Picture of two Uniden BT-1008 Replacement Battery Packs

BT1008 Battery Upgrade

Batteries Direct sells the BT-1008 Battery manufactured by Empire for only $12.99. That is the total cost. There are NO shipping or handling charges.

Batteries Direct also backs up the BT-1008 Battery sale with our One Year Power Performance Pledge No-Hassle Warranty, Money Back Guarantee and Toll Free Customer Support.

We hope you will choose to buy your replacement BT-1008 Battery from Batteries Direct. Batteries Direct is a service oriented company that has been online since 1996 and we want to make you a lifetime customer.

Uniden BT-1008 Battery

Uniden BT-1008 Battery

Power up your cordless phone with the Uniden BT-1008 Replacement Battery from Batteries Direct and relieve yourself from the trouble of changing dead or dying batteries time and again. With high performance and longer cycle life, this rechargeable NiMH battery helps you have longer phone conversations without the annoying low battery beep or dropped calls. This is the premium Uniden BT1008 battery upgrade you have been looking for.

How long should it take to charge my BT-1008 battery pack for the first time?

Generally, we recommend that you charge this battery overnight. The battery will come with a very small charge on it from the factory as part of the quality control process. But this small charge will not be enough to properly power your phone when you first intall it. That is why we recommend charging the battery for 8 hours or more the first time. This unusually long charging time is required because the storage capacity of NiMH batteries is at least twice as that of the same-sized NiCd batteries - but that is a small price to pay for the additional run-time you will enjoy because of the higher capacity (mAh rating) of this battery.

My previous cordless phone battery got really hot when it was charging. Is this normal?

No. A battery should not get hot to the touch when charging. It will warm up a bit as those cells are "exercised" by taking on the electrical charge and storing that energy in a chemical reaction. But if the temperature of your battery is going up too fast or too high, we recommend replaing it immediately. Extremely high temperatures are of course unsafe and could indicate a problem with one or more of the cells inside of that battery pack. It is not worth the risk of damaging your phone or other property to keep a battery that is getting too hot. These extreme temperature changes can cause battery leakage, rupture or even fire. So, it is better to dispose your battery safely and get a reliable Uniden BT-1008 Cordless Phone Battery replacement from a quality vendor like Batteries Direct.

How can I know the date of manufacture of a particular battery?

The manufacturing date of batteries will be mentioned as a four digit code on the face of the battery. The first two digits represent the year of manufacture, and last two digits represent the week of manufacture. For instance, if the four digit code is 1025, then the manufactured date would be the 25th week of the year 2010.

How often should I drain the battery completely?

NiMH batteries are less susceptible to memory effect. Draining the battery fully every x number of uses is not really required for the Nickle Metal Hydride family of rechargeable cordless telephone battery packs. Just use the phone like you normally would and put it back in the cradle to hold the handset or to charge the handset whenever it is running low. You do not need to stress out trying to manage the charge cycles on your cordless phone battery pack. We all have more important things to worry about.

What are the things that one should look for in the label of a cordless phone battery pack?

When buying a battery for your cordless phone, you can double check to make sure the voltage is correct and that one of the part numbers on the pack matches the part number you are looking to replace. In addition, just make sure that the form factor (shape and size) of the battery and connector are the same as the battery you are replacing. You can see those deatails on our website if you click on any of the battery links.

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