Original Saft BA5112 Battery

Original Saft BA5112 Military Battery

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Saft BA5112/U Military Battery

Saft BA5112 Battery

Military batteries for communication devices and other military applications must be rugged enough to withstand the demanding conditions encountered at the military front. The BA5112 Military Battery is perfectly built to satisfy the demands of military applications. This original Saft battery also meets the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp BA5112/U Radio Communication Battery specifications. The following details provide an overview of the Saft BA5112/U Military Battery.

What are the technical specifications of Original Saft BA5112 Battery?

The Saft BA5112/U Military Battery is a non-rechargeable lithium-sulfur dioxide (LiSO2) battery with two pressure type contacts. It has a 4s1p LO 35 SX cell type construction. The Saft BA5112/U Radio Communication Battery has a power capacity of 2000 mAh (milliampere-hour) and an output voltage of 11.8 volts. The higher the milliampere-hour rating, the longer the battery lasts. The dimensions of the Saft BA5112U Li-SO2 Battery is 3.06 × 2.25 × 1.54 inches (L x W x T), which ensures a perfect fit in several military devices. This high-quality battery comes in military green and has a shelf life of 10 years.

What is a lithium-sulfur dioxide battery?

A lithium-sulfur dioxide battery is a lithium battery system that has an anode made of metallic lithium and a liquid cathode made of a porous carbon current collector that is filled with a sulphur dioxide solution. This battery offers many benefits, including a high power density, a high energy density, and a flat discharge curve. Lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries sport a spiral construction that accounts for its ability to deliver repeated bursts of high power. These batteries satisfy US military standards. An export license is required for shipment outside the United States.

Batteries Direct is happy to provide you with a technical Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) upon purchase.

What are some of the Saft BA5112u military applications?

Apart from its civilian applications, lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries are more commonly used in communication devices throughout the Department of Defense.The most common use of the Saft BA5112 Li-SO2 Battery is in radio communication (PRC 112 Survival Radio System for example). In fact, these reliable lithium batteries are used in a wide variety of military equipment like emergency radio communications mentioned earlier, GPS and rescue instruments, metrology devices and in portable medical technology.

Which are the additional part numbers the Saft BA5112/U Military Battery effectively replaces?

If you are using any of the following military batteries, you can upgrade them with the Saft BA5112 Radio Communication Battery:

Saft BA-5112, Saft BA-5112A/U, Saft BA-5112AU, Military PRC-112G , Military BA-5312U, Military Hook 2 G, Military KY-913, Military AN/PRC-112, Military BA-5312, Military BA-5312/U, Military 6135-01-235-4168, Military 6135-01-439-6229, and Military 6135-99-974-0853 and more...

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