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Batteries Direct sells the BT-1007 manufactured by Jasco for only $12.99. That is the total cost. There is NO shipping or handling charges.

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Uniden BT-1007 Battery

Uniden BT-1007 Battery

Is your old Uniden cordless phone battery causing havoc when you are on an important call? Just replace it with the Uniden BT-1007 Cordless Phone Battery that ensures a great performance. This cordless phone battery with Nickel Metal-Hydride chemistry allows you to chat for hours together without frequent battery drain. So, stop worrying about your existing battery that fails to perform and get the Uniden BT-1007 Replacement Battery for your Uniden cordless phone.

What makes the Uniden BT-1007 Rechargeable Battery just as good as its original part number?

The main factor that makes this Uniden BT1007 battery upgrade different from ordinary replacements is the rate of their energy density. As this cordless phone battery uses the Nickel Metal-Hydride chemistry, it offers high-energy density that meets or exceeds OEM. With a charge holding capacity of 1500 mAh, this rechargeable NiMH battery offers an enduring performance. This cordless phone battery has an output voltage of 2.4 volts and when maintained well can withstand up to 1000 recharge cycles.

What is the meaning of energy density and how does it make a difference to the battery?

Energy density, in this case, simply refers to the amount of energy stored in per unit volume of a battery cell. In general, NiMH batteries have higher energy densities than NiCd batteries, up to 3600 mAh per cell compared to 2400 mAh in NiCd. Batteries with higher density perform better and last longer.

Li-ion batteries are comparatively superior to NiMH batteries. Then why should I pick NiMH batteries for my cordless phone?

Though Li-ion batteries are superior to NiMH batteries in terms of discharge rate and energy density, they too have some demerits. Li-ion batteries are expensive when compared to NiMH batteries. So, if you wish to buy economic and relatively less toxic cordless phone batteries, then NiMH batteries are the best bet. Li-ion batteries cannot perform well at low temperatures, but NiMH batteries work well under such temperature conditions. That’s why most people prefer a rechargeable NiMH battery for their cordless phone.

Which battery brands can the Uniden BT-1007 Cordless Phone Battery replace?

This BT-1007 rechargeable NiMH Battery can replace battery models from Radio Shack, Uniden, Empire, and Panasonic too.

Can I order cordless phone batteries online? Will they be shipped free of cost to me?

Sure, at Batteries Direct, you can be assured of secure shopping every time and you can enjoy free US Postal Service shipping too. Batteries Direct has replacement batteries for not just cordless phones, but also for laptops, camcorders, and other mobile devices.

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