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Specialty Batteries For Industrial Applications

  This page contains a lot of different kinds of batteries for all different kinds of applications including electrical utility meter batteries, industrial automation batteries, SAFT Primary cell batteries of all shapes sizes, voltages in any configuration you can think of - with solder tabs, axial leads, PC pins you name it. We have Draeger and Siemens medical batteries and OEM application batteries to get you new device off the ground. If you don't see the exact battery you are looking for here - Don't give up hope, give us a call because we probably have it...  


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 Bbm Battery Part Number CR8LHC $19.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 CSB Part Number HRL1223WF2 $29.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Eagle Picher Keeper Part Number LTC-7P $29.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Empire Part Number VNH-100 $29.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Empire Part Number VNH-101 $29.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Hawker Part Number 6X0850-0004S $184.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Misc Part Number US Ship $55.30 Details - Add to Cart 
 Osi Batteries Part Number BL93NC487 $16.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Osi Batteries Part Number ELB-B001 $17.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Panasonic Part Number BR2325-1HE $16.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Varta Part Number LIP-009 $37.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Hawker 0809-0012 Monobloc 3 Cell Battery $29.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 2XLCR12V3.4P Utility Recloser Battery Pack $89.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 2XMP402W Westinghouse Power Line Recloser $112.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 3/BR-2/3A-WC Cooper KZXEC7 Solid State Recloser $35.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Electrochem 3B50 3.9 Volt Lithium motherboard battery with 3 pins $39.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Electrochem 3B6880 QTC85 Lithium Wafer Cell Industrial Memory Battery $34.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 4X0819-0012W Power Line Recloser Battery $134.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 4X0859-0012E Utility Recloser Battery Pack $179.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 4X0859-0012W Utility Recloser Battery $249.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 6X0810-MRR for Metricom Scada Repeater Radios $127.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus 6X0859-0012E Switch Control Battery Pack $234.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus B-9650T for Allen Bradley Programable Logic Controls $21.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus B9508 for Texas Instruments Industrial Controllers $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus B9550T Utility Meter Battery $23.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Maxell B9574T Utility Meter Battery $19.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus B9670MC for Mitsubishi & Hitachi Industrial Motherboards $19.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus B9712T Cutler Hammer, GE Fanuc Industrial Logic Controller Batt $19.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus B9780 4.5 Volt Alkaline PC/AT Rayovac 844, 840 and 841 Battery $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Panasonic BR-2/3AE2SP 3 Pin 3 Volt Lithium Cell for Printed Circuit Board $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Panasonic BR-2/3AE5SP 2 Pin 3 Volt Lithium Printed Circuit Board Battery $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Panasonic BR-2/3AG 2/3 A Size 3 Volt Lithium Industrial Battery $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Panasonic BR-2/3ASSP Industrial Version of CR123A battery $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Panasonic BR-A A Size Industrial Battery for BR17455 and BR-AE $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus BR-ACF2P Cutler Hammer, GE Fanuc Industrial Logic Controller Ba $32.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus BR-CCF1TH Cutler Hammer, GE Fanuc Industrial Logic Controller B $25.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Varta CR-AA 3.0 Volt AA Lithium Maganese Dioxide for Varta 6117101501 $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Varta EasyPack 1000 for OEM ODM Battery Applications $29.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Maxell ER3SR-11 ER3SR-12 Utility Meter Battery for ABB, GE, Schlumberg $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LS14250-2PF battery w/ printed circuit mount for soldering $20.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LS14250-AX 1/2 AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride Cell with PC Leads $17.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LS14250-BA 1/2 AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride $12.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LS14250-STS 1/2 AA Lithium cell with Solder Tabs $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LS14500-2PF AA size Lithium cell with PC Pins $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LS14500-BA AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride $19.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LS17500-BA 3.6 Volt Size A Lithium Thionyl Cell - SAFT Original $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus LS33600-CN1 for 9A-100005111 Cameron Nuflo Turbine flow meter b $59.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus LS33600-CN ameron Nuflo MC Plus Flow Analyzers $51.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus LSH20-WC1 Visonic 09912K door siren battery upgrade $41.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft LST17330-BA 2/3 A Lithium Thionyl Chloride $18.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Eagle Picher Keeper LTC-3PN Demand Meter Battery and Data Recorder Battery $33.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus M20/P130SCR Utility Recloser Battery $89.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Panasonic Panasonic BR-AG A Size 3.0 Volt 2200 mAh Lithium Cell $19.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Saft SAFT LS33600-STS D Size 3.6 Volts, 17000 mAh battery with Solde $28.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Ultralife U10014 D battery with PTC safety fuse $27.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Ultralife U10017 C size LiMnO2 battery cell $21.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Ultralife U10018 C Battery with resettable PTC safety fuse $25.99 Details - Add to Cart 

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