GP 60AAAH3BMX Battery

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GP 60AAAH3BMX Cordless Phone Battery


The GP 60AAAH3BMX is a NiMH battery designed exclusively to power your cordless phones. This cordless phone battery provides a long runtime for uninterrupted operation. GP manufactures the GP60AAAH3BMX Cordless Phone Battery with the finest components.

What are the technical specifications of the GP 60AAAH3BMX that makes it a superior choice among other cordless phone batteries?

The GP 60AAAH3BMX Battery offers a high voltage output of 3.6 volts and a power capacity of 600 mAh. This new battery will maximize the runtime for your phone, so you can talk for longer. The GP 60AAAH3BMX Battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed your current battery's performance.

Why is a nickel-metal hydride battery preferred for cordless telephones?

A nickel-metal hydride battery is the highly preferred battery for most cordless phones. NiMH batteries provide a high energy density and a great power capacity. You just have to run a NiMH battery through 3 charge/discharge cycles so that these batteries return to their full capacity. These batteries have minimal memory effect and are more eco-friendly, due to the absence of toxic metals like cadmium and mercury.

How long will the GP60AAAH3BMX Battery power my cordless phone?

The exact life span or runtime of a battery is quiet variable. Fortunately, rechargeable batteries with higher power capacities last for longer periods of time in high drain devices. They have widely replaced the single use alkaline batteries. You can expect around 300-1000 charge/discharge cycles from the GP60AAAH3BMX rechargeable battery. However, its cycle life is dependent upon usage conditions and the type of charger you use.

What are the additional replacement part numbers or cross references for the GP 60AAAH3BMX Battery?

If you have any of the following batteries currently installed in your cordless phone, you can upgrade to the extended runtime GP 60AAAH3BMX battery pack:

GE 35BAT, GE 52523, GE TL96401, IBM H3S60MHYEE-S, IBM BAT1200A, IBM BAT1300A, IBM BAT1500A, SANYO 3N20CAAA, SANYO GESPC3F03, AUDIOVOX AP55AAAH3, Casio PM139BAT, Casio PM38BAT, Southwestern Bell BP-36MLX600NMH, Southwestern Bell JB60AAANM3BMX, Sprint UX-BA01, Sprint UX-BAO1, GE/Casio GP55AAAH3BMX, GP GP80AAALH3BML, GP H-AAA-600BX3, GP J860AAAANM3BMX, GP 60AAAH3BMX, GP GP35AAAK3BMX, and GP GP60AAAH3BMX.

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