buy vtech bt17333 Battery

Batteries Direct sells the BT-17333 Battery manufactured by Empire for only $13.99. That is the total cost. There are NO shipping or handling charges.

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V-Tech BT-17333 Battery

V-Tech BT-17333 Battery

Is your V-Tech cordless phone demanding a battery replacement? Then the V-Tech BT-17333 Replacement Battery would be a great choice! Having an extended shelf life, this NiCd battery can last many charge cycles with just minimum capacity loss. This rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery can perform extremely well in cold weather conditions. Hence, if you reside in a place where temperatures are low, consider purchasing the V-Tech BT-17333 3.6V 400 mAh Battery for your cordless phone.

Does the V-Tech BT-17333 Cordless Phone Battery fall under hazardous waste matter?

Normally, metals that are toxic have a regulatory level crossing beyond which they could pose a threat to the environment and human life. In that case, Cadmium is labeled as a hazardous waste with a regulatory level of 1.0 mg/l. Nickel Cadmium batteries obviously fall under such hazardous waste classification. So, do recycle this rechargeable nickel cadmium battery BT17333 once it’s dead. Wondering how to recycle your dead NiCd batteries? Just return them to Batteries Direct; we will take care of battery recycling.

The power of my cordless phone fails quite often despite fully charging its battery. How can I overcome this problem?

Considering your situation, it’s possible that your battery is affected by a problem called the memory effect. The rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery you use probably thought that it was fully charged when it was not. For instance, it thought it was 100% charged when it’s just 60% charged. That’s why the power of your cordless phone failed frequently despite showing full charge. The rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery acquires this false memory when you recharge the battery without discharging it. However, you can overcome this issue by draining the battery in your cordless phone until it shows a “battery low” indication. When this happens, recharge your battery from scratch.

I am using the V-Tech BT-17333 Replacement Battery for my cordless phone. What is the recharging procedure I should follow?

As you use the V-Tech BT-17333 Replacement Battery for your cordless phone, follow the recharging method that a NiCd battery follows. Initially, you have to fully charge the battery and use it completely. Let your battery achieve 1 V level per cell and only at this point you can recharge your NiCd battery. This process is known as a full recharge cycle.

My NiCd batteries swelled up when I charged them. What could be the reason?

NiCd batteries can possibly swell or rupture when they are overheated. Another possible reason why NiCd batteries swell is due to the use of an unspecified or specified charger that is altered or tampered. So, don’t repeat these mistakes in future.

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