ATT 3000/3301

AT&T 3301 Battery Upgrade

ATT 3301 Battery Upgrade

Batteries Direct sells the ATT 3301 Replacement Battery upgrade by manufactured by Jasco (General Electric) for only $13.99. That is the total cost. There are NO shipping or handling charges.

Batteries Direct also backs up the ATT 3301 Battery sale with our One Year Power Performance Pledge No-Hassle Warranty, Money Back Guarantee and Toll Free Customer Support.

We hope you will choose to buy your replacement ATT 3301 Battery from Batteries Direct. Batteries Direct is a service oriented company that has been online since 1996 and we want to make you a lifetime customer.

ATT 3301 Battery

ATT 3301 Battery

Turn on your cordless phone with the ATT 3301 Battery to take pleasure in those nonstop telephone chats. This NiCd battery guarantees high performance and relieves you off the trouble of changing your cordless phone batteries often.

How can I know that the ATT 3301 Battery I am about to purchase for my ATT cordless phone will perform like the ORM part number?

Before purchasing ATT Batteries for Cordless Phones, check whether the battery pack has a published performance table on it. The table includes information about time of discharge, end voltages, temperatures, and available current. For instance, our ATT 3301 Cordless Phone Battery comes with a power capacity of 700 mAh and output voltage of 3.6 volts. You will also get the No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee from Batteries Direct, which means assured performance.

Is it alright to store NiCd cordless phone rechargeable batteries at room temperatures? Or should I have to take special care?

You can very well store them in room temperature or cooler (but not the refrigurator!). Battery manufacturers try new techniques to make NiCd batteries more resistant to extreme temperatures, possibly from -50 F to +140 F. To achieve this temperature resistance, they employ polypropylene separators and replace the usual electrolyte with sodium hydroxide. So, modern NiCd batteries have been made strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures, making them pretty much trouble-free.

My cordless phone is not working after I installed a new NiCd battery. Did I get a defective one?

New NiCd batteries usually come in a discharged state. Obviously, when you load the new NiCd battery into your cordless phone, and try it right away - it will not have enough of a charge to operate correctly. So, we recommend that you should fully charge your batteries before using it. Usually, an overnight charge is recommended. Also, you should know that Batteries will achieve their peak performance after a few charge and discharge cycles. But go ahead and use your phone normally after that first 8 hour charge.

How do I clean my AT&T Cordless Phone Battery?

It�s quite common that dust gets accumulates in contact points of batteries. Sometimes, it may take a toll on your battery�s performance. So, clean the contact points on the bottom of the handset and on the charging cradle at regular intervals using cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol. But do not use water for cleaning.

One of my friends told me he usually rapid charges his cordless phone battery. Is it safe? Or does it affect the battery life?

It is advisable that you don�t subject your battery to rapid charging quite often. There are a wide range of chargers available in the market, which can charge a battery in 2 to 3 hours. Some even claim that they can charge batteries in 30 minutes. Charging your ATT 3301 cordless rechargeable batteries in this way looks easier, but they actually deteriorate the battery life if done on a regular basis. Using rapid chargers to charge your NiCd batteries is totally fine when done once in a while.

How do I know whether the ATT 3301 Battery is compatible with my cordless phone?

You can use the ATT 3301 Cordless Phone Battery to replace the following part numbers:

RADIO SHACK 23-298, RADIO SHACK 23-298c, ATT 3000/3301, SANIK 35N-AA60-S-J1, SANIK 35N-AA70-S-J1, GE 35N-AA80-S-J1, GE 3SN-AA60-S-J1, GE 3SN-AA70-S-J1, SANIK 3SN-AA80-S-J1, GE 5-2429, GE 5-2459, GE 5-2461, GE 5-2548, GP 60AA53BMJ, V-TECH 80-5071, V-TECH 80-5071-00-00, GE 86506, GP D-AA600BX3, GP D-AA800BX3, ENERGIZER ER-P240, ENERGIZER ERP240, GE GES-PCF03, GE GP60AA53BMJ, GP GP60AAS3BMJ, SONY S60525, and GE TL96506.

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