buy uniden bt1015 Battery Upgrade

Batteries Direct sells the BT-1015 Battery manufactured by Jasco for only $12.99. That is the total cost. There are NO shipping or handling charges.

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Uniden BT-1015 Battery

Uniden BT-1015 Battery

Do not get annoyed if your Uniden cordless phone is starting to show a “battery low” indication often. Instead, replace the old battery with the Uniden BT-1015 2.4V NiMH Replacement Battery and extend the talk time of your cordless phone. You’ll also be going green by choosing this Uniden BT-1015 Rechargeable Battery as they are environmentally-friendly.

My Panasonic KX-TG4000B Cordless Phone requires a battery replacement. Can I pick a replacement battery from others brands. If yes, suggest me a better battery?

Of course, you can opt for Uniden rechargeable batteries. The Uniden BT-1015 Cordless Phone Battery makes a great choice for your Panasonic KX-TG4000B Cordless Phone. It is a NiMH battery and to top it, it has a power capacity of about 1500 mAh. So, you can expect it to perform better than the original one.

My cousin used NiMH batteries for her cordless phone, but she claims they didn’t even last 200 cycles. What could be the reason?

NiMH batteries actually perform well and can last even up to 1000 recharge cycles, provided they are maintained properly. There can be several reasons for NiMH batteries to have died prematurely. Usage condition, excessive charging, or other physical damages caused to batteries are some of the causes that shorten the battery life. Even the usage of poor-quality chargers can take a toll on the battery life. Simple steps, like avoiding complete discharge of the NiMH battery in the phone and occasional battery conditioning will help improve the battery life to a great extent.

My cordless phone battery started leaking suddenly. What should I do now?

Yes, possibly. Unlike NiCd batteries, NiMH batteries do not contain toxic heavy metals. Yet, you must be careful in situations like battery leak or rupture. The chemicals in NiMH batteries can cause skin and eye irritation, breathing problems and the like. In case, if your battery started leaking in your device, then wipe it clean with cotton swabs dipped in alcohol. Also, try not to come in contact with these noxious chemicals. Make a point to consult your physician if you feel that the chemicals are bothering you.

Is it ok if I leave the battery in my cordless phone when the device is powered by household AC current?

No. You should always remove the battery when it is powered by AC current as it can damage the battery condition and reduce the battery life considerably. One should also remember to take out the battery from the device and store it in a cool and dry place while going on a long tour. Do the same if you are skeptic about possible battery leakage.

I replaced the used NiCd battery of my Panasonic cordless phone with an NiMH replacement battery. I have heard that NiCd batteries contain materials that are harmful to the environment. Can you suggest a safe way to dispose the used NiCd battery?

Yes, NiCd batteries contain cadmium that poses a threat to the environment. So, be very careful while disposing off the battery. The moment you replace the dead NiCd battery subject the used NiCd battery to recycling. If you don’t have a recycling center nearby, then you can ship the battery to Batteries Direct. We will take care of the rest!

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