V-Tech BT-184342

V-Tech BT-184342 Battery

Batteries Direct sells the BT-184342 Battery manufactured by Empire for only $12.99. That is the total cost. There are NO shipping or handling charges.

Batteries Direct also backs up the BT-184342 Battery sale with our One Year Power Performance Pledge No-Hassle Warranty, Money Back Guarantee and Toll Free Customer Support.

We hope you will choose to buy your replacement BT-184342 Battery from Batteries Direct. Batteries Direct is a service oriented company that has been online since 1996 and we want to make you a lifetime customer.

V-Tech BT-184342 Battery

V-Tech BT-184342 Battery

Replace your original cordless phone battery with the V-Tech BT184342 Replacement Battery. This Nickel Metal-Hydride battery keeps your cordless phone powered for longer durations and does not annoy you with “Battery Low” indications. So, you can now chat with your friends endlessly without interruptions.

I lost my V-Tech BT-184342 NiMH Replacement Battery charger. I’ve heard of intelligent battery chargers. Can you tell me what they are?

An intelligent battery charger can fast-charge your battery up to 85% of its maximum capacity in less than an hour. It then switches to trickle charging without damaging the battery. An intelligent battery or a smart charger is sure to charge your V-Tech BT-184342 Replacement Battery effectively. This charger does not shorten the life of your NiMH battery at any point. That’s because an intelligent charger uses the charge method recommended by the cell manufacturer. Also, the intelligent battery charger works much faster than an ordinary charger.

What is partial charging? When should it be done?

Partial charging is totally recommended, if you are planning to store your battery for long time. It is charging your battery to 10% of its total capacity. It is advisable that you partially charge the V-Tech BT-184342 Cordless Phone Battery when you are not going to use it. It is because certain chargers may not be charge your battery when it’s completely drained.

My V-Tech BT-184342 NiMH Battery was killed due to short circuitry when my son attempted to insert it into the cordless phone. Why did that happen?

Your son probably loaded the battery in the reverse order. To avoid short circuiting of your V-Tech BT-184342 NiMH Battery, ensure that your NiMH battery is inserted correctly into the cordless phone. Never insert them in reversed positions.

My brother stored his V-Tech BT-184342 Cordless Phone Battery in the freezer. When it was thawed, the battery started developing droplets, affecting its performance badly. What went wrong?

Your brother was absolutely right in choosing freezer as an option for storing his V-Tech BT-184342 Cordless Phone Battery, but he went wrong while thawing the battery. If he had stored the NiMH battery in an airtight container, there would have been no condensation while thawing. So, while storing NiMH batteries in the freezer and thawing, make sure the batteries are stored in a tightly-sealed package.

I use the V-Tech BT-284342 Cordless Phone. Can I replace its original part number with the V-Tech BT-184342 Cordless Phone Battery?

Yes the V-Tech BT-184342 Cordless Phone Battery will definitely power up your V-Tech BT-284342 Cordless Phone and ensure the best performance. This NiMH battery can also be used with V-Tech cordless phone models such as 3101, 3111, 6030, 6031, 6032, 6041, 6042, 6043, 6051, 6052, 6053, 6110, 6111 6113, 6121, 8300, 8301, 831, and BT-184342.

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