Saft BA5590/U  Battery

Saft Original Military Grade BA5590U Lithium Sulfur Dioxide Communication Battery

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Saft BA5590U Military Battery

Saft BA5590/U

The Saft BA5590/U, a lithium sulfur dioxide battery (LiS02), is the most popular portable energy source used to power many types of communication devices. This battery has a long standby time and promises reliable communication without disruptions.

What are the distinctive features of the Saft BA5590/U Battery?

This battery has a non-replaceable fuse incorporated in the negative leg of each series group of cells. To prevent overheating, the Saft BA5590/U LiSo2 battery has a closed high temperature switch, or thermal fuse. This Saft battery also has a diode in the positive leg of each series group of cells that prohibits a flow of current from entering the battery. You can discharge the battery to 0 volts at any time with the manually activated pull tab and resistors.

What are the physical characteristics of the Saft BA5590/U Battery?

The Saft BA5590/U measures 2.45 x 4.40 x 5.00 inches (W X H X D) to ensure an easy fit into your military communication devices. The battery case is made of plastic and has an operating temperature between 40°F to 160°F (- 40°C to 71°C). This Saft battery has a long shelf life of 10 years.

How is the Saft BA5590/U Battery constructed and what is is its charge holding capacity?

The Saft BA5590/U LiSo2 battery has 10 LO 26 SX cells. These cells are divided into two groups that comprise of 5 cells in series, resulting in two nominal 12 volt sections at the connector. For 24 volts, these sections can be connected in series. You can also opt to use them in parallel for 12 volts. Alternatively, the sections can be kept separate and used as two individual 12 volt units. This Li-ion battery has a high charge holding capacity of 18.2 Ah at 12 volts.

What applications can the Saft BA5590/U Battery be used for?

Typically, this battery has been utilized for radio communications and military applications. Specific products that use the military battery Saft BA5590/U include the AN/PRC-104, 113, 117, and 119 Singcars Radio, KY-57 and 65 Encryption Set, REMBASS Remotely Monitored, Battlefield Surveillance System, PLRS Position Locator and Reporting System, RT-991 and 1175 Buoy Radio, and AN/TAS-4A TOW Night Sight.

What other batteries can be replaced with the Saft BA5590/U Battery?

If you have any of the following Saft military batteries currently installed in your electronic device, you can upgrade to the Saft BA5590/U LiSo2 battery Pack: Saft BA-5590BU, Saft BT-70082, Saft BA-5590, Saft BA-5590A, Saft BA-5590B, Saft BA-3590U, Saft BA-5390, Saft BA-5390U, Saft 6135-99-749-7054, Saft 617129-1, Saft BA-3590, Saft 6135-01-439-9450, Saft 6135-01-499-3516, Saft 6135-99-485-3034, Saft 6135-01-036-3495, Saft 6135-01-070-3865, Saft 6135-01-438-9450, Military TAS-4A, Military REMBASS, Military RT-1175, Military RT-991, Military PRC-113, Military PRC-117, Military PRC-119, Military KY-65, Military PLRS, Military PRC-104, Military AN/PRC-119, Military AN/TAS-4A, Military KY-57, Military AN/PRC-104, Military AN/PRC-113, and Military AN/PRC-117.

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