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Cordless Phone Battery Buying Guide Panasonic P-P511 Replacement Cordless Phone Battery
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Cordless Phone Batteries Buying Guide

   Uniden BT-905 Cordless Phone Battery  

Uniden BT-905 Battery Pack

   Uniden BT-446 Cordless Phone Battery  

Uniden BT-446 Battery

   Sony BT-1008 Cordless Phone Battery  

What should you consider before purchasing a Cordless Phone Battery?

The invention of the cordless phone has given you complete freedom of movement while you speak over the phone with your friends and loved ones. Today a wide range of cordless phones are available in the marketplace. They come with advanced features like caller ID, call waiting options, phone book and instant text messaging. To enjoy these features all you need is the right battery to power up your cordless phone. It's very annoying if your call gets cut short when you are in the middle of an important conversation or if you are missing phone calls due to a low cordless phone battery. In order to overcome these hurdles, you need to equip your cordless phone with the best rechargeable batteries that will provide power for many hours, since the telephone needs power to work as one of the fastest and most important and means of communication. Buying the best cordless phone batteries is more difficult than buying the instrument itself. You need to carefully look for the chemistry, power capacity, energy density, and other technical specifications of the replacement cordless phone batteries to make them an ideal power source. This article will help you find the best battery for your cordless phone. It's time to say goodbye to short conversations.

Most of the cordless phone batteries available are rechargeable, portable and are designed to work with various models of cordless phones. In general, cordless telephone batteries have a life expectancy of up to three years. After three years, the chemicals in the batteries are depleted and gradually die. You need to replace the used batteries with new batteries for uninterrupted communication over your cordless phone. Generally, a battery consists of multiple electrochemical cells that are electrically interconnected in an appropriate series/parallel arrangement in order to deliver the required operating voltage and current levels. Fuel cells, electrolytic cells, galvanic cells, flow cells, and voltaic cells are the different types of electrochemical cells available for cordless telephone batteries.

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Cordless Phone Battery Brands

What are the different brands of Cordless Phone Batteries?

Today selecting the best cordless phone is very simple. Many leading brands such as Uniden, Panasonic, V-Tech, Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Motorola, Siemens, GE, Samsung, and Toshiba manufacture high-end cordless phones. Most of the cordless phone manufacturers also offer replacement cordless phone batteries for their products. You can also buy Cordless phone replacement batteries, which are 100% compatible with the OEM, from Jasco, GE, Empire, Dantona, Energizer and other reliable battery manufacturers.

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  V-Tech VT-2420 Cordless Phone Battery

Types of Cordless Phone Batteries

   Energizer ERP-925 Cordless Phone Battery  

   Panasonic HHR-P401 Cordless Phone Battery  

   Uniden BT-0003 Cordless Phone Battery  

   Sony BT-T23 Cordless Phone Battery  

   Panasonic HHR-P103 Cordless Phone Battery  

   AT&T 80-5543-00-00 Cordless Phone Battery  

   GE TL26155 Cordless Phone Battery  

What are the different types of Cordless Phone Batteries available?

In the early days, cordless phones were powered using Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. However, they suffered due to memory effect and tend to lose their capacity in the long run. Then Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cordless phone batteries came into existence. They are better known for their reliability. Currently, Lithium-ion (LiOn)cordless phone batteries are also used as a power source for cordless phones. Lead-acid and Lithium-ion polymer are the other battery types available in the market today. However, NiCd batteries and NiMH batteries are still preferred for cordless phones.

