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Battery Blog   >   Finding Top Batteries In Industrial Machinery - April 27, 2015

Top batteries for your industrial machinery mean getting the right batteries right away. Working with a knowledgeable supplier that carries a complete line of quality replacement batteries for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) - programmable logic controls (PLC) keeps your factory automation and assembly line running!
At Battery Direct, we have the right battery for your CNC lathes, mills, routers, grinders, material handling robots, lighting systems... you name it.

Here are a few steps to assure you get the top battery for your industrial machinery.
Buy what is recommended for your programmable logic controllers and industrial computers. If you use an Allen Bradley 1756-L55M1x, 1756-L55M2x, or a 1756-L6x series programmable logic controllers and industrial computers, the top-quality replacement is the recommended Allen Bradley 1756-BATA external mount lithium battery. For many Cutler and Hammer and GE Fanuc series programmable logic controllers and industrial computers, the recommended battery is the Cutler Hammer A06 CONTROL, a 6.0 volt lithium ion battery. And for Rexroth MKE037, MKE047, MKE098 servo motor drive control systems, the top choice is the 3.6 volt Rexroth MKE118 battery assembly.
Consider your next battery’s shelf life and consider an upgrade. Switching from lithium to lithium ion versions of the same batteries is often an affordable upgrade in quality industrial performance. Among rechargeable batteries, lithium ion batteries absorb the least amount of self-discharge (chemical reactions within all batteries that reduce their stored charge). When looking at replacing industrial batteries, buyers may see two batteries of the same name: one will be the lithium, the other the lithium ion. For instance, Battery Direct offers two Controllogix Logix 5546 (Series B) batteries. The LiON is considered an upgrade. Talk to your Batteries Direct team about whether an upgrade fits your needs.
Lithium batteries are still a close second to lithium ion. Lithium primary batteries have already-low self-discharge rates … and that means a 10+-year shelf life. Batteries Direct carries top primary batteries such as the Fanuc Energy Plus 18-T, the ALPHA iSV and the BETA iSV, all of which are 6.0-volt and 4-cell PLC batteries.
Follow your battery inspection schedule … and then some. Even though many industrial batteries – especially lithium ones – have a shelf-life of a decade, waiting that long to replace them will mean automation productivity may not benefit from the significant improvements in batteries in that decade. The Yaskawa MANIPULATOR battery is a 3.6-volt upgrade for the Motoman Yaskawa 3/lS14500-1 (aka, the LS142198-1 battery pack). This lithium PLC battery also replaces the Motoman Manipulator "Battery B", "Battery R" and "Battery T". The MANIPULATOR also supports the Motoman SLU AXIS robot (R/B/T-Axis). Upgrade to Yaskawa’s top battery NOW rather than years from now can bring with it efficiencies and cost-reductions.
Always deal with a reputable battery supplier like Batteries Direct. Some items are considered hazardous to ship and buyers want a company that knows how to get top batteries to them.  When buyers order from Batteries Direct, we provide current hazardous shipping options and rates upfront and accurately.

Double-check the order, not just by name but by voltage, cell and type. Batteries Direct carries 12 different CNC batteries by top manufacturer Contrologix and all 12 have similar names. By checking whether the Contrologix battery ordered is a 3.0 volt or a 3.6 volt, a 1-cell or a 2-cell, a lithium or a lithium ion battery, the buyer can be sure their top-quality battery is also the right battery.
For highly-specialized batteries, make sure the supplier is also highly-specialized. Batteries Direct carries the top batteries from top manufacturers in dozens of categories. For instance, we carry the Modicon 984 Series Battery. This is a super-reliable battery pack used in many back-up and primary energy source applications. It is an Industrial and Military Grade High Energy Lithium Thionyl Chloride AA size 3.6-volt battery and is now rated at an even higher 2700 mAh of capacity. The military refers to this battery under their part number 6135-01-301-8776 and SAFT has many other part numbers for this battery besides the LS14500BA. We at Batteries Direct know these cross-references on this and countless other batteries in our inventory.
If you’re looking to purchase an industrial battery, check out the selection at Batteries Direct offers a huge selection of industrial batteries, plus other types of batteries for all sorts of applications. Batteries Direct can fulfill all of your battery needs.
You can search our site for a specific part number with the search box atop every page.
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