the following Dell laptop models:

CP Series, CPi Series, CPt Series, CPtC Series, CPx Series, Inspiron 2500 Series, Inspiron 3700 Series, Inspiron 3800 Series, Inspiron 4000 Series, Inspiron 4100 Series, Inspiron 4150 Series, Inspiron 8000 Series, Inspiron 8100 Series, Inspiron 8200 Series, Inspiron L400 Series, Latitude C Series, Latitude C500 Series, Latitude C510 Series, Latitude C540 Series, Latitude C600 Series, Latitude C610 Series, Latitude C640 Series, Latitude C800 Series, Latitude C810 Series, Latitude C840 Series, Latitude CP Series, Latitude CPi Series, Latitude CPt Series, Latitude CPx Series, Latitude M40 Series, Latitude M50 Series, Latitude PP01L, Latitude PP01X, Latitude PP02L, Latitude PPL, Latitude PPX, Precision M40 Series, Precision M50 Series, Precision Workstation M40, Precision WorkStation M50, Inspiron SmartStep 100N Series, and SmartStep 100N Series

Are there any additional cross references for the Dell 5081P Rechargeable Laptop Battery

You can upgrade your laptop with the Dell 5081P Li-ion Battery if you are using the following part numbers in your laptop:

Dell O8M815, Dell X0316, Dell 8M815, Dell 9943E, Dell O4K085, Dell 851UY, Dell 8649R, Dell 8823E, Dell 6M934, Dell 7491, Dell 75UYF, Dell 53977, Dell 6171R, Dell 66Whr, Dell 3H625, Dell 5081P, Dell 5208U, Dell 3149C, Dell 3H349, Dell 3H352, Dell 312-0522, Dell 312-3250, Dell 312-3280, Dell 312-0041, Dell 312-0115, Dell 312-0508, Dell 1X511, Dell 312-0009, Dell 312-0028, Dell 08M815, Dell 1691P, and Dell 1K500.

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