Dell PA-12 Laptop Adapter

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Dell PA-12 AC Adapter

Dell PA-12 AC Adapter

Dell is a manufacturer of a wide range of laptops for home and office use. Its laptops are known for being powerful and reliable, and they also help enhance your productivity. Dell has designed the PA-12 AC Adapter to work perfectly with Latitude, Inspiron, and Precision notebooks.

What is unique about the Dell PA-12 Laptop Adapter?

The Dell PA-12 AC Adapter is a high-performance adapter. When it is plugged into an electrical power outlet, it lets you work on your notebook while charging your battery. You can take this portable power source with you, wherever you go. It is very lightweight and compact, so you can easily slip it into your laptop case. The Dell PA-12 Laptop Adapter has a 3-ft wire cord with a 3-prong wall plug. Its long cord gives you more flexibility to position your laptop wherever you want, as you use it.

When does the Dell PA-12 Laptop Adapter charge my battery?

You can charge your battery despite the condition of your system, whether it is running or switched off. When your laptop runs on AC power and your battery charge is low, the Dell PA-12 Power Adapter will charge your battery. When your laptop uses this Dell AC laptop adapter and your battery charge is already full, the adapter will maintain your battery's charge. If the system is switched off, the adapter will still charge your battery.

What should I look for when buying a Dell PA-12 Laptop Adapter?

You should be very careful to buy only the right kind of adapter for your laptop. Make sure that the voltage/current and tip size are compatible with your notebook. The voltage has to be exactly the same as that of your laptop, but the current can be higher.

How can I tell whether this Dell PA-12 Power Adapter is a genuine Dell product?

It is quite easy to tell the difference between this genuine Dell adapter and other adapters. The Dell PA-12 AC Adapter is smaller when compared to the Dell PA-10 AC Adapter. A fake Dell adapter comes in a similar size or bigger than the PA10. Another difference between the original and most fakes is that the original comes with a belt (cable tightener), whereas the fakes do not. As you can see in our picture, this AC adapter is a genuine Dell product. A genuine Dell AC laptop adapter has been tested and optimized to work with Dell systems, so make sure you spend your money on the real thing.

What are the additional replacement part numbers for the Dell PA-12 AC Adapter?

The Dell PA-12 Power Adapter replaces the following part numbers: Dell U6166, Dell U7088, Dell XD802, Dell PC531, Dell T2357, Dell T7423, Dell PA-1650-05D2, Dell PA-1650-06D3, Dell PA-17, DE Dell LL LA65NSO-00, Dell N2765, Dell NF642, Dell HF991, Dell HP-OQ065B83, Dell LA65NS0-00, Dell DF263, Dell F7970, Dell F8834, dell 5U092, Dell CF745, Dell DF261, DELL 310-7696, Dell 310-7697, Dell 310-7866, Dell 310-4408, Dell 310-4660, Dell 310-7251, Dell 310-2860, Dell 310-3149, Dell 310-4002, Dell 0F8834, Dell 0HF991, Dell 1X917, Dell 00001, Dell 0DF263, and Dell 0F7970.

Which adapters are compatible with the Dell PA-12 AC Adapter?

The Dell laptops that are compatible with the Dell PA-12 AC Laptop Adapter are: Inspiron 300M, Inspiron 500M, Inspiron 600M, Inspiron 630M, Inspiron 640M, Inspiron 6000 Series, Inspiron 700M, Inspiron 710M, Inspiron 9200 Series, Inspiron 9300 Series, Inspiron 9400 Series, Inspiron E1405 Series, Inspiron E1705 Series, Inspiron XPS M140 Series, Latitude 830N, Latitude D400 Series, Latitude D420 Series, Latitude D500 Series, Latitude D505 Series, Latitude D510 Series, Latitude D520 Series, Latitude D600 Series, Latitude D610 Series, Latitude D620 Series, Latitude D630, Latitude D630N, Latitude D631, Latitude D631N, Latitude X1 Series, Latitude X300 Series, Precision M20 Series, Precision M60 Series, Precision WorkStation M20, Precision WorkStation M60, and XPS M140 Series.

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