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries:
Since the introduction of cordless phones, Nickel Cadmium rechargeable cordless phone batteries have been in use. These batteries are robust and ensure better performance and durability. They offer reliable performance even under rigorous conditions. They can be easily charged even after storing them for many days. They also have a long shelf life and can be easily stored and transported. They operate well under low temperature and are available in a wide range of sizes. Nickel Cadmium batteries have relatively low energy density when compared to other battery chemistries. The Cadmium included in these cordless phone replacement batteries makes them unsafe to the environment. These rechargeable batteries are also prone to memory effect and need proper maintenance. A new NiCad battery will have static charge which you can discharge by simply turning on the telephone unit until the power completely drains and then charging the battery for up to 8 hours. By repeating the cycle once every two or three months, you can extend the battery life.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries:
Nickel metal hydride batteries are a better choice to power up your cordless phones as they have a high energy density. They can offer up to 25% more capacity than NiCad batteries which means you can talk on the phone for a longer duration, if you equip them with NiMH batteries. For this reason, cordless phone manufacturers prefer NiMH batteries over the NiCd chemistry. The main advantage of NiMH cordless phone batteries is that they are less prone to memory effect than the NiCd batteries. They require fewer exercise cycles and after that you do not have to drain them completely before charging. They are also environmentally friendly and are popular option for powering wireless communication systems. NiMH cordless phone batteries do have some shortcomings. They have a limited battery life since their performance starts deteriorating after 200 - 300 cycles. They also have a very high self discharge rate at almost 50% more than the standard Nickel Cadmium batteries. They also need to be stored at a cool temperature because their will performance decline when they are stored at high temperature.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries
They are one of the lightest batteries available on the market which makes them perfect for portable devices like cordless phones. Lithium-ion batteries are capable of providing up to 50% more capacity than Nickel-Cadmium batteries of the same size. They have a higher energy density compared to all other rechargeable cordless phone batteries. They deliver constant power throughout the cycle and your cordless phone will offer stable performance until the Li-ion battery is out of charge. Also, other battery types will gradually have the call quality degrade when there is a decrease in the battery charge level. Li-ion batteries do not have memory effect so you do not have to wait until they completely drain. You can charge them whenever you want. The self discharge rate of Li-ion cordless phone batteries is very low when compared to nickel-based cordless phone batteries and they need very low maintenance. However, these rechargeable cordless phone batteries are almost 40% more expensive than standard Nickel Cadmium cordless phone batteries. They cannot be used in most of the low-end and middle-end cordless phones, due to their high cost.

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Selecting the Best Cordless Phone Batteries

How to select the ideal cordless phone batteries?

Be precise in knowing your power requirements before making your buying decision. Otherwise, you might end up buying replacement batteries that are not compatible with the technical specifications of the original. In this case, you cannot use them for powering your cordless phone or they will cause damage to your phone when used. When you buy cordless phone batteries make sure that they are of high-quality and are capable of powering your cordless phones for long hours. You will not be interrupted in the middle of the conversation due to a low battery. You will not miss any important calls if you equip your phone with the right cordless phone batterie battery. It is advisable to choose batteries with intact wires and pin connectors for improved performance. Always go for replacement cordless phone batteries from the leading brands as they come with a manufacturer warranty.

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  Uniden BT-930 Cordless Phone Battery

Charging Cordless Phone Batteries

   Uniden BT-1008 Cordless Phone Battery  

Do I need to fully charge a Cordless Phone Battery?

Charging plays a major role in extending the battery's lifespan. A new battery should be charged fully once it has first been installed into the telephone. The charging duration should not exceed the time-limit specified by the manufacturer. Even, if you are not using your cordless phone, it is advisable to charge the cordless phone battery frequently (at least twice per month) to keep it alive with the minium charge.

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Charging Cordless Phone Batteries

How do I increase the life span of my Cordless Phone Battery?

Here are some tips for better maintenance of replacement cordless phone batteries and how to get the most out of your cordless phone.

  • Do not leave the batteries unused for days. At least charge them twice a month to extend their life.


  • Clean battery contacts often using a cotton swab and cleaner to provide efficient connection between the battery and the charger. The removal of dust will keep your battery in working order for many hours.


  • If you have not used a battery for many weeks, discharge it completely before recharging. After the cycle, the battery will get its full-charge capacity.


  • Batteries should be stored in a cool dry location. Exposure to rain, humidity, intense heat, and other extreme temperatures will reduce the life span of the battery.


  • Battery and charger should be kept idle for approximately 30 minutes prior to recharging. Don't charge the batteries using an overheated charger.


  • Follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer for recharging the batteries.


  • Once replenished, remove batteries from the charger.


  • Do not use the batteries as soon as they are charged. Allow time for them to cool down.
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   Uniden BT-999 Cordless Phone Battery

   Panasonic HHR-P105 Cordless Phone Battery

   Panasonic Type 18 Cordless Phone Battery

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