Energizer A76 Battery

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Energizer A76 Button cell Battery

Energizer A76

Batteries from Energizer are reliable and offer more power. Energizer’s speciality batteries, including the Energizer A76 Watch Battery, are designed to meet all your needs. The Energizer A76 Button-cell Battery is a non-rechargeable battery that can be used in many of your small electronic devices. The following is a brief discussion on the Energizer A76 Coin-cell Battery

What is unique about the Energizer A76 Battery and what can I use them for?

The Energizer A76 is a coin-cell battery with a manganese dioxide chemistry. This alkaline battery is ideal for memory backup and electronic applications that require high pulse rates. The Energizer A76 Manganese Dioxide Battery is an economical power source for applications that do not need a discharge curve. This miniature battery is used in security devices, calculators, toys, watches and other electronics.

What are the specifications of the Energizer A76 Watch Battery?

The Energizer A76 Battery has a typical power capacity of 150 mAh, although it varies with respect to the applied load, temperature, and cutoff voltage. The Energizer A76 Coin-cell Battery has an impedance of 3 to 9 ohms and a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts. The typical weight of this A76 manganese dioxide battery is 0.08 oz. The diameter of the Energizer A76 Button-cell Battery is 0.45 inches and its thickness is 0.21 inches.

What are the advantages of manganese dioxide batteries?

Manganese dioxide batteries work well under extreme temperatures. In fact, these batteries can continue to provide power at temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius. This battery is fully resistant to vibration, acceleration, leakage, and shock. Their low mercury content makes them more efficient and environment-friendly. These batteries have a butt-seam metal finish that offers more internal volume. Manganese dioxide batteries have a higher capacity than Leclanche or zinc-carbon cells of similar sizes.

What are the additional replacement part numbers for the Energizer A76 Watch Battery?

The Energizer A76 Manganese Dioxide Battery can be used as a replacement for the following batteries:
Energizer RW82, Energizer EPX76, Energizer ER44, Energizer LR1154, Energizer 1154, Energizer 76A, Energizer 76PB, Sanyo SR44SW, Sanyo SR44W, Sony A76-1, Sony AG13, Sony SR44, Varta L1154, Varta LR44, Varta V13GA, and Duracell DR44.

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