buy hhr-65aaabu Battery Upgrade

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Panasonic HHR-65AAABU Battery

Panasonic HHR-65AAABU Battery

Is your cordless phone battery dies often? Don’t get frustrated! Try the Panasonic HHR-65AAABU Replacement Battery to keep it powered for many hours. Promising a durable life, this Panasonic HHR-65AAABU AAA Battery Pack will keep your cordless phone up most of the time.

My battery charger has a discharge button. Can I discharge my rechargeable battery during every charge cycle?

It is strictly not advisable to discharge your battery every time you fully charge it. A few battery chargers come with a discharge button for convenience. Using the discharge button frequently can shorten your battery’s life. You can use it once in a while for battery maintenance. If you have decided to buy the Panasonic HHR-65AAABU Replacement Battery, we recommend a full discharge/charge cycle once in two months. This periodic energy cycling will help reduce memory effect.

I replaced the original part number of my cordless phone battery with the Panasonic HHR-65AAABU Replacement Battery. Can I track its performance?

The Panasonic HHR-65AAABU Replacement Battery is an ideal choice for your cordless phone. You can, of course, track the performance of this NiMH battery based on the number of charge cycles. Normally, a NiMH battery can withstand 500 charge cycles. But, when taken proper care, it can last even up to 1000 cycles.

Since my battery charger has a trickle charging feature, I don’t care leaving My Cordless Phone Battery in it for a long time. But still, I see my battery’s life dropping down. What could be the reason?

Trickle charging is a very good feature that keeps your Panasonic HHR-65AAABU Cordless Phone Battery charged up without damaging it. But, a long-term trickle charging may harm your battery by leading to a crystalline formation. So, it’s better to store your Panasonic HHR-65AAABU AAA Battery Pack on a shelf, which is the safest way rather than leaving it in the charger.

I have heard that a 2-channel charger recharges NiMH batteries haphazardly. Is it true? If so, suggest me a better way to charge my Panasonic HHR-65AAABU AAA Battery Pack.

One basic fact about AAA batteries is that the charge remaining in each battery varies at the end of their usage. A normal 2-channel charger can be used to charge your Panasonic HHR-65AAABU AAA Battery Pack. But the problem faced with this charger is that it doesn’t evaluate the voltage and capacity that remains in each battery individually. Instead, it takes only the average of two batteries in each channel and charges them. This might cause one or both batteries to overcharge or undercharge. In order to overcome this problem, use a charger that comes with 4 separate charge channels. This charger evaluates the charge remaining in each battery and charges them accordingly.

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