Dell DF192 laptop battery

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Dell DF192 Laptop Battery

Dell DF192

If you are looking to replace your old Dell battery, you should definitely put the Dell DF192 Laptop Battery at the top of your list. This extra-capacity intelligent battery pack uses a lithium-ion chemistry and comes with a very convenient fuel gauge that tells you how much power is left in your battery. The Dell DF192 Li-ion Battery also features an advanced design that protects the battery from damage due to overcharging and reduces the chances of electrolyte leakage.

What are the technical specifications of the Dell DF192 Replacement Battery Pack?

The dimensions of the Dell DF192 Li-ion Battery are 8.29 x 3.17 x 0.78 inches (L x W x T). The Dell DF192 Battery Pack has a power capacity of 7200 mAh (milliampere-hour) and an output voltage of 11.1 volts. A higher milliampere-hour rating provides a longer run time. So, with a whopping 7200 mAh, you will have plenty of time to work on your laptop without worrying about the battery.

Why should I use lithium-ion batteries when there are so many other battery types available?

One reason you should stick to lithium-ion batteries is that they have a higher energy density than many other standard batteries. In fact, lithium is the lightest element on earth, so a lithium-ion battery gives you longer battery life in a lighter package. A second reason to go for this chemistry is that lithium-ion batteries operate at higher voltages. Typically, they operate at about 3.7 volts rather than the 1.2 volts NiMH and NiCd batteries operate at. These batteries also have a low self-discharge rate of about 5% per month, which means you get more charge retention for months down the line. The third and most convenient reason to buy lithium-ion batteries for your laptop is that you can recharge them several times without worrying about replacing it, as they can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.

Which notebook models are compatible with Dell DF192 Batteries?

The Dell 5081P Battery Pack is compatible with the Dell Latitude D531, Dell Latitude D531N, Dell Latitude D820 Series, Dell Latitude D830, Dell Precision M65 Series, and Dell Precision WorkStation M65 laptop models.

Are there any additional cross references for the Dell DF192 Li-ion Battery?

Of course! You can upgrade your laptop with the Dell 5081P Laptop Battery if you are using the following part numbers in your laptop:

Dell YD624, Dell XD735, Dell XD736, Dell YD623, Dell DF249, Dell FF231, Dell FF232, Dell CF711, Dell DF192, Dell DF230, Dell 312-0394, Dell CF623, Dell CF704, Dell 0YD623, Dell 0YD624, Dell 312-0393, Dell 0FF232, Dell 0XD735, Dell 0XD736, Dell 0DF230, Dell 0DF249, Dell 0FF231, Dell 0CF623, Dell 0CF704, and Dell 0CF711

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