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Energy Plus CO1916

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Energy Plus
AC Adapter
19.0 Volts, 4.7 Amp
2.25 x 5.25 x 1.25 inches
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Our Price: $69.99
"I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon!. We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don't seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive... I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned."
L. Barnhardt, Chicago, IL
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Device Compatibility for this Product
ASUS - L family
L2, L2000, L2000B, L2000D, L2000E, L2400B, L2400D, L2400E, L2B, L2D, L2E, L3, L3000, L3000C, L3000D, L3000H, L3000S, L3000TP, L31, L3100, L32, L3200, L34, L3400, L35, L3500, L3800, L3C, L3D, L3F, L3H, L3S, L3TP, L4, L4000, L4000E, L4000H, L4000L, L4000R, L41, L42, L44, L45, L4500, L4500R, L4E, L4H, L4L, L4R
ASUS - M family
M9, M9000, M9000A, M9000V, M9A, M9F, M9J, M9V
ASUS - U family
U5, U5A, U5A-1A, U5F, U5F-1A
ASUS - W family
W7, W7E, W7F, W7J, W7S, W7SG
ASUS - Z family
Z1, Z1000, Z1000B, Z1000F, Z1B, Z1F, Z2, Z2000, Z2000A, Z2000B, Z2A, Z2B, Z3, Z30, Z3000, Z3000A, Z3000N, Z30N, Z31, Z3100, Z31N, Z33, Z3300, Z33A, Z3A, Z3N
COMPAL - B family
COMPAL - H family
COMPAQ - Business NoteBook family
Business NoteBook NC4000, Business NoteBook NC4010, Business NoteBook NC6000, Business NoteBook NC6140, Business NoteBook NC8000, Business NoteBook NC8230, Business NoteBook NW8000, Business NoteBook NW8240, Business NoteBook NX5000, Business NoteBook NX7000, Business NoteBook NX7010, Business NoteBook NX8220, Business NoteBook NX9000, Business NoteBook NX9005, Business NoteBook NX9008, Business NoteBook NX9010, Business NoteBook NX9020, Business NoteBook NX9030, Business NoteBook NX9040, Business NoteBook NX9050
COMPAQ - Evo N family
Evo N1000, Evo N1000C, Evo N1000V, Evo N1010, Evo N1010V, Evo N1015, Evo N1015V, Evo N1020, Evo N1020V
COMPAQ - Evo NoteBook family
Evo NoteBook N1015, Evo NoteBook N1020, Evo NoteBook N1015V, Evo NoteBook N1020V, Evo NoteBook N1000V
COMPAQ - Presario 900 family
Presario 900 Series, Presario 901, Presario 902, Presario 903, Presario 904, Presario 905, Presario 906, Presario 907, Presario 908, Presario 909, Presario 910, Presario 911, Presario 912, Presario 914, Presario 915, Presario 916, Presario 917, Presario 918, Presario 919, Presario 920, Presario 921, Presario 922, Presario 923, Presario 925, Presario 927, Presario 930, Presario 935, Presario 940, Presario 943, Presario 945, Presario 950, Presario 955, Presario 900
COMPAQ - Presario A family
Presario A900, Presario A900ED, Presario A900EO, Presario A900ES, Presario A900ET, Presario A901TU, Presario A901XX, Presario A902TU, Presario A902XX, Presario A903TU, Presario A903XX, Presario A904TU, Presario A905TU, Presario A906TU, Presario A907TU, Presario A908TU, Presario A909TU, Presario A909US, Presario A910CA, Presario A910EA, Presario A910ED, Presario A910EG, Presario A910EL, Presario A910EM, Presario A910EO, Presario A910ET, Presario A910TU, Presario A913CL, Presario A915EF, Presario A915EL, Presario A916NR, Presario A918CA, Presario A920EE, Presario A920EG, Presario A920EN, Presario A924CA, Presario A925EF, Presario A928CA, Presario A930CA, Presario A930EL, Presario A930ET, Presario A931NR, Presario A931TU, Presario A932TU, Presario A933TU, Presario A934TU, Presario A935EA, Presario A935EG, Presario A935EM, Presario A935TU, Presario A936CA, Presario A936TU, Presario A937TU, Presario A938CA, Presario A938TU, Presario A939CA, Presario A940CA, Presario A940ED, Presario A940EG, Presario A940EL, Presar
