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Battery Blog   >   Tips to Conserve Your Cell Phone Battery - April 1, 2015

Cell phone batteries need to be charged and maintained carefully if they are to last a long time. Here are five tips for extend the life of your cell phone batteries.

1. Avoid letting your cell phone battery run down to 0%. Cell phone batteries last longer with shallow discharges and frequent charging. Why has this become so confusing? Other rechargeables like AA batteries in your appliances are nickel-based and nickel-based batteries do best when drained almost completely before recharging. Cell phones use batteries that are lithium-based and use a different recharging strategy.

2. Make wise and frequent use of your cell phone’s airplane mode when appropriate. This mode stops your phone from seeking a stronger signal when you are in areas with a weak signal, even if you are not using your cell phone at the time.

3. Power suckers (in alphabetical order): animated videos for your background, Bluetooth, flash photography, GPS, the vibrate function, and WIFI. A black background uses the least power from your phone battery. Switch to a low-volume ring tone instead of vibrate. And use the rest only when necessary.
4. Power up your cell phone’s ambient light sensor. This will turn off the back light when you are in bright light and will turn it on in darker environments.
5. Avoid exposing your cell phone to extreme temperatures like those of a hot car, a window sill with direct sunlight, or your pocket where it is affected by your body heat.
Maintaining your cell phone battery properly will ensure that it lasts for a long time. With attention to just a few details, proper charging and maintenance is easy. And, if you’re looking to purchase a cell phone battery, check out the selection at Batteries Direct offers a huge selection from ATT, Energizer, Panasonic, Sony, Uniden, V-Tech and other manufacturers, plus other types of batteries for all sorts of applications. Batteries Direct can fulfill all of your battery needs.

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