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Why buy from Batteries Direct?

Batteries Direct is the premier online site for purchasing rechargeable battery packs and accessories. We have been serving customers online for 14 years. That is "light years" in internet time. We offer the highest quality batteries and top flight customer service. With our unique Power Performance Pledge™ we are the Gold Standard in purchasing rechargeable battery packs. No one else offers the Batteries Direct combination of top quality products, generous warranty terms, and customer support! Come and join us!!

What does mAh mean on my battery?

Milliamp hours or "mAh" is a rating or measurement of the capacity of a battery pack. It is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time. So, the higher the mAh rating of a battery, the longer the run-time. You can think of it like the size of the fuel tank in your car. The more gallons of gas your fuel tank can hold, the farther you can drive. In battery packs, the higher your mAh rating, the longer you can power your device. Your device can accept different mAh ratings.

Can you help me find my battery?

Yes! Use the SEARCH box in the upper left corner of the home page. Just put in your device battery part number or model number. Or you can click through to your specific battery from the different categories listed on the left-hand side of the home page such as Cordless Phone Batteries or Laptop Batteries. And, if you cannot find your battery using one of these methods, please simply email us at

How does my order ship?

You may choose your method from First Class Mail to Priority Mail to UPS Ground, 2-Day, or Overnight Delivery. Or choose our FREE SHIPPING option when you check out. Most Free Shipping selections will ship either First Class USPS or UPS Ground delivery. Most cordless telephone battery packs that select the Free Shipping option will be sent First Class US Mail.

When will my order ship?

97% of our weekday orders received by 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time (4:30 p.m. Eastern) ship out the SAME DAY they are placed. Orders received on the weekend will ship the following Monday. This, of course, excludes holidays, special order items, or items that are out of stock. We try to only show items on our website that are actually in stock!

How do you handle returns?

Please email us at with your reason for the return so that we may provide you with a Return Material Authorization number (or RMA#) so that you may return your item for your refund. We understand that customers may sometimes order the wrong thing, discover that the problem was not their battery afterall, or receive a defective battery. We will handle your exchange or return with the respect you deserve.

I saw "the same" battery online for less...

"The same" or "less" can seem the same and the amount might appear to be "less" but is it really? Are there hidden shipping charges that you cannot discover until you have filled out all of your billing and shipping information? (SO ANNOYING!) Is the mAh rating and quality of the battery pack really the same? What is their return policy if the battery does not work? Can you get ahold of the company easily if you are unhappy with your purchase or if you have questions on your order? Do they have a physical address that you can locate on their website? Are they accredited members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? How does their 30 or 60-day warranty compare to our full year (365 day) warranty?

My phone battery is a different color. Is that ok?

Yes, that is entirely OK. Often times individual cells in a battery pack are "shrink wrapped" together. This is especially common in cordless telephone batteries. That shrink wrap can be all kinds of dfferent colors - we have seen green, yellow, black, grey and white. And different manufacturers are know to change their color wrap from time to time. The important factors to consider are voltage, the connector shape or contact locations, polarity, and overall shape and size.

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