COMPAQ - Presario C family
Presario C300, Presario C300EA, Presario C300EU, Presario C301NR, Presario C301TU, Presario C302NR, Presario C302TU, Presario C303NR, Presario C303TU, Presario C304NR, Presario C304TU, Presario C305LA, Presario C305TU, Presario C306TU, Presario C306US, Presario C307NR, Presario C307TU, Presario C308LA, Presario C308TU, Presario C309TU, Presario C310EA, Presario C310EU, Presario C315LA, Presario C318LA, Presario C350EA, Presario C350EU, Presario C351EA, Presario C351EU, Presario C352EA, Presario C353EA, Presario C399XX, Presario C700, Presario C700EM, Presario C700ET, Presario C700LA, Presario C700T CTO, Presario C700XX, Presario C701EA, Presario C701EM, Presario C701LA, Presario C701TU, Presario C701XX, Presario C702LA, Presario C702TU, Presario C702XX, Presario C703LA, Presario C703TU, Presario C704LA, Presario C704TU, Presario C705LA, Presario C705TU, Presario C706LA, Presario C706NR, Presario C706TU, Presario C707LA, Presario C707TU, Presario C708LA, Presario C708TU, Presario C709LA, Presario C709TU, Presa
COMPAQ - Presario F family
Presario F500, Presario F500EA, Presario F500XX, Presario F501AU, Presario F502AU, Presario F502EA, Presario F502EU, Presario F502LA, Presario F503AU, Presario F504AU, Presario F504EA, Presario F504EM, Presario F504EU, Presario F505AU, Presario F505EA, Presario F505LA, Presario F506EA, Presario F506LA, Presario F545EA, Presario F545EU, Presario F550EE, Presario F550EF, Presario F550EL, Presario F550EN, Presario F550EO, Presario F550ES, Presario F550ET, Presario F551AU, Presario F552AU, Presario F552LA, Presario F553AU, Presario F553CL, Presario F553US, Presario F554AU, Presario F555AU, Presario F555LA, Presario F555US, Presario F557US, Presario F557WM, Presario F558US, Presario F560EA, Presario F560EL, Presario F560EM, Presario F560ET, Presario F560US, Presario F560XX, Presario F562LA, Presario F564LA, Presario F565CA, Presario F565LA, Presario F566LA, Presario F571AU, Presario F572AU, Presario F572US, Presario F573AU, Presario F574AU, Presario F575AU, Presario F576AU, Presario F577AU, Presario F577CL, Presar
COMPAQ - Presario M family
Presario M2000Z, Presario M2016AP, Presario M2016xx, Presario M2071EA, Presario M2071xx, Presario M2100US, Presario M2101US, Presario M2113EA, Presario M2113xx, Presario M2125EA, Presario M2125xx, Presario M2202TU, Presario M2202xx, Presario M2234AP, Presario M2235AP, Presario M2236AP, Presario M2237AP, Presario M2300 Series, Presario M2301NR, Presario M2301xx, Presario M2305NR, Presario M2305xx, Presario M2400 Series, Presario M2401XT, Presario M2500 Series, Presario M2500Z
COMPAQ - Presario V family
Presario V1000 Series, Presario V1001AD, Presario V1001AP, Presario V1002AD, Presario V1002AP, Presario V1003AD, Presario V1003AP, Presario V1004AD, Presario V1004AP, Presario V1005AD, Presario V1005AP, Presario V1006AD, Presario V1006AP, Presario V1007AD, Presario V1007AP, Presario V1008AD, Presario V1008AP, Presario V1009AD, Presario V1009AP, Presario V1010AP, Presario V1011AP, Presario V1012AP, Presario V1013AP, Presario V1014AP, Presario V1015AP, Presario V1016AP, Presario V1017AP, Presario V1018AP, Presario V1019AP, Presario V1020AP, Presario V1021AP, Presario V1022AP, Presario V1023AP, Presario V1024AP, Presario V1025AP, Presario V1026AP, Presario V1027AP, Presario V1028AP, Presario V1029AP, Presario V1030AP, Presario V1031AP, Presario V1032AP, Presario V1033AP, Presario V1034AP, Presario V1035AP, Presario V1036AP, Presario V1037AP, Presario V1038AP, Presario V1039AP, Presario V1040AP, Presario V1041AP, Presario V1042AP, Presario V1043xx, Presario V1044AP, Presario V1045AP, Presario V1046AP, Presario V1
