Uniden BT-1011 Battery Upgrade

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Uniden BT-1011 Battery

Uniden BT-1011 Battery

If you are annoyed of changing your cordless phone battery often, then opt for the Uniden BT-1011 Rechargeable Battery. With high performance and consistency, this Uniden cordless phone battery gives you endless telephone conversation.

Which one is better for NiMH batteries, fast charging or slow charging?

Either fast or slow charging, the life and performance of the battery depends upon the quality of the charger you are using. While applying higher charge rate in fast charging, one need to pay close attention as it can lead to heat buildup and battery damage. But it is perfectly fine if you fast charge your battery once in a while. By and large, slow charging is considered the best way to charge any battery.

I haven’t used my cordless phone for more than a year. Now, there seem to be charging problems when I try to charge the refrigerated battery. What can be done?

Charging problems are quite common if you leave the battery idle in the refrigerator for a very long time. Storing batteries for a longer period of time can retain the battery capacity, provided if you discharge the battery at least once in a month. To revive the battery you can recondition it. Even so, there are little chances for restoration as the duration of storage was very long. You can get a new NiMH battery for your cordless phone.

Is it safe to insert the NiMH battery immediately after charging even if they are hot?

Yes, it is safe! There is nothing wrong in inserting the battery into the slot even if it’s a bit warm. However, if the battery is unusually hot, then cool it before putting it in. Very hot batteries can damage your cordless phone.

My daughter tossed the cordless phone while playing, and the battery fell out. Will it have damaged the battery?

Possibly! When a battery is dropped or physically abused, the battery may get damaged resulting in the exposure of the cell content. If it is a slight hit, then you need not worry. But, if it’s a bad hit, then consider replacing the battery as it can damage your cordless phone. You can go for a replacement battery. Anyway, we advise you to keep electronic gadgets away from the reach of children.

What causes a battery short circuit? What happens if rechargeable NiMH batteries are short circuited?

If the positive and negative terminals of a battery come into contact with each other or with any other conducting metal, then it results in short circuit. Not just for rechargeable Nickel metal hydride batteries, this fact holds good for all batteries. Short circuits generate heat which leads to battery rupture, leaks, or possibly fire. So, even while storing batteries, one should make sure that the terminals are far enough.

I am almost certain that my NiMH cordless phone battery is dead. Can I restore it?

Yes, there are ways to restore NiMH batteries. You have to place your NiMH battery in the discharger, and allow it to discharge completely. Repeat charge-discharge cycle for 5 to 7 times. If your battery doesn’t work even after this process, then you will have to replace it. You can consider the Uniden BT-1011 Cordless Phone Battery, if you are using any one the below listed battery part numbers: V-TECH 184342, V-TECH 28433, V-TECH 284342, SANIK 2SN-AAA50HSJ1, SANIK 2SN-AAA55HSJ1, SANIK 2SN-AAA60HSJ1, SANIK 2SN-AAA65HSJ1, SANIK 2SN-AAA70HSJ1, SANIK 2SN-AAA70HSX2F, V-TECH 2SNAAA65HS, GE 5-2734, GE 5-2814, V-TECH 6010, GP 70AAAH2BMJZR, V-TECH 80-1326, V-TECH 80-1326-00-00, V-TECH 89-1326, V-TECH 89-1326-00-00, V-TECH 89-1330, V-TECH 89-1330-00-00, V-TECH 89-1330-01, V-TECH 89-1330-01-00, V-TECH BATT-6010, UNIDEN BBT60671001-1, UNIDEN BBTG0671001, UNIDEN BBTG0671001-1, UNIDEN BT-1011, UNIDEN BT-1018, V-TECH BT-18433, V-TECH BT-184342, V-TECH BT-184342/BT-284342, V-TECH BT-28433, V-TECH BT-284342, V-TECH BT-6010, V-TECH BT-8000, ATT BT-8001, V-TECH CS-UT3101CL, V-TECH DECT 6.0, GP GP70AAAH2BMJZR, V-TECH HAAA750MAH, ATT SL-82218, ATT SL-82408, and ATT/LUCENT SL-82558

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