V-Tech BT-28433

buy vtech vt28433 Battery Upgrade

Batteries Direct sells the VT28433 Replacement Battery manufactured by Empire for only $12.99. That is the total cost. There is NO shipping or handling charges.

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V Tech BT-28433 Battery

V Tech BT-28433 Battery

Power up your cordless phone with the V Tech BT-184342 Replacement Battery and forget about changing your batteries time and again! With greater quality and better performance, this NiMH battery is long lasting and offers longer talk time. Opt for the V Tech BT-184342 Battery to enjoy uninterrupted phone conversations.

I recently bought a NiMH battery and there are ventilation holes at the bottom? What are these holes for and will they in any way damage the battery?

NiMH batteries, in general, tend to get too hot while charging. Too much of heat will affect the battery life. To prevent this damage, most NiMH batteries are manufactured with vents. These holes help to exhaust the excess heat that is generated while charging. So, you need not fret, ventilation holes do not cause any damage to your battery.

I left the NiMH Battery of my V Tech cordless phone on charge for 12 hours. It became very hot when I removed it. Do you think my battery would have been damaged?

Yes, there are chances. The heat that you are talking about is because of overcharging. Let’s say your NiMH battery was fully charged in 8 hours. After those 8 hours, the excess charge for 4 hours would have led to heat upsurge. Such heat buildup in the battery can cause mild to severe battery damage, depending upon the amount of heat. To reinstate your battery to normal condition, discharge the battery fully, and charge it again for a definite period of time. If your battery is rather old, then you can substitute it with the V Tech BT-184342 Cordless Phone Battery.

I often notice that whenever the temperature drops in winter, my cordless phone does not work properly. How can I fix this problem?

This is quite a common problem with most cordless phones. At lower temperatures, chemicals in the battery become weak and hamper the performance of the device. In such cases, make it a point to charge your cordless phone battery for about 3 to 8 minutes. This will act as a catalyst to activate the chemical reaction and help the battery to regain its normal performance.

My friend told me that excessive discharge shortens the life of batteries. How true is it?

Your friend is right. Batteries undergoing excessive discharge become weak over time. The level of discharge that a battery can bear depends a lot on the chemistry of the battery. Usually, lead acid batteries are the ones that are more susceptible to excessive discharge. On the other hand, NiMH batteries like the V Tech BT-184342 Replacement Battery can withstand considerably deeper discharge.

My V Tech cordless phone battery has become weak and is no longer holding charge. Have I exceeded the number of recharges?

You cannot be exact in estimating the number of recharges that a battery is expected to undergo. The number depends upon various factors like, general maintenance, battery care, and drain rate among many others. Under best conditions, NiMH batteries can withstand more that 1000 recharge cycles. If you are convinced that your battery can still go on for a few more months, then try reconditioning your battery. Else, you can opt for the V Tech BT-184342 Cordless Phone Battery to power up your cordless phone.

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