COMPAQ - Presario X family
Presario x1000 Series, Presario x1001, Presario x1001US, Presario x1002, Presario x1002US, Presario x1005, Presario x1005EA, Presario x1005LA, Presario x1006, Presario x1006EA, Presario x1007, Presario x1007EA, Presario x1010AL, Presario x1010CA, Presario x1010EA, Presario x1010US, Presario x1011, Presario x1011AL, Presario x1012, Presario x10120EA, Presario x1012AL, Presario x1012EA, Presario x1012QV, Presario x1015, Presario x1015US, Presario x1016, Presario x1016EA, Presario x1018, Presario x1018CL, Presario x1020, Presario x1020US, Presario X1021, Presario X1021AP, Presario X1022, Presario X1022AP, Presario x1023, Presario x1023AP, Presario x1026, Presario x1026AP, Presario x1027, Presario x1027AP, Presario x1028, Presario x1028AP, Presario x1028CL, Presario x1029, Presario x1029AP, Presario x1030, Presario x1030AP, Presario x1030US, Presario x1031, Presario x1031AP, Presario x1032, Presario x1032AP, Presario x1033, Presario x1033AP, Presario x1034, Presario x1034AP, Presario x1035, Presario x1035AP, Pres
COMPAQ - Tablet family
Tablet TC1000, Tablet TC1100
COMPAQ - Tablet PC family
Tablet PC TC1000 Series, Tablet PC TC1100 Series, Tablet PC TC4200 Series
EPSON - Endeavor family
Endeavor NT-550
HEWLETT PACKARD - 500 family
540, 541, 550, 510
HEWLETT PACKARD - Business NoteBook family
Business NoteBook NC4000, Business NoteBook NC4010, Business NoteBook NC6000, Business NoteBook NC6140, Business NoteBook NC8000, Business NoteBook NC8230, Business NoteBook NW8000, Business Notebook NW8240 , Business NoteBook NX5000, Business NoteBook NX7000, Business NoteBook NX7010, Business NoteBook NX8220, Business NoteBook NX9000, Business NoteBook NX9005, Business NoteBook NX9008, Business NoteBook NX9010, Business NoteBook NX9020, Business NoteBook NX9030, Business NoteBook NX9040, Business NoteBook NX9050, Business NoteBook 540, Business NoteBook 541, Business NoteBook 550, Business NoteBook 6520s, Business NoteBook 6720s, Business NoteBook 6820s
G-6000, G-6000XX, G60-10EG, G60-30EA, G60-30EG, G60-30EM, G60-31EA, G60-31EM, G60-32EA, G60-32EM, G60-33EA, G60-40EG, G60-50EG, G60-50EM, G60-60EA, G60-60EG, G60-61EA, G60-62EA, G60-62EM, G60-65EA, G60-65EM, G60-90EA, G60-91EA, G60-92EA, G60-92EG, G60-93EA, G60-95EG, G60-96EG, G60-97EG, G-7000, G-7001TU, G-7002TU, G-7005EG, G70-10EA, G70-10EB, G70-10EG, G70-10EI, G70-10EM, G70-10EO, G70-10EW, G70-15EA, G70-15EM, G70-15EO, G70-18EP, G70-20EC, G70-20EF, G70-20EJ, G70-20EV, G70-21EB, G70-23EO, G70-23EZ, G70-25EG, G70-30EA, G70-30EC, G70-30EF, G70-30EI, G70-30EJ, G70-30EO, G70-30EP, G70-30ER, G70-30EV, G70-30EW, G70-31EO, G70-31ER, G70-31TU, G70-32EO, G70-32TU, G70-35EA, G70-35EM, G70-35ER, G70-40EA, G70-40EG, G70-40EM, G70-40EP, G70-45EA, G70-50EB, G70-50EI, G70-50EV, G70-60 CTO, G70-60EI, G70-60EO, G70-60EP, G70-60ER, G70-60EV, G70-61EO, G70-61ER, G70-61TU, G70-62ER, G70-63EO, G70-63ER, G70-64EA, G70-64ER, G70-65EA, G70-65EB, G70-65EG, G70-65EM, G70-70EB, G70-70EC, G70-70EI, G70-70EJ, G70-70EP, G70-73EI, G70-75
HEWLETT PACKARD - Pavilion CA family
Pavilion ca6135eu, Pavilion ca6135tx, Pavilion ca6136eu, Pavilion ca6137eu, Pavilion ca6138eu, Pavilion ca6139eu, Pavilion ca6139us, Pavilion ca6140eu, Pavilion ca6140us, Pavilion ca6141eu, Pavilion ca6142eu, Pavilion ca6144eu, Pavilion ca6145eu, Pavilion ca6146eu, Pavilion ca6147eu, Pavilion ca6148eu, Pavilion ca6149eu
HEWLETT PACKARD - Pavilion DC family
Pavilion dc6913rs, Pavilion dc6915ee, Pavilion dc6915ei
HEWLETT PACKARD - Pavilion DV family
