Raid Controller Cache Batteries
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RAID Controller Cache Batteries

  Insure that your Data is protected and accessible in your Dell PowerEdge Server or your IBM iSeries and Power Express servers with fresh cache RAID controller batteries.

Most leading edge server manufacturers provide RAID configurations with Battery Back-Up (BBU) to protect write cache to protect against a sudden loss in power - power failure. These batteries are rechargeable and eventually wear out and need to be replaced as part of your comprehensive maintenance plan.

We feature the most popular battery replacements for your Dell and IBM servers. Don't be "the guy" that forgot to replace these critical battery packs! Use our Quick Search box in the upper left hand corner of this page to search for your battery by manufacturers part number, IOA Storage Cache adapter card or server model number.


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 Energy Plus Part Number FF243 $189.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus Part Number D668J $194.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 IBM Part Number H370AE-8IBM $109.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus LI204SX for HP Virtual Array 7410 Servers $194.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus H150AA-3IBF - for IBM System FC Disk Controllers 22R2717 & 44L0313 $28.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus L103450-2383 - designed for IBM System iSeries POWER6 Disk Controllers $68.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus L103450-2AS4 - Battery for IBM iSeries 2757 PCI-X SCSI Ultra RAID Disk $64.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus L103450-2IBM - battery for IBM 44V4192 RAID Auxiliary Cache Card $174.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus L103450-4IBM - Lithium Cache Battery for IBM SCSI and SAS RAID Disks $204.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus L103450-5737 - Battery Upgrade for IBM 39J5555, 74Y6773 & IBM 74Y9340 $64.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus LIP002-IBM - for IBM 39R8804 Battery and IBM 90P5245 Battery Packs $102.99 Details - Add to Cart 
 Energy Plus LIP003-1PE - G3399 Battery Upgrade for ROMB Dell PowerEdge RAID SCSI $52.99 Details - Add to Cart 

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