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Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 Battery Information

What exactly is a Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1?

The Sanik 3snaaa60hsj1 is a rechargeable cordless phone battery built with nickel-metal hydride battery cells. The Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 is a high quality replacement battery comprised of 3 AAA sized batteries shrink wrapped together with a white plug (or connector) at the end of a pair or red and black wires. Take a close look at the generic picture on the right and compare it with your battery. Don't worry if your battery is a different color. Manufacturers frequently change the color of their wrappers. We've seen this battery in blue, green, black, yellow and white. These 3SNAAA60HSJ1 batteries are engineered to meet or exceed the performance of your current original battery pack. Enjoy reliable power from this affordable battery.

What are the specifications of the Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 Battery?

The Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 Battery generally lasts for about 3 to 4 years. It has an output voltage of 3.6 volts and a capacity rating of 750 mAh. Mah's (mili-amp hour) is the measurement of the capacity of the battery pack. It is a good measure of how much run-time the battery will provide. Generally the higher the mAh rating - the more talk time you will get.

Why should I purchase NiMH batteries for my cordless phone?

Nickel-metal hydride batteries meet the demanding power needs of high-tech devices. They do not have memory effect and can be recharged several times, even if they are not fully drained. This lightweight battery offers a high energy density when compared to NiCad batteries.

A NiMH battery requires minimal maintenance. You can get the best performance from a nickel-metal hydride battery with occasional conditioning, but it is not mandatory. Their reusability and absence of toxic heavy metals (like cadmium or lead) make them more environmentally friendly.

If the Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 Battery is rechargeable, then why should I replace it with a new battery?

Though the Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 Cordless Phone Battery is rechargeable, it has a limited number of charge cycles. Every time the battery stores or releases power, a chemical reaction occurs. This reaction depletes a fraction of the nickel-metal hydride chemistry within the battery. Eventually, the battery pack runs out of chemicals and will need to be replaced. If your phone is beginning to beep or drop calls - it is probably time to replace your phone battery.

What are some additional replacement part numbers or cross references for the Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 Phone Battery?

If you have any of the following batteries currently installed in your cordless phone, you can upgrade to the Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1 battery pack : GE 5-2660, GE SSN54AAA80HSJ1, GE TL96158, GE 2-5833, GE 5-2522, GE 5-2628, V-TECH 80-5848-00-00, V-TECH 89-1323-00-00, GP GP65AAAH3BMJ, GP 3SN-4AAA80H-S-J1, GP 3SN-5AAA80H-S-J1 , GP GP60AAAH3BMJ, Sanik 3SNAAA60HSJ1, Sanik 5-2637, Sanik GP85AAALH3BMJ, Sanik 3SN-AAA50H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA55H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA80H-S-J1, Sanik 35N-5/4AAA80H-S-J1, and Sanik 3SN-5/4AAA80H-S-J1.

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