Pavilion dv2000, Pavilion dv4125us, Pavilion dv4155us, Pavilion dv4180us, Pavilion dv4201, Pavilion dv4201xx, Pavilion dv4202, Pavilion dv4202xx, Pavilion dv4203, Pavilion dv4203ea, Pavilion dv4203us, Pavilion dv4203xx, Pavilion dv4217, Pavilion dv4217cl, Pavilion dv4223, Pavilion dv4223cl, Pavilion dv4225, Pavilion dv4225nr, Pavilion dv4230, Pavilion dv4230us, Pavilion dv4250ca, Pavilion dv4250us, Pavilion dv4253, Pavilion dv4253us, Pavilion dv4257, Pavilion dv4257us, Pavilion dv4269, Pavilion dv4269us, Pavilion dv4270ca, Pavilion dv4270us, Pavilion dv4272, Pavilion dv4272us, Pavilion dv4275, Pavilion dv4275nr, Pavilion dv4305, Pavilion dv4305us, Pavilion dv4307ca, Pavilion dv4307cl, Pavilion dv4308, Pavilion dv4308wm, Pavilion dv4310, Pavilion dv4310us, Pavilion dv4320, Pavilion dv4320us, Pavilion dv4330ca, Pavilion dv4330us, Pavilion dv4335, Pavilion dv4335nr, Pavilion dv4335us, Pavilion dv4335xx, Pavilion dv4340ca, Pavilion dv4340us, Pavilion dv4400 Series, Pavilion dv4410, Pavilion dv4410us, Pavilion dv4
HEWLETT PACKARD - Pavilion DX family
Pavilion dx6500, Pavilion dx6600, Pavilion dx6650ca, Pavilion dx6650us, Pavilion dx6653ca, Pavilion dx6665ca, Pavilion dx6667ca, Pavilion dx6667cl, Pavilion dx6697nr, Pavilion dx6697us, Pavilion dx6698xx, Pavilion dx6699xx, Pavilion dx6700
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HEWLETT PACKARD - Pavilion ZT family
Pavilion zt3000, Pavilion zt3001, Pavilion zt3007, Pavilion zt3010, Pavilion zt3011, Pavilion zt3012, Pavilion zt3013, Pavilion zt3014, Pavilion zt3015, Pavilion zt3016, Pavilion zt3017, Pavilion zt3018, Pavilion zt3019, Pavilion zt3020, Pavilion zt3021, Pavilion zt3022, Pavilion zt3023, Pavilion zt3024, Pavilion zt3025, Pavilion zt3026, Pavilion zt3027, Pavilion zt3028, Pavilion zt3029, Pavilion zt3030, Pavilion zt3031, Pavilion zt3032, Pavilion zt3033, Pavilion zt3034, Pavilion zt3035, Pavilion zt3036, Pavilion zt3037, Pavilion zt3038, Pavilion zt3039, Pavilion zt3040, Pavilion zt3041, Pavilion zt3042, Pavilion zt3043, Pavilion zt3044, Pavilion zt3045, Pavilion zt3046, Pavilion zt3047, Pavilion zt3048, Pavilion zt3049, Pavilion zt3050, Pavilion zt3051, Pavilion zt3057, Pavilion zt3068, Pavilion zt3100, Pavilion zt3101, Pavilion zt3105, Pavilion zt3106, Pavilion zt3110, Pavilion zt3111, Pavilion zt3113, Pavilion zt3114, Pavilion zt3115, Pavilion zt3116, Pavilion zt3120, Pavilion zt3130, Pavilion zt3131, Pavi
HEWLETT PACKARD - Special Edition family
Special Edition L2002CX Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2002CX LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2002CX Series, Special Edition L2005A3 Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2005A3 LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2005A3 Series, Special Edition L2005A4 Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2005A4 LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2005A4 Series, Special Edition L2005CM Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2005CM LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2005CM Series, Special Edition L2005CX Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2005CX LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2005CX Series, Special Edition L2105CA Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2105CA LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2105CA Series, Special Edition L2105CL Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2105CL LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2105CL Series, Special Edition L2105NR Lance Armstrong Series, Special Edition L2105NR LiveStrong Series, Special Edition L2105NR Series, Special Edition L2205NR Lance Armstrong
WINBOOK - X family
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