A27 Energizer Battery

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A27 Energizer

Energizer A27 Battery

Energizer, the leading manufacturer of batteries, makes the A27 battery pack. The is the perfect battery for electronic applications requiring high rate pulses. It is also widely used in specialty lights and door openers.

Why should I get the A27 battery pack rather than buy other batteries?

The Energizer A27 Battery outperforms any conventional zinc carbon or zinc chloride battery. Its cylindrical construction provides good electrochemical efficiency. It also directly enhances the battery’s capacity, performance, and life. The Energizer A27 Battery offers a high energy capacity, maximum performance, even at varying temperatures, and long term storage.

What are the technical specifications of the Energizer A27 Battery?

The Energizer A27 is an alkaline battery that has a power capacity of 18 mAh. It offers an output voltage of 12 volts. The Energizer A27 Battery measures 1.11 inches in length and 0.29 inches in width. The battery weighs approximately 4 grams.

With which devices can I use the alkaline A27 battery?

The A27 Energizer Battery is often used in car key remotes, security alarms, electronic transmitters, and a variety of other remote control devices.

What are some general care tips for alkaline batteries that I should know about?

All alkaline batteries are classified as primary types and cannot be recharged. Any attempt to recharge an alkaline battery may result in an imbalance within the cell, which will eventually lead to explosion. It is advisable to immediately remove discharged batteries from your device. You should also take out the battery if the device is not in use. It is important to store alkaline batteries in a well-ventilated, covered area, preferably in small, heat-resistant plastic containers.

What are the additional replacement part numbers or cross references for the A27 battery pack?

If you have any of the following batteries currently installed in any of your electronics, you can replace them with the A27 Energizer battery pack: Energizer 27A, Energizer E27A, Saft L828, and GP GP27A.

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