Battery Recycling Tips And Resources
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Recycling Resources
Press the Recycle Button
  • So where is that "recycle button" anyway?
  • Have you been wondering what you can do with your old batteries?
  • Do you want to do our planet a favor?
Call to Recycle
Here at we encourage our customers to check out their local municipal waste disposal department to see where and how to recycle your batteries in your area. You can also call the Portable Rechargeable Battery Association at 1-800-822-8837 or go online to Find The Nearest CALL-2-Recycle Drop OFF LOCATION.
If you can't find a convenient way to recycle your batteries locally, you can ship them back to us and we'll do it for you. Please note Batteries Direct Inc. does not pay for shipping charges. We appreciate your willingness to join our efforts to advance green business practices and environmental responsibility.
Recycling Tips
    Safety First
    Many "dead" batteries will still have a small residual charge left in them when you go to recycle the battery. It is important, therefore, to guard against the fire hazard of caused by short circuiting the battery. It is recommended that you cover any of the metal contacts with tape and place each battery in its own plastic bag to reduce that chance of batteries together in a box short circuiting. Also, it is critical that you never discard of any batteries or battery packs in a fire. Doing so may cause the battery to explode.
    Become A Call2Recycle Collector
    Let's be honest. It is not always convenient to recycle batteries. Since you are "going anyway" why not see if some of your co-workers or friends have batteries that they need to dispose of? You can do right for the environment and your friends when you become the "go to recycler". Or better yet... Sign up your organization or company to join the Call2Recycle program and become a registered rechargeable battery collection site. Not only is the program free, but the support materials are too. Businesses can collect rechargeable batteries and cell phones generated within an internal organization only, and ARE NOT listed as active collection sites on Call2Recycle's website or toll-free helplines. To find out more about joining this environmental program Click Here to see the easy sign up form.
    It's The Law...
    Besides being the responsible thing to do... recycling batteries is "the law" in most areas of the country. If you can't find a Recycling Center near you, contact your local municipality to see if they have a special day set aside for Hazardous Waste Collection or Disposal. Remember, you can always contact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to see what they recommend.

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